Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.11 is Now Live

The PS3 version of Modern Warfare 3 has received patch 1.11, title update #11, shortly after the latest Elite drop was released.

Earlier this morning, paid Elite PS3 users received a new drop, Overwatch, but the map was completely unplayable in the first few hours following its’ introduction. Players were reporting freezing issues on the new map. Since then, patch 1.11 went live for Modern Warfare 3. It seems that the patch fixed the issues with Overwatch. The patch is mandatory, and is 23MB in size.

As it was the case with the last Xbox 360 patch, the patch notes haven’t been made public at the time of writing. On a side note, Robert Bowling used to share the patch notes either on the forums or Twitter, but he no longer works at Infinity Ward.

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Thanks to DAROCK2300 and ESmorgue for the tip!

  • WOW !!

    11 patches and still not fixed at all !

    •  i know its actually sad like REALLY SAD that they cant even fix it

      • big G

        what a piece of shit game

    • Oceanic

      This patch wasn’t to fix anything. It contained support for the new map (Overwatch) and added a DLC enable or disable option to the MP menu.

  • Minja

    There’s certain things that I wish get would fix but I like doing glitches in private matches!

  • Minja

    Stupid iPod…

  • Stephen Thegreat

    Damn update wont load!!!

  • Poorwhiteguy34

    This was a really bad update where the game is worse then before now.

    • guest

      is it me, or is it more laggy than it was before?

    • Kev264

      This patch 1.11 has made this game even worse than it was.  I am constantly getting the disc read error half way through a match. When I search for a game, after 3 or four attemps I get the message in the top right corner of the screen saying.  “an error has occurred, you are signed out of the Playstation Network. (8002AD36)”.  Then I have to re-start the PS3 and start the game again. The lag would now be the worst it has ever been. Are these patches designed by blind fuckin’ monkeys?????

  • Tiff

    Its wierd how quick they can get a patch out when it could effect sales of new dlc don’t you think.

    • Oceanic

      We’ve already paid for this DLC so your point is pointless! 

      • lefs

        Not pointless if you dont have elite subscription and brought it seperately!

        • Woodland

           Thats even more pointless! You can’t buy it on PS3 unless you have an Elite sub! Derp!

          • lefs

            You can if its the first one you buy and use the free sub not the 12 month one!  “derp” what are you 3, grow up.

          • Eko

            “You can if its the first one you buy and use the free sub not the 12 month one! ”
            What are you on about?! You cant buy any of the DLC yet with a free sub!

  • Oceanic

    Its not so much they released 1.11 to “fix” Overwatch, what happened was Sony released the DLC BEFORE the patch that allowed support for the new map.

    They should have released the patch THEN the map not the other way round. Just a mistake at Sonys end. 

  • Aussie14a

    I cant seem to get this thing loaded….. I just get the pixie dust streaming on the screen for hours on end. Any suggestions?

    • Oceanic

      Delete the MW3 file in the GAME DATA folder on the XMB (Make sure its the GAME DATA folder not the SAVE DATA folder)

      Start up MW3, when you get the prompt to press X to download the patch wait about 10 seconds THEN press X to start the download.

      This should sort it out. But you’ll have to download the 3 DLC maps again remember. 

  • Chraz13

    My ps3 is up to date but when updating this patch it jus goes to a black screen and the system does 3 beeps. Any solutions?

    • Oceanic

      Wait about 10 seconds (or until the HDD light stops flashing) THEN press X to start the download.

  • Abc123

    what if your mw3 version is 1.5414.4