Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.12 Now Live, New Trophies Added

The PS3 version of Modern Warfare 3 has received its’ twelfth title update adding new trophies for the upcoming spec-op missions to be released later today in addition to other unannounced changes.

Modern Warfare 3 owners on the PlayStation 3 can now download a mandatory 27 MB patch that preps up the system for three Elite drops, which should go live later today. The new drops will include the following, new multiplayer map Black Box and two new special ops missions. While the patch notes haven’t been made public (at the time of writing), MP1st reader Rahman informed us that the patch added six new trophies for special operation missions, Black Ice and Negotiator. These should mirror the achievements that Xbox 360 players received last month, which you can read more about here.

Thanks Rahman and Phil for the tip!

  • HarpDarp

    Hurray for late DLC. Its gotten to the point where i dont even anticipate DLC from cod anymore.

    • Sounds about right. A month and a half roughly after Xbox, The novelty has quite literally worn off.

    • Guest

       Yea, and they release when we are already tired of it

  • thats nice but im working on my dark souls plat, my infamous 1 plat, and far cry 2 plat 🙂

  • Akira2020

    I’ve received 3 maps and I haven’t really played them (because most don’t have elite (or “Subpar” as I like to call it). PS3 owners whom did not waste their money on Subpar still haven’t scene map one yet. How fucking gay is that?

    I think all COD games should just be released on the XBOX 360 and be done with it.
    With games like BF3 and now Warfighter coming out, who needs tiger or zebra skinned guns on those shitty little COD maps. “Subpar” was the biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent……………well, fishnet condoms was actually the worst; but you fuckers get my drift.

    Akira2020, U.S. Presidential Candidate 2012!  (God I miss diving with the flag)

    • Guest

      COD > All other FPS out there. sorry.

      • Narobster

        No. BF3 > all other FPSs out there. I should know. I’m 100th eagle in BF3 and I’m 9th prestige rank 80.

        • Fuckbf3faggit

          fuck you with your boring ass bf3 so what you get 2 fucking kills every hour

          • F Vincent 93

            Because its more REAL to use time and strategy to kill people! I lf you’d join TF2 for example, if you want to kill people, you have to use your intelligence, in CoD, you only have to wish to respawn near someone… The choice between Cod and BF goes with your play style, if you like either reality based or arcade based games

          • Real? if you have frag rounds for the USAS 12 you can snipe someone with it….That’s realistic to you? It’s a freaking shotgun for crying outloud not a sniper!

    • Hammertime

       lol, this guy thinks he’s cool!

    • Reaper72_

      finally someone speaks words of wisdom

    • idk

       what about PS3 owners they would want COD to

  • Tnte98

    The whole “ELITE” thing is so stupid I paid 60 dollars for the game then pay another 60 for ELITE just buying the maps, so 6, is 15 people should just buy the 15 dollar one i say BOYCOTT CoD ELITE!!!!!!!!!!!