Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.17, Hot Fix Now Live – Patch Notes

Infinity Ward has released a title update for Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3 platform, and it should be available for everyone now. The patch weighs in at a modest size of 31MB.

The patch is said to further improve searching for games and help analyse matchmaking so they can do more precise enhancements for those experiencing difficulties searching for lobbies, which we reported on recently.

It also fixes a bug for the upcoming free Modern Warfare 2 map, Terminal, which has recently been given a release date for Xbox 360, and is TBD for PS3/PC – you can read about that in our Terminal details article here.

Here are the official patch notes:

  • Added more telemetry for matchmaking and made some adjustments on region weighting
  • Fix for Terminal missing message incorrectly being displayed in Private Match

Xbox 360 and PC platforms are expected to get the same matchmaking improvements and more telemetry additions at a later  date. You can view upcoming updates and improvements – which include improvements to lag compensation and the spawning system – in our round-up article here.

Also, a hot fix for all platforms was implemented early this morning, fixing a small issue caused by a knock-on effect in a hot fix earlier on in the week closing up loopholes for potential “hacked” classes.

  • Fixed an issue (introduced inadvertently Tuesday as part of a hot-fix hacker prevention measure) where only the first attachment would register on a player’s secondary in-game when using Overkill Pro.
Update: According to Mark Rubin, more updates for matchmaking are going to be released. “We’re getting a lot of data from the telemetry we added. But need more,” Rubin explained when I asked him.

Thanks to Moriarty for all the tip and help!

  • philaufan6

    This patch is no good… kills the matchmaking…

    • Proof?

    • Matchmaking updates take time to replicate across regions because not everyone will either have the patch, or the server hasn’t fully updated to be in line with the new patch. “24-28 hours” is apparently the time it will take for it to be fully activated.

      • philaufan6


      • IW dev said on the forums – “….We shall be making more tweaks to regional bias in the coming days and weeks now based on our telemetry data plus your feedback.”

        So for anyone who thinks the patch didn’t work/do anything, give it time.

      • bobshi

        I *think* they have to update the playlists when a patch rolls out, so people might have had the patch before they triggered the playlist update, perhaps, as that would explain the deserialization message. Data returned that didn’t fit the expected format.

  • Destructo-Force-_-

    Im glad that infinity ward of all studios to start to listen to there fans.

  • Outlawz

    Are we ever going to lower down the music volume? I thought they were working on that a long time ago. I think I was reading rumor stories or something..

  • A Complaint

    I get on the PS3. I hate this update. Whenever I get into matchmaking it puts me back to main menu and says, “Error: Failure in Deserializing” FML

  • LUIS

    please put hardcore ricochet HEADQUARTERS

  • Catalano25

    Thank god they fixed the overpowered guns and the spawning system that places the enemy 3 feet to my right.

  • Tl2ev-

    Please make the mp5 have better range or damage. The gun is rarely used for a reason. The mp9 is better than that gun.

  • Yesterday, I went on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for PC, and when I went to Play Online, it connected immediately, rather than having to wait 30 seconds. I wonder if that was a fluke, or the results of the patch.

    If it is the result of the patch, I welcome it. For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PC, it takes over a minute just to connect online, and Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 were a step up in connection time, but still slower than some other Multiplayer games.

  • John Villa

    Ever since this patch. At the end of the game its server connection failed or something and my game doesn’t count at all.

  • Mnemon

    This patch made the game worse for me, matchmaking is even worse, to the point where I have to go to the main menu and relog to the online because the search constanly blocks, I get constant “server connection failed” messages when returning to the lobby at the end of a game and I lag so hard it’s virtually impossible to win a a face-to-face gunfight. Great job Infinity Ward, I’m gonna get back the Black Ops copy I loaned my neighbour.

  • HyPeR-X

    The number of times I as a dutchman get placed in lobies with guys from south europe is imense. The disadvantage this gives you (I have a fast connection, 97/100 games a solid 4 bar) vs the enemy (in this particular case a 2 or 3 bar) makes the game unplayable. Why on earth should someone with a bad connection get an advantage over someone with a good connection?! I wouldn’t mind the other way around!

  • Has anyone on the PS3 been back into custom game modes when playing simpl online? I seen a dude who had 2 moabs in his kill streak list, and after further investiagtion found they can also modify when those streaks are ready (5 kills, 10 kills, etc).

    Anyone else wondering what Infinity Ward and Activision did with all those record breaking sales figures… we know it wasnt used to loack this game down… exploit-wise that is.

    …I read on the forums someone calling them ‘Virginity Wart’ and ‘LackInVision’; so true becuase its funny!!!

    • Its pretty sad that Google has more knowledge of the exploitability of this game than the game makers… IMHO.