Modern Warfare 3 – PS3 Users May See Patch 1.08 This Week – On The Way For PC

Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, gives Modern Warfare 3 fans an update on the status of the incoming PS3 and PC patches (1.08).

PS3 and PC users have been anxiously awaiting Patch 1.08 which was recently released on the Xbox 360. Make sure to read up on the full list of patch notes here. As mentioned earlier, the PS3 version will be receiving a few extra updates which, in turn, have caused its delay.

Answering questions on Twitter, Bowling revealed that the PS3 MW3 Patch 1.08 has “been in certification at Sony this past week and should be released by them soon.” He added regretfully, “we don’t control how long certification takes, thats out of our hands.” When asked for an estimated time of arrival, Bowling answered, “no way to know for sure, as its out of our hands once it enters certification. However, its typically a 2 week process (1 week down).” This should give PS3 users some hope that they will be installing a shiny new patch by next week. Word on a release date for the PS3 content drops have yet to be given, but Bowling did clarify that between the patch and the content drops, “the patch will be released first.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the same case for the latest PC patch. When asked for a release date, Bowling replied, “I don’t have a date yet, but I’ve been asking them to start getting PC updates out in line with others platforms.”

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  • sweet shotgun buffs here we go!

    • well i saw gameplay on youtube and the striker is still gonna plow thru us and yes it was on the (xbox)

  • Mko

    PC  already got “partial” patch.

    Shotguns are buffed, but, akimbo weapons fire rate wasn’t nerfed!

  • Jamescollins

    patch has made the lag in lobbies i get into even worse well done iw, you went from near perfect hit detection in mw2 to sloppy disgraceful hit detection in mw3 the so called “no.1 shooter of the year”. 

  • Tobias Nickull

    the download gets a problem and stops in like 50 % , what to do?