Modern Warfare 3’s “Terminal Coming Soon,” Releases on Xbox 360 First

Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin is at it again, giving us more details on Modern Warfare 3’s version of Terminal. The multiplayer map from Modern Warfare 2 will be released free of charge for all users, Elite premium and non-Elite, as we previously reported.

The release date for the map is still unknown, but Mark Rubin hinted on Twitter that “Terminal [is] coming soon,” and that free map’s expected time of arrival will be announced this week.

We recently reported that it would be likely for Terminal to release on Xbox 360 first, but Infinity Ward had to consult legal in order to confirm it. Rubin seems to have received word from legal, as he stated “Unfortunately not, [Terminal can’t be released on all platforms at the same time]. We have to maintain the 30 day difference.”

As you already know, all DLC must release first on Xbox 360, even free content as it was the case with the Face Off maps. Last month, Microsoft renewed the exclusivity deal for another year to include all Black Ops II DLC.

  • I feel like we’ve talked about this for months now. Stop teasing us Rubin!

  • Man, it feels like they announced it 3 months ago… i hope they are also bringing Favela back, and maybe also Highrise.

    • favela is a horrible map!

      • TryingToMakeRagePost;)

        Favela Is THE BEST!!!!!! How you can say like that!!!??? ;D

      • mrup2nogud

        I couldn’t agree more.. Why do people keep asking for the return of poor maps… Probably because they recall with fondness the hours of boosting the did on them

  • I understand Microsoft bought exclusive 1-month rights for Call of Duty DLC for competitive reasons, but man.. I feel bad for PS3/PC players that love this series.

    • JK Monroe

      That’s ok, it’s only a month’s wait. I really feel bad for Xbox360 users who have to pay $60 every year just to play their games online. Man i’m glad I got rid of my Xbox360 for a PS3!!

      • man im glad i have to pay 45 dollars a year, not 60, it means that sony users might get in game advertisements, something i wont have to ever worry about. and it keeps some of the annoying kids off because their mom bought a ps3 for the blue ray player and because its free to play online… when the PSN is up.

        • Casavult

          PS3 + Not many folk use a mic = less whiny 12 year olds.
          Xbox + 99% of everybody has a mic = 90% of CoD lobbies full of mouthy 12 year olds.

          • Korflock

            From a stand point of a 360 and a PS3 player, PS3 is WAY more competitive. XBL has the people you love to hate known as ‘Corner Campers’ you get those almost every other game. While on the PSN, you get those people about 1/150 games (not an exaggeration).Also, squeakers aren’t as common on the PSN as on XBL.

            • CosmicBreezy

              I dont know why it matters if there is something called a mute button, and i have both a 360 and ps3 and camping is common on both and im sure a couple of grown men can handle 12 year olds and “squeakers”. people need to stop making it seem like ps3 online gaming is a big difference from 360 gaming. Camping is well known on both platforms but you are right about the shit talking 12 year olds.

          • acashe42

            Very true, i’ve played cod on both systems, and while the communication aspect on the xbox is better than the ps3’s, when not playing with friends, the experience is not as good as you’d expect when it comes to all the unnecessary shit talking.

          • Thatbeastlytaco

            If you really are a grown man then you should be able to deal with kids. It might happen to you someday… Just sayin

        • Dick

          Not to mention the account attacks and game tampering online

        • mrup2nogud

          You pay 45 dollars to play online on a console made of stolen technology I only hope the cost of settling their upcoming patent breach cases are passed on to the XBL players making them turn their back on there support of corporate criminals… Then I’ll call it even for the two shoddy pieces of equipment/xboxes they sold me. Neither lasted much longer than a year forcing me into another layout for my ps3… I miss crackdown I played that to death

        • JK Monroe

          You get way more kids on Xbox360. Think about it.
          Mom & Pop buys an Xbox360 because they can control the subscription to online gaming for their “kidz”. If their kidz misbehave then no more renewal of Xbox Live.
          This is why there are SO MANY kids on Xbox Live that you can’t get a decent quiet gaming session.
          The majority of gamers on PS3 are adults and late teens.

      • MARIO_xTFOx

        But that $60 a year we dont put up with downtimes like PSN has and we dont get hacked like PSN did, So I guess the $60 is well worth it.

        • eh9rmadrid

          Xbox did get hacked before back in 2007 but was down a week

          • It wasnt a hack like the PSN hack nobodys info was taken or anything like that. Live just got shut of for like a day

          • Joe

            Xbox didn’t get hacked. Cod4’s popularity boom at xmas 07 crashed the servers — it was down for 1 day. I’ve been on XBL since 2006 & that’s the only extended service outage I’ve ever experienced. PSN on the other hand has been hacked numerous times, including twice where some players had their credit card numbers stolen…

            • jb

              to right i had a ps3 and within a year i got rid and got a xbox again because in that year ps3 got hacked like 6 or 7 times

      • DominaTe v2

        but on xbox theres fair gameplay not some people popping care packages from their soldiers’ back pocket

      • Joe

        I have Xbox Live & it’s cost me $12 for the last 12 months. Legit too, I just keep accepting the deal that gives me 2 months for $2. Still glad you got rid of your 360?

    • Joe

      Why? PS3 players want free online play (hell, they never shut up about it when arguing over the console wars) & they’re getting what they pay for. People forget (or ignore) that part of the money Xbox players spend on Live go to things like exclusive MP content or timed exclusivity on DLC.

      Play whatever platform you like, I say. But, don’t feel bad for people who want free online & get nothing for it…

      • Thatbeastlytaco

        Exactly ps3 fanboys(I have a ps3 too) they act like they dont know why Xbox is getting exclusive or timed dlc. They call publishers greedy, its called business, people dont get a job to f**k around.

      • Idiot

        Nobody had heard of paying to play online before Xbox Live you dumb fuck. Online play should be free like it has been on PC for years.

  • IwannaKnow:)

    If somebody know how much Microsoft pays for CoD getting it earlier, would you be so nice to tell it to me and everybody who like to know 🙂

  • jerry

    Who cares the dlc is for maps that are unbalanced, plus does microsoft think that this will move me from sony and pay extra to play online…. no thanks

    • bobshi

      Yep. It was an odd announcement to renew, I wasn’t expecting it. This late into Xbox’s life cycle I can’t imagine there are many people who don’t yet own a console that wants to play COD.

      Not only that, but those newcomers also will have to want to buy DLC.

      I could understand it for the next-gen as it will be part of our decision making processes – I know I’ll think about it when weighing up 720 vs. PS4.

      • Thatbeastlytaco

        It was renewed for just black ops 2

  • Ass nugget

    I love COD but early dlc access still wouldn’t make me buy an xbox! Waiting a month to play online and not pay for it is ok by me!!! Oh and Microsoft paid 100 million for early access!!

  • Korflock

    Stupid Activision/Microsoft deal.
    I hope to see this end when Black Ops 2’s DLC season comes around.

    • WasabeJuice

      Sorry to disappoint but the BOP 2 DLC is again MS exclusive early access. MS announced it in E3. You can blame both Activision and MS for the partnership but that’s how business works.

      • Korflock


  • CulturebUlly

    You sure know how to make PS3 users feel special IW

    • tHE gUY

      It’s not IW. Activision made a deal with Microsft so DLC came first on XBOX.

      • CulturebUlly

        Ok, Activision then – Douchebags

  • tHE gUY


  • god i played mw2 for the 1st time in a year, i am sucha noob, the players on xbox are such beasts their is litrelly no time to react

  • Joe

    1. Do we have to write an article everytime Rubin tweets about Terminal? This is getting ridiculous.

    2. I told you so. I said Terminal would be a 30 day exclusive on the 360.

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  • mw3 cod mw3

    ps3 players need always to wait!!!!!!!and btw i think ps3 players more mw3 plays then xbox 360crap

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  • Mumfucker :D

    WTF just shut up Xbox is better for people who can afford online and pay Microsoft so they can design new consoles and btw this is about terminal not fucking console wars


    that not good that we need to wait, because on bf3 ps3 users get it first and on mw3 gaybox get it first


    buying a new game every fkn year its cost to pay xbox for online gaming , that gay that a mf

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  • You guys are going off about which console is better lol nobody cares! get the console that more of your friends have!

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  • fuckbetabox360

    who gives a fuck about xbox 360…………ps3 players pay for the $50 for the early drops just like everyone else but we still have to wait 30days what a crock of shit..I could deal with 7 days like it was before but this 1 month bullshit is not right

  • bllsht

    how about screwing 33% of the fans of the game over on a routine basis? sounds good but what will be our motive? Money ofcourse! hell yeah we are so righteous and care about our fans soooo much. F you!