Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Rebalancing “a Selective Process” and More on “Panic Knifing”

Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, discusses panic knifing, quickscoping, weapon balancing, and potential nerf to Type-95.

Earlier today, we reported on Bowling’s suggestions on how to deal with panic knifing. In a nutshell, Bowling suggested that players should be careful when walking around corners. This advice aggravated one fan to jokingly demand Bowling to remove corners all together. Robert’s response was quite amusing, “roger. Got it, the answer to camping is to remove all corners. Call of Duty: Circle Warfare will be amazing.” Now that panic knifing is under the magnifying glass, one fan suggested that everyone hates it. Bowling  disagreed, “the guy doing the knifing is loving it.” Another fan tried to persuade Bowling by bringing up the realism argument in regards to knifing, Robert answered “that’s the thing about war in video games and war in real life. One is fun; the other is real.” In terms of quickscoping, some players believe that there is a difference in quickscoping mechanics between semi-automatic rifles and bolt actions, Robert refuted these claims, “I don’t believe so. It should be the same mechanic.”

One fan approached Bowling with an interesting observation, basically he stated that Treyarch “messed up” Black Ops by “nerfing everything.” To which, Bowling responded, “I agree that weapon rebalancing should be a very selective process.” I don’t believe that Bowling is criticizing Treyarch, but offering his thoughts on the weapon rebalancing process to be more conservative. As previously mentioned, no additional tweaks are planned at the moment. Read more about the weapon balancing in patch 1.08, which will be released soon on PS3 and PC. One weapon that is still considered to be overpowered is the Type-95, Bowling stated “We haven’t discussed any additional nerfs beyond the slight one we made a few updates ago.” Type 95’s hipspread was slightly reduced back in December.


  • Michael Kelley

    Panic knifing, quickscoping… Two of the many reasons I am glad I have relegated CoD to the shelf and now play BF almost exclusively

  • CALL OF DUTY CIRCLE WARFARE 3 is ganna be sick sorry treyarch not buting the next game i will PIRATE it

  • kylegetsspam

    Quickscoping is annoying, but more often than not those players are dead weight to your team. *That’s* why I don’t like it. Instead of capping points or keeping mind of their deaths in a TDM or Kill Confirmed, they’re going for kills that look nice but ultimately help no one and hurt the team overall. (See footnote.)

    Panic knifing, on the other hand, is bollocks. It’s already been nerfed a bit in MW3 — you can’t knife immediately whilst firing, for instance. But the notion that the knife is better than having the skill to deal with someone with your gun up close is ludicrous. For whatever reason, probably my Unreal Tournament upbringing, I almost always tend to go for the gun kill over the knife when I’m next to someone. My instinct is not to knife but to try and out-maneuver the guy and shoot his balls off. And for going for the more respectable gun kill, I’m the one that gets punished with a death. So fucking lame.

    Honestly, the knife should be handled like TF2 and only instakill from behind. Make it a two-slash kill from the front like the riot shield and no one will ever complain about it again. Plus, it becomes a viable stealth tactic — a completely silent instakill you can’t get any other way. But this is CoD we’re talking about… the game that is built for and by casual players who need the knife to get by. It’ll never be changed.

    Footnote: Team games in general are fucked in CoD if you’re not playing with someone else in your party. People worry so much about their own KDR over winning the match that they’ll blatantly ignore objectives. As a solo player, my win-loss ratio is 0.7 because I play so much Domination and it seems no one ever wants to cap flags but me. I must just have terrible luck. A lot of the times I end up as the slayer by virtue of everyone being super horrible at killing people, and yet my idiotic teammates still won’t jump on the flags. I can’t play both roles, FFS!

    • Ben Bourjois

      BF3 has got knifing spot on. Knife from behind triggers various execution animations.. but at every other time its roughly 3 knife slashes for a kill.. which obviously renders it useless. In CQ you have to reply on your skill to defeat your opponent.

      You can spot the COD players immediately in BF3 as they’re the ones randomly swiping the air with their knife 6 feet in front of you while you’re aiming an automatic weapon at their face. It really has become a crutch that far too many people rely on in COD. As if the killstreaks dont do enough of the work for you.

      The knifing in COD could be greatly improved by nerfing it so that it only takes off half of your health when hit from the front, meaning that someone who favours guns in CQC still has a chance. And they have to remove the lunge completely. The lunge is what really makes it completely insane.

      • Michael Kelley

         Amen to everything you just said.  The only thing wrong with the knife in BF3 is that sometimes it glitches when you sneak up on someone and won’t let you take their tags

    • my win-loss ratio is 0.7 because I play so much Domination and it seems no one ever wants to cap flags but me.

      At fucking last, someone who knows how to play in a team!!!

  • Guest

    What’s with the EndWar photo?

  • Sorry, but Treyarch are better developers. MW3 is just aweful, mainly because of the maps and people that play it in alot of cases. World at War was one of the best call of duty titles, even though it doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Then their next title was Black ops, the 2 games play almost 100% different but keep the call of duty feel. Robert Bowling uses “selective” nerfing/buffing as an excuse for the fact that Infinity Ward has always sucked at keeping their games updated. Black Ops 2 or whatever comes next will almost be guaranteed to be better than MW3, no scoping is cheap (and anyone that does it says “its not easy”, thats bull), knifing is horrible in this game, just gave everyone lunge knife abilities. They still dont have the spawn system working well………..Treyarch all the way. COD4 can only take infinity ward so far.

  • Aclient

    Why don’t they let us vote on it? There’s got to be a way they could do it where everyone that wanted to vote could do so, while only getting 1 vote. Let the players vote on panic knifing. I say it’s bullshit. It takes me 3-5 bullets to kill someone, but one click of the right thumbstick and I’m dead? That’s hardly balanced.  Not to mention someone can knife you as they are getting shot. How can a guy be at full sprint with his weapon in hand and instantly knife you then go back to full sprint that fast? I don’t care if it’s a video game, it needs balance. That’s hardly balanced. Knifing shouldn’t be that powerful in a FPS. I know Treyarch is trying to address it from Vonderhaar’s twittter feed. I like IW games, but they have this part wrong.