Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Tweaks Hot Fix Notes, PS3 Terminal Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has received a few weapon tweaks earlier today through a hot fix, presumably on all three platforms.

A few of the Assault Rifles and SMG’s have receive some extra love, according to the official Call of Duty forums. Check out the update notes below:

Assault Rifles Buffed

  • FAD – increased damage and range
  • M16A4 – increased damage and fire rate
  • AK47 – reduced kick

SMG’s Buffed

  • UMP45 – increased damage
  • MP5 – increased fire rate
  • PM9 – reduced kick

On a side note, Infinity Ward is working on a smoother launch for Terminal on PS3, as developer ‘Ghandi’ noted that the team is “currently working with Sony to attempt to make sure that by the time Terminal launches on PS3 the fix is in place.” PS3 Elite members will receive Terminal on the 16th of August.

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  • adamfrost

    The UMP is already great though…? But the ak and m16 definitely needed some love.

    • Nighthawk_0430

      The UMP needed a little buff, it took about 6 bullets at mid-range to kill. Glad to see it getting a little love, my first weapon ever in Call of Duty, so it has a special place in my heart 🙂

      • Castertr0y

        The UMP has the highest close range damage @49 which is more than most AR’s and on par with AK. It also has the best range of all SMG’s and benefits more than any other weapon from the range proficiency, killing in 3 shots at medium range even with a silencer, that is unmatched. The MP7 takes 5 shots TK at medium range with range.

      • Dan

        not really. If you use it with Range then it’s a 3 hit kill at any range, even if you have a silencer on there (check Tmartn’s vid about it). The UMP could be even sicker now. I like it though, I always use the UMP. If you can control the recoil then this gun is even better than the MP7.

        • That’s blatantly untrue. The UMP does 49-17 damage. Adding range only extends the 3HK range, it does not make it 3HK at ANY range. Range + Silencer has less 3HK range than a UMP with no proficiencies or attachments.

  • masada157

    M16A4, PM9 and FAD definitely need a but of tweaking. Glad to see IW is addressing them. Though I personally think the CM901 should get buffed rather than the AK47.

    • NOYUS

      The CM901? That weapon is way overpowered in my opinion, just like the MP7.

      Here is the detailed list:

      FAD – increased damage and range
      M16A4 – increased damage and fire rate
      AK47 – reduced kick
      UMP45 – increased damage
      MP5 – increased fire rate
      PM9 – reduced kick

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        The CM901 has slightly too much kick and too slow a fire rate to compete with most other assualt rifles. Yes the damage it does is high, but it’s TTK is way below average.

        The CM901 is a lot like a gun in MW2 without stopping power, to me at least. I love it as a weapon, but 1v1 head-on gun fights are much harder to win.

        • bobshi

          Yep. On the chart I think its TTK is the highest. If it isn’t it is the 2nd slowest.

          Could have done with a kick reduction. The AK47 in my opinion whilst it has a lot of kick, is more controllable.

          • BOSS jediZOHAN

            The AK’s kick reduction should make it pretty solid. I really enjoyed the BOs AK47, the straight vertical recoil was perfect.

        • The CM901 has the same damage as the ACR and less recoil…

          • The CM901 has way more recoil than the ACR.

            • Castertr0y

              In terms of horizontal and vertical values the ACR does have more kick than the CM901 without kick on them.

          • masada157

            The CM901 kicks like a mule. IIRC, it has the highest and most unpredictable recoil of all the assault rifles.

      • moriarty1975

        (Slightly updated info from the Dev’s)

        FAD – increased long range damage and increased damage range
        M16A4 – increased close range damage and fire rate
        AK47 – reduced gun kick
        UMP45 – increased long range damage
        MP5 – increased fire rate
        PM9 – reduced view kick and gun kick

        • olygoly

          M16’s fire rate buff/ Hell yea!

      • XII Prestige

        The mp7 is underpowerd not overpowerd

    • dont touch the CM is already badass as is :3

  • The new MP5 is pretty good now with range but not worth using when there is the likes of the new ump and the pp90.

  • Nothing has changed on the PS3 side….

  • Updated the piece with details on how the weapons were buffed.

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  • CulturebUlly

    AK47 on PS3 definitely needed some kick reduction, will check it out later

  • cool new changes! think this will help balance the weapons more.

  • jleedhdjkd

    how much did they increase the damage and fire rate of the weapons?

  • Faraz

    Fail game. Too similar to old cod game. Instead of spending $59.99 + tax to get a new COD game, just buy MW which came out in 2008. It will cost u $20 on steam. Or maybe a lil cheaper elsewhere or when sale is going on. Seriously.

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      • Faraz

        lol false. The world knows which game is the rehash of older games in the series. Even those who love CODs says that

    • Revisawesome

      Get back to your kitchen and so something productive ;D

      • Revisawesome


        • Faraz

          Get back to your kitchen and play battlefield 3

  • FAD have a fire rate of 1000 RPM. The extra damage and range is deadly.

    • Fad will be 3-5 shots to kill or 4 shots to kill, because of damage buff. Watch Fad become next Famas or close to next Famas.

  • Hey

    Did anyone else get deranked on Survival Mode ? I went back to level 1.

  • moocrew32

    Can’t wait for Armored Kill to come out!

    • Faraz

      mee either

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    • Shotguns are very hard to balance. But pump action shotguns should be deadly at close range. Aka Mw2 Commando range or bit more. Semi auto taking 2-3 shots to kill at close range. AA12 with more range. Usas-12 is perfect.

    • Jamie Socratez

      It’s buffed enough bro, If they buff it more it becomes overpowered.. use the usas or spas 12 with damage.

  • PM9 LOWER RECOIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I love it so so much

  • AxeeLxX

    When comes out the hotfix for XBOX360 ?

  • How about a MP7 and ACR recoil nerf?

    • How but just nerf the entire gun? Those two guns are the only reason I find that game the least bit unenjoyable.. unless I’m using them myself 😉

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  • Rattata
  • Castertr0y

    I swear one of the mods tweeted Teenah yesterday saying they noticed a big change on the buffed weapons. Strange because the update was only pushed one hour ago lol

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  • when does the weapon update is coming?

  • Jordy Davies

    Its Ok, We Will Just Wait Nearly Another Year For The PP90M1,ACR,FMG9,Type 95 To Be Fixed