More BF3 Patch Details, Tactical Light, Jets, Choppers, and Weapon Recoil Explained

A wealth of information has recently surfaced regarding aspects of Battlefield 3 that DICE is looking into patching. Our friends over at Don’t Revive Me Bro were lucky enough to sit down with Battlefield 3’s Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz in their latest community podcast and talk about some of the things the DICE team is looking into.

We reported earlier that the tactical light in Battlefield 3 was going to receive a nerf, according to some images Kertz posted on his Twitter page. (You can check these images out here!) However, Kertz confirmed last night that the actual brightness of the light will not be nerfed, but rather the range. Up close, the light will still be as effective as it is currently. The further away you are from it, the less intrusive it will be.

Many PS3 fans have been voicing their concern over what seems to be a controller input lag issue and are asking why the controls were changed since the Beta. According to Kertz, the controls for Battlefield 3 are fine and have not been changed since the Beta. DICE is finding that other issues may be at work here. For example, certain TV set ups seem to affect input lag more than others. Kertz assured us that DICE is looking into the real source of the problem.

Kertz also mentioned that DICE is looking into the mobile AA vehicles. Currently, they prove to be extremely effective against jets and helis not because of their damage output, but because of their effects. Many fans find that these mobile AAs are too effective at knocking a jet’s or heli’s flight path off course, or making them too hard to control, causing them to crash easily.

On the subject of Jets, Kertz also mentioned that there were some Balance issues that still needed looking into. As it stands, if a tank, for example, is disabled, the driver has the ability to either hop out and repair if he is an engineer, or have a teammate repair his tank for him. Engineers can also repair disabled helicopters from the inside or if none are available, it’s still possible land and request repairs. This is obviously not an option in a jet. Landing them is still somewhat possible but usually proves to be fatal. Kertz admitted that this seems unfair hopes to see some changes made to the jets in this regard.

Some fans are beginning to notice that weapons in Battlefield 3 seem to have much more recoil when burst fired, as opposed to full-auto, something that wasn’t entirely the case in Bad Company 2. First, Kertz reminds us that this isn’t a sequel to Bad Company 2 and that DICE’s base to work off of was Battlefield 2. This was also the reasoning behind bolt-action sniper rifles only being a one-shot-kill to the head. Howerver, Kertz confirmed that weapons in Battlefield 3 do, indeed, have more recoil when burst fired. What players need to remember is that once you overcome the initial kick of firing in full-auto, the weapon is fairly steady, though extremely inaccurate. When burst firing, you need to deal with that initial kick every time you pull the trigger, making it harder to keep steady. However, your shots will be much more accurate since the first bullet of each burst will always hit dead on.

Do you think this is a fair trade-off? What do you think about the tactical light’s range being nerfed? How do you feel about the balance between jets, helis and AA vehicles? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow MP1st on Twitter and Facebook!

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  • Marine_no_fear

    make it so i can use R2 to fire and L2 to aim down sights on ps3! thanks!

    • 7franko7

      Only retarded moron can ask for such a idiotic control scheme. Ps3 is L1 ads, R1 shoot. Allways!

      • Gkillmaster

        you shouldn’t talk about yourself that way. have more respect for yourself.

  • Gkillmaster

    PS3 input lag is a deal breaker for me. I’m just waiting to hear if this will be fixed before I trade to the Xbox version…

  • Hux2yaDome

    Nerf the tac lights brightness about one or two settings. I hate getting blinded by that thing in broad daylight from 20 ft away is absolutely ridiculous. 

  • Dang

    technically flashlights shouldnt work at all in bright sunlight.  but i like the idea of limiting the range since it is more of a CQC tactic anyway

  • Gkillmaster

    I have serious lag on the ps3 making it more frustrating than fun at times. I’m waiting to see if this will be fixed before I swap over to the 360 version. Also, please please please have a level where we can practice flying without being in the heat of battle…

    • Jrmeister28

      I feel you my friend I have the same problems as you have. I can’t even enjoy this game

  • Black

    make it so you stop limiting your game of sales by making it only 4 player parties

    • yea wtf. sorry im not some single child that plays by myself and the idea of having 4 friends is way too many. I play in a clan and we are like 8 deep.

  • It’s kind of ridiculous to me that they’re trying too much to be like BF2. It’s a dated game, I think BC2 had far superior class and weapon balancing, which shows in how much larger the player population was at their peaks. It’s a cop-out that they look at the criticisms of their game and essentially say we’re not going to change it because that’s how BF2 was. Instead of making excuses, they should change it. The game is about the players, not about what the Devs want.

    • Gkillmaster

      I agree with you about most of this, but I’m wondering how you can say BC2 has “far superior” class and weapons balancing? I’m only at level 8 right now but I’m loving the balance, maybe more than BC2…

      • Mrsteve180

        He was saying it was far superior to BF2

    • Balance is fine, just augment your gameplay to deal with the recoil.  Stop praying and spraying.

    • Anonymous

      Yea because that worked so well for MW2.

  • i got a great idea, make the features like mics and in game chat on ps3…work.

  • Where are the mobile AA vehicles? LOL

  • Gunny017

    Does anybody know if Back to Karkand will be a separate game
    like Bad Company Vietnam or will it be integrated with the current 9 maps of

    • Slayerpill

      one of the press releases stated that its intergrated, but I’ve heard different so im not sure.

  • Jrmeister28

    Cant wait for this game to be perfect. A lot of gamers are gonna be happy once the patches are fixed. Issues right now at least for me is the input lag, chat and manage squad issues. ( you know like when you get separated with your friends online..

    • Anonymous

      Those are the 2 biggest issues for me as a PS3 player.  I’m worried about the input lag thing most of all because they still don’t seem to know what’s causing it.  I hope they are able to get a handle on it.  It’s most noticeable when you just come from playing another shooter… it’s pretty bad too.

  • i just wanna fly jets with missiles 🙁 i think they should be the first unlock…i cant even unlock flares!

  • Claytonhal2000

    I don’t care about any nerfs or gun recoil or whatever.What i do care about is that they fix the damn issue with voice chat and the team squads!Why in the hell doe’s it take my team members and throw the on the other side to balance the teams out?Why is this every damn time you try to squad up.I bought the game to have fun and to also squad with my friends and clan,not rage out and get P.O. cause every time u can count on that u or someone else ig ending up on the other side or u get booted from the server

    • Claytonhal2000

      omfg ther are some bad spelling with my words,sorry ppl i do hope u can understand it,was mad when i wrote it/rofl

  • Eric Jaakkola

    Based on BF2?  have they played BF2?  Why are all of the objectives within grenade throwing range of each other?

  • Flashlights should be dumbed down in broad daylight, their effectiveness in low-light/dark conditions is because your eyes have already adjusted to the low light.  Being able to blind someone in broad daylight is just plain stupid Dice, and you know it.

    • Slayerpill

      Its not blinding anyone, its obscuring the view with a bright light, which isn’t plain stupid. With the tactical torches they use these days its more than reasonable for the lights in the game to have these effects.

  • Gkillmaster

    I’m curious, its seems like in BC2, you could feel that the accuracy was perfect in terms of the bullet or rocket hitting where you aimed, but I could swear that its not as accurate in BF3, or its buggy. I can be 30 yards from a tank and I know I’m aimed perfectly and there is no impact from my rocket. Seems to just plain miss or disappear. And same with firing bullets. Another thing I notice that’s related is that the objects that you can hide behind seem to block too much gunfire. On numerous occasions (and I see this in single player as well), I’ll be aiming right at someone leg (could kill someone easily in BC2 that way) and it never actually hits them. Its like the collision object in front of them is too big an blocking my gunfire… Anyone else notice this? Mostly I notice in close range. seems like mid and far distances are pretty accurate…

  • Silentghoust

    Two easy fixes that would help the jet. Allow the landing gear to go down when you are disabled. Then allow further range to see spotted infantry. After you killed all the jets and tanks its almost useless to be in a jet. So this would help tons. I can understand the flashlight its not exactly a “If daylight add lower light”. As for the AA gun are you kidding me? that thing is a rolling tank of death its effective against anything that moves. That thing is the only vehicle EVERY battlefield 3 player agrees it needs nerfed.

    • Radiocaf

      Yeah I agree. I really do good in that thing, which means it is way overpowered because I usually suck at games lol 😉

    • bobDgoldfish

      2 things to happen for aircraft:

      a)  Nerf the AA bigtime
      b)  Larger AoO for jet aircraft.

      NOTHING else should be mod to assist jets, as since BF2 and beyond pilots have had it easier and easier.

      I personally love the challenge, but most pilots complaints can be boiled down to them missing the old days where once your ass was in the jet you become the “Finger of God”, and if their was incompetence in the enemies jet, the only challenge to them was getting to the jet in the hanger.

      I also disagree with anything making it easier with jets vs infantry, as having played both sides of the fence it seems unfair, since infantry have NO defence against an incoming jet so wouldn’t hurt for pilots to work for their food a little.

      • Rob1988

        I liked the old Bf1942 dum bombs that you just dropped and hoped hit something, that kind of unguided bird poo bomb should be brought back. it made it soooo much more fun and rewarding to squak an exploding jobbie on some unsupecting victim. a carpet bomb option would be ace.

  •  What about the pc mouse input lag? Thats definitely no tv problem, happens to everyone with a high dpi mouse.

  • JCbrovz

    the AA nurf  is great, hate flying a  helicopter just  to be hit  by a  few AA round which sends me  into a nose dive

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  • Radiocaf

    Input lag has only been a problem for me since I changed my TV, but game mode sorted it. There is still very very VERY slight lag but it’s not game changing. Hopefully the remaining lag is game-side and will be patched out.

  • Wfdsf

    Jets definitely need a boos, and the tactical light needs a nerf.. Outside in the bright sun the tactical light should be as useless as a candle in the wind.. Distance nerfing is not enough

  • That1guy

    We need the following :
    – Bigger party system.. I have more than 3 friends dice!! 
    – Tactical light should be useless outside where it is sunny.
    – Mics need to work and not be randomly useful.
    – Jets need a boost (compared to choppers and tanks)
    – Input lag needs to be fixed.

    • Gkillmaster

      I agree with this and would add a few things and prioritize it like this
      – fix lag
      – tactical light greatly lessened in sunlight
      – fix mics
      – look into close range bullets and rockets missing their marks
      – look into why you can’t hear footsteps behind you in the same way as BC2
      – bigger parties
      – jet boost
      – allow exiting at end of round

      has anyone noticed that sometimes when you select a weapon in game from the weapon pull down menu (hitting square on ps3), you can’t actually open anything but the primary weapon?

      I feel like we are beta testing or something…

    • Anonymous

      and jets need to die when they hit a chopper. its more then silly that just the chopper dies and the jet just keeps on flying.

      and the soflam needs more range. for a system that requers 2 people there should be at least some advantage to using it, but there isn’t. you get less range and less ammo then with a stinger and RPG combo.

  • FuckFlashlights

    I despise flashlights in BF3, they are beyond annoying. I don’t care how “tactical” you think they are, they are still just retardly stupid along with lasers sometimes and should just kill it off altogether.

    I enjoyed BC2 much more (& I was new to Battlefield then) then I am right now with BF3

  • Conor Casey

    I think they should also tone down the 12x scope’s reflection, its ridiculous!

  • Duhast111

    they need to nerf it way more in the day light, and the freken lazer, it blinst ur eyes like if the lazer was pointed at ur eyes all the time, even if they are pointing the lazer at ur feet it still blinds the same,

  • Charles Buckley

    DICE need to adjust the location of the “base / flag icon” that appears in the middle of the screen right in front of your aim/reticle. It always seems to be in the way preventing clear aim on targets.

    • Gkillmaster

      yes! I agree. I’ve been killed a number of times cause of this.

    • Gkillmaster

      yes! I agree. I’ve been killed a number of times cause of this. I’m straining to see my target and taking too much time and then I’m dead…

  • Charles Buckley

    DICE need to adjust the location of the “base / flag icon” that appears in the middle of the screen right in front of your aim/reticle. It always seems to be in the way preventing clear aim on targets.

  • Charles Buckley

    DICE need to adjust the location of the “base / flag icon” that appears in the middle of the screen right in front of your aim/reticle. It always seems to be in the way preventing clear aim on targets.

  • Vela859

    Just fix the mic issue on ps3. Very frustrating cant talk to more than one person!

  • JohnDaker

    I only care about one thing…. VOIP in-game Squad chat. Currently MW3 is more tactical than BF3 because it is near impossible to communicate with your squad. BF2, BFBC, BFBC2, all had squad chat, how they choose to release with out it is beyond me. 

    To the people saying they like the silence there a mute button for a reason. I’ve been playing MW3 because after close to 40 hours in BF3 i’d only been in 2 games with a full communicating squad and it was bliss. BF3 players are different and more tactical than your average MW3 kid. However when I am playing Domination in MW3 and listening to a kid rant about how X gun sucks or what music is his favorite, I occasionally get.. “Enemy is at B and deployed a SAM.”

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  • Troy_mw

    I wish there was some mention of the VOIP issues being experienced on the PS3

  • Duke_38

    The tac light was utterly f’ing ridiculous — in the real world, unless you are asleep in a cave with a snuggy over your head before waking up, the tac light ISN’T that bright.  It’s bright, but NOT that bright.

    • Slayerpill

      You’d be surprised.

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  • ixGhostfacexi

    Guys can you put the landing gear down nd if so how

    • Rob1988

      just slow right down, as you would if you were dumping speed for a dog fight turn; but hold the air brake it then ease your bird down dont dip your nose too sharp or you will kamakaze into the runway, just before your rubber touches the tarmac tail the nose up a bizzle nd your sweet.

  • Deast9

    What about the bug where the squad leader can’t assign squa d orders sometimes on the ps3? Some matches I can; some I can’t.

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  • StormShadowAlpha

    I don’t find Full Auto to be inaccurate at all. Especially on low recoil guns like the AEK and the F2000.

  • Emek YILMAZ

    f*ck that mobile aa’ s always turn my chopper like damn titanic!!!

  • “This is obviously not an option in a jet. Landing them is still somewhat possible but usually proves to be fatal. Kertz admitted that this seems unfair hopes to see some changes made to the jets in this regard.”

    Really?  I land my jet about every second or third loop around the map, if I’ve been under heavy fire, jump out, repair, and take off again.  Admittedly, once in a while it doesn’t go well and the plane blows on takeoff (or on landing if heavily damaged), but that ratio is about 1 out of 10.  I’ve stayed in my original jet for an entire large conquest round because of doing this.  Not to sound mean, but if you can’t land the plane without blowing up, you need more practice at it people.

  • The issue with the Jets could be easily fixed by bringing back repair via low fly over of the runway. That’s the way they had it in BF2. They also had that for helicopters and the helo pad. I would love to see those simple functions brought back. If you are lucky enough to make it to your own runway or helo pad I don’t see why you shouldn’t be repaired. Problem solved.

    DICE “claims” they based BF3 off of BF2 and yet took away so many of the features common in BF2 and replaced them with many of what was in BC2. Their statements are inconsistent and contradictory. BF2 had working VOIP. Where is Squad VOIP and SL VOIP? BF2 had a useful Command Rose. BF2 had a nice Large map and SL move commands. Customizable Squads with up to 6 players. Larger maps. The list goes on and on. For a game based off BF2 they sure forgot a large part of what made BF2 successful. Might have to do with the fact that BF2 came from Desert Combat mod and those guys were fired when DICE Canada was shut down by EA.

    DICE suffers from a severe case of console-itis. It’s a commonly contracted disease within the game developer world that comes from the over abundance of initial cash flow from the console market. This leads to blindness and false promises and the development of new titles for the console and less for the PC. However it also leads to intense patching, withdrawal and begging to the PC gamers after 3 months to keep their title alive and relevant after their console initial cash flow dries up. After which the console world will forget about BF3  until the next release of something in the Battlefield series. At which time case of consoleitis, which has no cure except for complete change of management of a gaming company, will flair back up and once again the PC gamer will be pushed aside for the candy shiny non-filling cash treat of a new console game.

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  • Sillke

    What about people going prone in a corner& only having there torsoe visible, u shouldn’t be able to hide your legs in a wall

  • Sean

    I don’t like it that heli can repair whilst flying they are hard enough to rocket down without them being able to do this.

  • DDD


  • Fred

    The new ps3 patch sucks.  Its the same stuff as before.  What was fixed besides telling you how many tickets and the round duration after a match? 

  • Fred

    The spawns arent fixed either.  I must have gotten shot 50 times right as soon as I spawned.  And the heli’s are near impossible to destroy now. 

  • Gkillmaster

    For what its worth to anyone, I just bought the xbox 360 version of BF3 and the controller is completely tight. No input lag and no overshooting. Completely different game for me. I can’t believe I ever played the ps3 version for so long with the controller so messed up!

  • Daned

    Allow you to leave at the end of a match.  Move the flag capture circle in the screen so its not in the way of aiming.  Fix the chat and lag.  Fix the audio problems, like when your going and all you can hear is your footsteps and nothing else.  Boost up the stinger power againts heli’s again.  Fix the squad joining.  Fix the spawns,cause they still suck.  Stop the enemy from crossing spawn points on conquest.  There should not be a ten second chance to get in and kill someone.  There should be no crossing that threshold at all.  Fix the knife lag, I love when you knife someone only to have to hit it 3 or 4 times to actually work. There are so many to list, I’d be here all day  about the bugs.  This is a fun game but man some of this stuff is just nonsense.  They fix and nerf the stuff that is pointless and the critical issues are left untouched. 

  • Edd3m

    Since the last patch on PC – Jets handling has been nerfed in some way.  Handling just doesnt seem to respond.  I’ve just started this thread to highlight other issues.

    They seriously need to bring them back up to how they were at least.  They are awful to fly now and you stand no chance..

    Jets have Infantry with a now stronger IGLA
    Jets have AA locking on also
    Jets get other Jets locking on..
    Jets also get Atk Heli locking on..
    And on some maps also the little bird / Z11 locking on..

    Is this a joke that they have made flare reload longer??

    Fix it.


  • The_antichav

    Bolt actions need to be 1 shot kill, otherwise its so annoying and boring when your trying to play aggressive recon with a bolt action

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