More Black Ops 2 “Uprising” DLC Promotional Material Leaked

So we’re pretty sure Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘s next set of downloadable content is called “Uprising.”

While publishers Activision or developers Treyarch still have yet to announce any upcoming DLC, additional promotional material yet again points fingers at this Uprising DLC being what we can look forward to downloading soon.

An Uprising poster/card leaked earlier, listing the same multiplayer maps: Magma, Encore, Vertigo, Studio, as well as the zombie map Mob of the Dead. It also listed a release date of April 16, presumably for Xbox 360 players first.

Check out the newly spotted promotional material below:


Some close-ups:

Another shot of yesterday’s material:


Keep your sights on MP1st for the latest on Black Ops 2 DLC. We’ll be sure to update you with any official announcements from Treyarch or Activision.

For now, we can only speculate what the four new maps might entail, as well as what horrors Mob of the Dead, “Treyarch’s most terrifying Zombies experience to date,” might bring.

Any ideas?

Thanks, charlieINTEL.

  • Andy granda

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  • Looks like the Zombies map is set on Alcatraz .

    • Jordan Matt

      Looking forward to this dlc, although not having a weapon dlc kinda blows.

      • hey

        It’s not Battlefield.

        • almonds

          Are you aware that the first DLC has a new weapon?

          • hey

            I mucked around with 22 New weapons in BF3..

            • Ok Then…..

              in borderlands two i mucked around with 100+ weapons

            • ROCKMONEY

              If call of duty tried to add 20+ new weapons everyone’s console would lock up – instantly

        • I noticed a difference in quality!

      • They just did that to have another “For the first time ever” moment. It’s more money.

      • Jordan buddy!!!!

    • dracul

      What I heard was there will be four new gangster characters as the survivors voiced by hollywood talent, similar to Call of the Dead. And the events in this map happen during the prohibition era so maybe al capone is one of the characters. The zombies have red eyes too as opposed to blue so maybe a back in time episode.

      • Alkanida

        Expendables anyone?

    • It’d be awesome if it had characters from the movie The Rock. Sean Connery, Ed Harris, Nicholas Cage.

      • Laser0pz

        “It’s be awesome if it had characters from the movie The Rock, Sean Connery, Ed Harris, God.”

      • lol nicolas cage

    • Vikerii
  • hey

    I think the author should post an article on Bioshock infinite, regardless of it not being a MP game, it’s simply fantastic and EASILY is the greatest fps campaign up to date..

    • I haven’t even had a chance to play it yet! It’s right there at the very top of my “games to play” list.

  • ur mom+me=last night

    They’re saying that studio is supposed to be a remake of firing range, but it doesn’t look like it.

  • maskedrider

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          Then again, if i actually ask a clerk at BB for guidance to something other than the restroom, I need serious help.

          Love the financing though.

    • dpg70


  • Would’ve liked to see a new weapon, but at this point we have pretty much every weapon option we need, apart from some sort of sniper-pistol hybrid or something crazy. Very excited for these maps, though apart from Magma they seem fairly safe thematically.

    • I do miss the G11 from Black Ops 1, something like that would be nice

  • All the Alactraz info has been leaked already. By Playthegamecentral

  • max J.

    what if studio becomes the new broadcast from cod4

    • It’s gonna be a remake of firing range of black ops 1 🙂

  • topgunz

    The zombie map is in a prison

  • Hackers

    no new weapons? no surprise…

    • Why only a handfull get used anyway.

      • save em probably if you haven’t noticed BO2 has less guns then other COD’s i think the engine activision uses can only have a maximum number of weapons. i may be wrong though

  • ?

    Cannot wait to take the 15$ to buy this crap and put that on BF4 pre order.

    • reality check pussy

      Cannot wait until bitch fucking haters like yourself stop clicking on cod articles just to hate. B4 is wayyyy over hyped is not going to be that much better

  • James

    Rumour has it Studio is a re-imagined Firing Range from Black Ops 1.

  • zach

    its official BTW.

    I hate the idea for those new characters (actors who have played as mobsters, I mean really, what the fuck), but still better than those transit people.

    I also hate the overrated level of firing range.

  • Def not spending more money on this…

  • update

    This is all real and confirmed just watch it on your xbox or if its on ps3 or whatever you got. It looks amazing to say the least