More Borderlands 2 DLC Character Classes To Be Added In The Near Future

Recently, the president of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford has confirmed that Borderlands 2 will indeed see more classes be added to it’s already versatile roster in the near future via DLC.

When asked on Twitter if Borderlands 2 would ever see any more character classes added in future DLC, Pitchfort responded, “yes – we’re working on it.”

This wonderful news stems from the recent success of Borderlands 2’s fifth playable class, the Mechromancer, which you can catch my review of right here. This confirmation also comes as a fulfillment of Pitchford’s earlier promise: If Gaige the Mechromancer performs and sells well with the Borderlands 2 community, Gearbox would love to add more character classes in the near future. Thankfully for everyone, she did.

Unfortunately for you vault hunters who have purchased the Borderlands 2 season pass, these character classes will not be included within, just like Gaige the Mechromancer. The season pass is set to only cover the campaign expansions, one of which we’ve already received – Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty. We’ve also recently discovered the next campaign expansion for Borderlands 2 will be called ‘Mr Torgue’s Campaign Of Carnage,’ which seems to center around the Torgue weapon manufacture that specializes in explosive weaponry.

With what seems to be an ever growing cast of character classes, what type of character class would you like to see be added to Borderlands 2? Use the comment section below to leave us your thoughts!

  • manBEARpig

    I would like them to fix the issue that causes my Xbox to freeze. I know I’m not the only one having this issue, and it seems like the developer is doing nothing to address it. I love playing this game, but this iissue alone is making it a very unpleasant experience. I will not be buying any further DLC until this issue is resolved.

    • Maybe write this on the forums instead?

    • Beanz3

      I thought that issue was fixed with the latest patch??

      Did you try clearing you Xbox’s cache and downloading the patch again??

  • Just finished the story with axton as a run and gun style build; supa fun. I almost feel that if I played another character that didn’t have insanely jacked movement speed and fire rate that I might get bored. Intended on playing the commando as an assault rifle specialist but found myself dissapointed in almost every assault rifle I picked up.

    Can’t comment on new classes until I’ve played any of the others… or tried other commando builds.

    What class/build combos are you guys enjoying most?

    • Beanz3

      Yeah I find the Assault Rifles in this game compared to the first one to be useless and boring, even for the legendary AR’s as well.

      For me, my favorite build so far in Borderlands 2 is a elemental dps/ healer Maya. Who IMO is pretty damn great when you know what you’re doing in a CO-OP game.

      • Maya is the noob class

        • Love how I speak the truth & the noobs who use her get there vag hurt.

          • My first character was maya the siren. Just like the first borderlands. Not many people use the siren, which makes me a valuable part of the team when I play online using the ‘res’ perk.

          • JKillaz4Life

            Well, Chad, when you speak the truth, at least learn how to spell correctly. It’s a little discrediting when you can’t speak proper English, let alone the truth. It’s “their.”

            • uhuhuhuh

              jkillaz4life, and i guess you correcting one word clearly means you won yeah?


              I believe I have a good question if you have such good grammar and care so much about it. Why is your name JKillaz4Life. (The only reason I didn’t use a question mark is because my slashquestion amrk key is broken.

        • Beanz3

          How so??

          Also please refrain from making comments that could start unnecessary issues, thanks.

        • Roger55464

          How is Maya the “noob class?” Because she doesn’t do an insanely amount of damage to the point of overkill, such as Axton and Salvador?

        • ZeroCost

          Well no it would just be your opinion

  • Love to see a trickster type.

    • Equestrian Yarnball

      Coming from the guy with a troll face as his profile picture.

  • Mike

    I use Heavy Gunner or Auto Gunner with Axton. You guys disappointed with the assault rifles just havent found the right one yet and yes there’s some useless rifles too. The machine guns and plasma cutter SMG are my favorite by far. I had a orange rare full auto 11 shot corrosive shot gun ranked 14 the second day I had the game and I never needed to use anything else ever UNTIL I started true vault mode. I lost the gun which totally pisses me off.

    • Beanz3

      Tbh as great as it was, it would’ve been completely useless on TVHM. Since the enemies are much tougher and your bound to literally find a better weapon every 30 minutes of game play.

      • I H4V0C I

        Most assault rifles suck, with the exception of the Kerblaster. I just went and spent 613 tourge tokens on it in Campaign of Carnage and I am level 41, it kills in around 2-3 hits.


      ARs ARE USELESS!!! It’s so sad I’m a assault rifle guy too! -_- only the E tech vladof AR are sort of worth using all orange ARs sucked in borderlands 1 they were loud, big, had nice big mags, huge damage, great recoil redution, and were sexy! In Borderlands 2 all SMGs are entirely better -_- with ARs in borderlands 2 like 1 in 30 shots are gonna hit from the hip…

  • steelcurtaingaming

    Well if you looked online at the PSN trohpies last night after the update, there was a new slot of DLC trophies added, but there was nothing on the store yet, so I don’t know if it was just an accident from the new update or what, but ya! HECK YA MORE DLC!

    • Beanz3

      That trophy you’ve seen has to do with the upcoming DLC for Borderlands 2.

  • Carnforth

    I’d like to see an alien….maybe something along the lines of what they did with zero but more like an animal

  • Rave

    I would like a character that can morph into an animal depending on what tree you max out first. Example: if you max out tree #1 first then you will turn into a bear that can claw/bite the heck out of your enemies, if you max out tree #2 then you will turn into a Dinosaur and so on. Remember, these are just examples.

    • shut up

      Plz just stop this isn’t a nerds game let’s keep it that way

      • Rave

        im just throwing ideas out there and aren’t video games mostly for nerds anyway? alright guy, lets see you throw some idea out there, oh wait i forgot you’re too cool for that.

      • uhuhuhuh


  • cmrmarcus

    how about a bandit class that spawns a bad ass buzzard

    • salvador

      A bandit class would be more then badass but a spawning buzzard wouldn’t be far

    • ZeroCost

      well i think the buzzard would be like the mechromancer class becuase she spawns deathtrap so if they did do a bandit class it wouldnt spawn a buzzard

  • cool guy sunglasses

    a clap trap class would be awsome

    • Beanz3

      Indeed, until It meets a pair of stairs. 😉

    • TheGuyInTheBack

      no it wouldn’t. Even NPC’s in the game hate claptrap.

    • BUBB:E

      There is only one claptrap left in existence.

  • DamnSkippy

    i want Boom Boom and Bewm as dlc characters basically it works similar to the mecromance Boom Boom does his pose and lets loose Bewm

    • really??


  • shade9045

    I think a character class from the stories that are all ready in the game would be cool like maybe one of the pilots an his action skill is a little helicoper that hovers over his shoulder with a shield and minigun or like a psycho whos action skill is that he runs around throwin grenades or a new mercenary from one of the competing weapon manufacturers other than hyperion

    • salvador

      I heard that one of the new ides for the upcoming character has a flyin turret action skill and is called jarhead

  • Robert

    Well I would like an head and armor that is similar to the Crimson Lance full armor they had in Borderlands, I honestly wish I had the full armor rather then just armor pieces.

  • HighTone

    what about a support class that can call airstrikes,meds and ammo, lay temp respawn points landmines shit like that.

    • noko

      this isn’t cod

    • SharkWithABoloTieYES

      true, it’s not COD but i like this idea… i play with my commando in this style.

    • SharkWithABoloTieYES

      true, it’s not COD but i like this idea… i play with my commando in this style.

  • salvador

    Sirens in the first game was the most overused and overpowered class . Maya the new siren is not a noob class its just meant for co op play. Also gaige and sal best characters by faaaar

  • salvador

    I kinda hope they make the vault hunter in sanctuary a playable character . Also my fault for blowing this up kinda a broderlands 2 freak

  • That other guy

    How about an alien shapeshifter kind of class? Action skill would be to copy a near by enemy. You would look and fight the same way they do. If you copy a psycho, you melee; a bruiser, you use a shotgun; a vorkid, bite people.

    An Animal like class sounds pretty sick too.

  • Something like Iron Man or War Machine with a bunch of weapons built into the suit, like rocket launchers, flares that weakens the enemy or small, independently firing machine gun turrets.

  • dascottster

    i say some kind of alien or creature class, cuz wouldnt you think that other types of beings in the universe would some to pandroa as well?

    • TC8

      Zero was never really explained as a human.

  • Sharky1997

    they should make someone who can call fourth skags and maybe even ride one!!! also they should do a dlc that focuses on finding out more about the sirens

  • Sharky1997

    they should so make a class than can call fourth skags and maybe even ride one!!!! also they should make a story dlc that focuses on learning more about the sirens

    • jetr

      That’s the whole point of this game, if you didn’t notice the strong emphasis on sirens through out… also a few of my buds have a theory on all the sirens so far… there’s been red, white and blue (hair). I kind of see an elemental pattern here. amiright? ill betcha the next siren has purple or green hair.

  • sucker

    lilith become a playable character with upgrade awesome skills… she’s the most badass character though

  • SageNeoDraconus

    I’d like to see tiny tina, handsome jack, n maybe even angel as playable chars. Tina could b all about the explosives. But really fragile in most regards considering she is just a kid. The term glass cannon comes to mind. Jack could b very selfish in terms of playstyle. Like giving himself bonuses while slightly hindering his fellow “teammates”. Angel could b like the ultimate support character. Having lots n lots of team boosts like team ammo regen, health, movement speed, and cooldown reductions.

  • BackBurner

    A dude who specialise with explosives (I tought Gaige would be that character but not…she is aWWWsomme tough!!:)

  • Ill mind

    A class that specializes in pistols!

  • more-new-classes

    a flying/Aerial class with a jet pack attached with mini-machine guns or rockets would be awesome. i hate how there’s no dodging psychos and suicide bombers when they come at me. either tht or deploying a mini-plane with rockets and guns.

    • borderlands fan

      i think they should make a temptress class wee you could hypnotize enemies into fighting for you for a certain amount of time

  • more-new-classes

    another class could be a demolition type thing, like being able to set off a chain of explosive ice that freezes up nearby and far ranged enemies then explodes. right? i mean there’s slag corrosives, fire and lighting the only thing missing is ice or a water element and wat could be better than adding a class with the missing element!.

  • i was a huge fan of brick in the first one, it would be nice to punch things again

  • Firewalled Nonspeaker

    The aerial class sounds like a good idea, to me. Being able to take to the skies and blast away at bandits would be pretty awesome. I’d also like to see something along the lines of a superspeed character able to go faster than a player vehicle when his skill is activated and able to specialize in SMGs and pistols. I think the jetpack character’s melee weapon would be a quick burn from one of the movable thrusters (with upgradeable chance to set enemies on fire) and the speed character’s melee would be a quick triple stab with a combat knife, doing extra damage if all three hits land.

  • chilli charl

    I would have a class that rides a skag and he can upgrade his armour, speed or attack


    Tiny Tina would be the best character ever with the funny dialog that they could come up with and her special action skill could be throwing bombs and explosives and they could add elements and effects to the explosives in the skill points. Or Mad Moxxie her special action skill could be flashing the enemy and they get all dazed or blow kisses that make the enemy melt.

    • daflaminunicorn

      Isn’t Mechromancer kind of like tiny tina with a giant robot?

    • diehard955

      yea i think playing as tina would be B.A. she is my favorite character in the whole game second is Gaige the mecro although with her being an npc i dont think well see her in this game although it would be toatally awsome. if a 3rd game comes out i would really reallly like to see her as a playble character.

  • I want an insane Bandit as playable Char!!

  • faceface123

    i think that gearbox shouldn’t have made borderlands with preset classes,because the use of customization even further in borderlands would be much better. I think that gearbox uses the “extra dlc classes” method to draw people in to pay for extra stuff, and this is only about money for them. Anyways, why are each of the class dlcs going to be 10$? This is ridiculous.

    • Ahhh, if you bought the game new you technically paid $15 a character class, ToolBox.

  • Gamertag is CRdaaaaaawG

    I like to see mordecci with his bloodwing bird that use to attack enemy like death trap for Gaige the mechromancer

  • ZeroCost

    Guys what about a moxie class or somthing like that becuase when u look she Has some good weapons in all but have that or somthing like it

  • ZeroCost

    What about i higher difficulty maybe it could be called BAD ASS Mode

    • Florenar

      Is true vault hunter mode the last mode?

    • SharkWithABoloTieYES


  • CynicalSavior

    I would love to be able to ride in a buzzard or one of those new motorcycles! As for a new class, I would love to see something along the lines of transformation? Maybe something along the lines of werewolves but on a more alien scale? Or maybe some sort of prisoner on Pandora that uses their chains or something? I want to see another great personality, like a combination of Zero and Axton with Zero’s stillness but Axton’s “I’m better than anyone” attitude. Jesus I love this game…
    Also, level 50 Axton and Gaige on Xbox live. Gamertag is CynicalSavior

  • mildolive


  • TheGuyInTheBack

    How about a full-on android with its special being some kind of super, cone-shaped, AOE elemental effect that emits from his mouth, or he becomes completely invincible for a brief amount of time.
    >3 skill trees, one focused on health and shield regeneration to incredible speeds, another tree would be something to increase melee damage by ridiculous amounts while the other tree focuses on laser type enhancements with strong emphasis on his/her special.
    >Favored weapons: high emphasis on rocket launchers and mini-guns(?).

  • derasder

    a new character that has a pet like Mordecai does

    • Equestrian Yarnball

      Sounds cool but what if it ends up like Bloodwing and dies… I’d cry.

      • Florenar

        Me too :/

      • borderlands fan

        A class that has dukino as a pet

  • Kanna Ausakura

    i believe they need another siren considering that angel was one and we dont reallyknow what her powers are, or maybe someone elce from skooters family who is a bad ass.

  • Lobo Shu

    AH! how about a mad scientist class? depending on how you spec your toon you could be a tank, healer, or dps… AND depending on how you spec your toon, your action skill changes accordingly.. for instance dps be like a wereskag with melee.. tank be cybernetics with dmg reduction.. and heals be like a mix master with strong HOTs or something?

  • Corbonator

    From what I have seen here about new character classes I like the wereskag idea. nomally you use weapons just like the others and go into the special to transform into a were skag and have 2 attacks a leap attack and slice the enemies with your claws attack, I think that would be an awsome character class, and besides I did really enjoy Bricks class and they should add a similar class in borderlands 2.

  • asideofchidori

    i would like to see a new character that’s funny and weird, that tricks enemy in a funny way kinda like dampiere. if you played soul calibur 5 then you will know what im talking about.

  • Harri Jones-Evans

    they should have a mad scientist class and your skill is you turn into a werewolf or something , that would be sick

  • Mateenejazzz

    I think they should make a class which can turn the enemies against each other for a limited amount of time, also control time flow in the skill tree like slow or fasten time. The appearance should be somewhat like axton. A medium good looking guy with a mysterious look or a tattoo, something like that 🙂

    • borderlands fan

      a temptress class

  • Or a Rogue Gun Loader as a character

  • defiancesking

    The next DLC character should be a partial animal character like a wereskag from the borderlands DLC The Zombie Island of Dr.Ned, or transform into multiple animals almost like a roulette, then his/her action skill can be to transform and slash at the enemy or take skag aspects and shoot acid, or fire at enemies. Take Bullymong aspects and have greatly increased melee damage, or a thresher thresher black hole ability.

  • Felix

    Your peoples ideas are good but I think they are to over powered like the animal one mad scientist isnt bad. The ending puts it out there that there might be a borderlands 3

  • I’mawesome!!!

    I recon it would be awesome if there was like a dude that had an ability to summon like a second of himself like what handsome jack does

  • Crimson Ferno

    Maybe they could break their own rules and have a male Siren? I think a red haired, fireball throwing Siren that is a guy would be friggin bad$&@.

    • borderlands fan


  • jare

    I think a person with sinus would be cool.

  • jare

    I meent wings

  • smsnipes91

    I’d like to see a character is kind of like a cyborg. Half hum, half machine. Like Gaige, but half of the body is an actual weapon of some sort. That weapon would have 3 different abilities. It can summon traps, launch a projectile, or maybe act as a melee weapon like a whip that has extended range. Something that blends all the characters nicely but doesn’t make it OP as sin. Feedback?

  • I H4V0C I

    I would like to see a rouge Hyperion engineer, the skill trees would help him improve his suit and add some of the things that the actual engineers can do. Or maybe a bandit-ish class that could have a bonus with bandit guns, his skill trees would focus on a more run and gun approach, even though you can already get a O.K. build with Axton.

  • I would like to see a ranger/hunter class. Where youcan have the option of capturing the various creatures in the game and use like a pet. Of coarse being limited to maybe only being aloud 1 or 2…..maybe 3 pets at a time. And the skill tree centered on choices for tank,dps and heals. Also give me my damn flame thrower already! Oh and maybe a new vehicle that ohhh I don’t know, maybe……………….Flyes!

  • Jay

    Perhaps a Hyperion bot of some sort could be an idea! Like a GUN-Loader with an ability of an elemental flame thrower?

    • borderlands fan

      or a ex hyperion engineer that lets down a loader

  • M0d1997

    beaten with all classes, and spent equal time on them all. personally, the class i would like to see is a support class, a LOT like roland from borderlands 1, exept with a different action skill, something like a medic, or maybe offensive that just sprays bullets, but is mobile. pretty much, as long as i have an action skill like the mechromancer, and have regenerating ammo, id be really happy.

  • Bob Smith

    There should be a class that is a girl and can charm them so they can fight for you and the first class would increase her effectiveness with guns, her second class would make the charmed enemy stronger and make it last longer, the third class would make all of her damage better, and she would be called Moxie:3

  • Why not an Eridian descendant? Someone who draws his power from the ancient blood of the Eridian aliens. That might be fun to see. :3

  • Grumpy

    How about a character that can morph into a Scag for tree 1 the form for tree 2 a dragon and finally the form for tree 3 a Bullymong

  • Borderlands Freak

    They Should Make Four More Classes And There Special Ability Should Be The Four Elemental Damages: Fire, Electricity, Slag And Corrosive.

  • Borderlands Freak

    I also think they should make a galoith

  • EzKialez

    I think its all far fetched. Then new character is a robot remake of Brick so get over your stupid ideas. Cuz this is the reality 😉

  • thatguy

    I think a class that is a mix of zero and salvador would be great

  • borderlands fan

    a dlc to take down the hyperion spaceship because i am sick of it launching crap at me

  • Pieter Lourens

    I’d like to see a werewolf class that lets people play 2 types of characters: the human form vault hunter and the feral, crazed werewolf man vault hunter