More Hints From Mortal Kombat Creator Tease June 2 Announcement and New Injustice Title

As we reported yesterday, Ed boon, creator of the Mortal Kombat franchise, was seen counting down to June 2 for some type of announcement, according to his cryptic riddles on Twitter.

Today, Boon dropped another riddle for us, which is a lot easier to solve for those who don’t have much time to spare:

The answer to this riddle is 27, further confirming a count down to June 2.

It also appears that Boon is teasing another Injustice: Gods Among Us title when he asked what special moves would people like to see Power Girl from the DC comics have. Interestingly enough, Boon replied to a rather bummed out Injustice fan about Power Girl not being included as a playable character in the first title, saying: 

In addition, when Boon was asked whether or not he would announce a new Mortal Kombat title or Injustice on June 2, he simply replied, “No, no…Injustice Too!”

Considering Ed Boon’s reputation to “troll” Mortal Kombat fans, you should take the last bit with a grain of salt. However, a DC rep revealed earlier that a new Injustice game will be released in the future.

Keep your eyes and ears open on June 2 for announcements!

  • Mike

    Why another Injustice? We need a new MK!

    • George

      Yeah!!! Boycott!!!

    • Joel Santana

      Cause whatever WB wants, NetheRealm has to do since they saved the studio.

    • Raymond Featherston

      I love Injustice……..

      • Joel Santana

        We might be the only people that do on this site. 😐

        • here

        • Joshua C

          I’ve found some love for this title recently. Although I’m terrible at it. I’m much better on the mobile version 🙂

    • Greg Smith

      A next gen shaolin monks 2.

  • Zacflame

    Fucking damnit.

    • Joel Santana

      We’re still getting a new MK.

  • New MK plz. I still don’t get the praise for Injustice..Whats the big difference between that and MK vs DCU?

    • Joel Santana

      MK Vs. DCU was a broken mess (Superman) and played pretty badly, opposed to Injustice which felt more like an MK game just with a different cast and build what MK9 did.

    • that trash was a discombobulated 3D fighter injustice is a well made 2D fighter that takes cues from MK, Street Fighter, and other games with almost all DC characters. Hope this helps

  • i hope this new game wouldn’t be inJustice 2:/
    great game, but i want MK 10 man>:/

  • Playmaker

    Good. Loved Injustice.