MP Talk – Battle of the Shooters

Once again, the moment arrives when gamers around the world prepare for the onslaught of this year’s biggest shooters. From Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Halo 4, this fall is set to be one of the biggest FPS frenzies yet.

With the bulk of details of each title out there circling the internet and the YouTubes, we take the time in this week’s episode of MP Talk to discus our favorites and our predictions for this year’s season of shooters. Who will come out on top?

Still in the dark, you say? We’ve got you covered. Below is a catalogue of some of the latest info on your favorite shooters this fall, wich you can take a moment to browse through before joining in on the discussion.

Launch Trailers

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Halo 4

Battlefield 3: Aftermath

All caught up? Have a listen to this special episode of MP Talk below and make sure to cast your vote in the right-hand side-bar. Let us know which shooters you’ll be picking up this fall. Don’t forget to tell us your predictions for this year’s season of shooters in the comments as well!

  • Hol_Up

    You guys should post that gameplay video of Aftermath that just came out.

    • We have that footage (which wasn’t supposed to be posted as is) which you should hopefully hopefully see in a video preview soon 🙂

  • This podcast is great. Bossjedizohan tells it like it is and then Veselka balances out Boss really well.

    This is by far your best podcast chaps, well done 🙂

  • sgt_mofo

    Thanks for the shout out. Did you still use the new reverb settings on your mic for this one?

    Great point on the release timing for MoH. January would be a great time for not-so-established IP’s to release games (I know MoH has been around along time, but it has fallen from the forefront of attention). I’d bet you if Dead Space 2 didn’t wait until Jan. ’11 and tried for the Holiday ’10 season we wouldn’t have gotten a Dead Space 3 due to poor sales.

    BOSS – I know they look cheap, but the On Stage mic holders on Amazon are actually pretty sturdy. The pictures make it appear as if a paper football would make them fall over, but they are pretty heavy. If you want something to sit on your desk, the bass drum mic stand might be good as it can extend horizontally allowing you to lean back in your chair a bit rather than hover over your desk.

    • I only had it at about 5% Sounded too much otherwise, to me. Still going to play around with it some more, however. Thanks again dude!

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m looking into getting a mic arm instead of just a stand.

  • Solid podcast!
    Described it perfectly; It’s sad, but I wont be taking the risk on MoH, even as much as I enjoyed it.

    • Thanks dude!!! This warms my life bar. But yes, sadly, I don’t blame you 🙁

    • Thanks dude!!! This warms my life bar. But yes, sadly, I don’t blame you 🙁

  • I have bf3 premium so aftermath woot, bought the new cod just out off curiosity and bought the new MoH
    What i am looking forward to is Moh.
    Go Moh Long live intense infantry fights!

  • B

    Where is Planetside 2?

  • So good. BF will continue to be my fave with the more relaxed environment and diverse options. If I want to sit on a hill and pick folks off for an hour, great. If I want to run and gun, no sweat. It’s just all there…In every game….