MP Talk – E3 2014 Edition: Our Thoughts, Winners, and Losers

Thanks for tuning in to our special E3 2014 edition of MP Talk.

We discuss our thoughts on the entirety of the event and decide upon some of the most stand-out announcements, reveals, trailers, and press conferences. We also dive in to what we’re most anticipating moving in to the remainder of 2014 and into 2015.

Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. What were the most exciting moments? Who “won” E3 2014 in your eyes?

If you’re a bit hazy on what went on, you can always catch up on our E3 2014 coverage by visiting our dedicated page.

In addition, catch our thoughts on our date with Destiny, along with YouTube personalities ReadyUpLive and Drift0r, where we talk about our late night party with developers from the Bungie team.

Lastly, below are a few screens captured from outside and inside the E3 2014 grounds at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Enjoy, and see you next year at E3 2015!

  • marpla78

    No Division pics David? 🙁

    • It’s tucked in there! (I didn’t snap nearly as many pics as I wanted to / thought I did. I was also only on the floor for one day too.)

  • dieger

    Lately Destiny has been a loser 🙁

  • Call of Duty: It Is All About The Advanced Suit …

  • The Telephone Pole .

    Looking forward to CoD:AW, BF:H, Destiny, The Division. Not so much for No man’s Sky.

    • Paul Thomas

      I agree, although i’m a little cautious for The Division.

      • The Telephone Pole .

        You mean with what happened to Watch Dogs, right?

        • Paul Thomas

          Yea, I liked watchdogs but it had issues.

          • The Telephone Pole .

            Same. I have it and am halfway through. Graphics were okay for open-world standard. But still fun.

            • Paul Thomas

              I beat it and when you move past the story you suddenly start to see bits of Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed activities bleed through.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Ubisoft can get bent. If they just want to make console games thats fine. But showing off Watchdogs looking amazing, then deactivating setting and performance improvements is the worst thing I have ever know a Publisher do. Right now I hold EA in a higher regard than Ubi.

          • The Telephone Pole .

            Yes, very strange to see something like that happen with Ubisoft.

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  • Eric Gulve

    Great podcast 😀 It is nice to be able to “get to know” the people behind this site a bit more through video content like this! Since Homefront 2 scrapped MP for their release I will be looking towards Advanced Warfare as my PC shooter this year. I seems like Battlefield Hardline just doesn’t have that much longevity built into it, sadly.

  • awkenney

    I wish I had time to watch videos.

  • George

    I don’t really see how Sony at their conference was picking at Microsoft, the only time I can recall is when they reiterated that the PlayStation Camera has always been an optional peripheral and not forced. And was I the only who freaked out at the GTA V announcement plus the character save transfers even though I saw it from a mile away haha. Also PS4 also has BloodBorne as a new IP technically even though it might be similar to a Souls game.