MP Talk – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Discussion

In the latest episode of MP Talk, we continue the Medal of Honor: Warfighter discussion with our thoughts and impressions of Danger Close’s first and latest attempt at crafting a triple-A online multiplayer shooter experience.

We also discuss its controversial reception among the gaming community and other media and explain why we gave it the score we did. If you haven’t yet, make sure to catch our full Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer review below.


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Have a listen and, as usual, we want you guys to continue the discussion even further in the comments below. We’re excited to hear your thoughts!

  • I think its a good game but with some major bugs….if they address them swiftly then i think all will be ok.

  • I think its a good game, just need to iron out the rest of the wrinkles and it will be awesome…

    • Alkanida

      the game will never be awesome. it can only be good. maps remind me of look very bad…i cant believe that this is the same engine like bf3.

  • M27 IAR

    Do you guys think its a good idea for Danger Close to open up the full maps on most modes to help gain some different flanking routes and maybe cut down on spawn traps? Also, maybe they could space out the flags farther.

    PS3 player btw

    • I just find that some routes are misleading. You’ll start heading toward’s an objective, thinking it’s the best route, only to be blocked by something silly.

      But yes, opening up a few more routes here and there wouldn’t hurt.

      • M27 IAR

        That definitely happened to me on Shogore Valley at the North flag on Sector Control. They created these maps, let’s use them. I wonder if that’s something they would consider if the idea got steam.

  • Just a word of wisdom that might help you in the future…I probably wouldn’t review a game I had helped in the development process. During the podcast David came out and said that he was working with Danger Close doing some play testing feedback, some people might take that as a conflict of interest. I really don’t think play testing had any impact on your review but others could. Maybe let your partner review the games that you had a hand in helping develop, just a suggestion. Keep up the great work MP1ST, I love reading and listening to you guys.

    • It’s all good. It’s known by now that I play tested a couple days in MoHW, mainly as a chance to preview the game. In fact, I think it added to the review not in a sense of bias but in a sense of experience. I got to sink some serious hours into the multiplayer on top of what I’ve played since release. It’s a LOT more than some other sites have been able to sink into it, which is why I would hope that our review is actually less-biased and more fair overall.

      Plus, I had to review it. To quote Mass Effect’s Mordin, “someone else might have gotten it wrong.”

      • rd_man

        not to nitpick, but are you sure you didnt get it wrong? It is silly to say that being a playtester didnt affect your view of the game. Do you think it is a little odd that your review is basically the only positive review of this game anywhere?
        What a great shooter comes down to is 3 important things 1) map design 2) weapon balance and 3) logical/rewarding leveling system

        the only note MOHW hits is the weapons, which feel solid. Maps are terrible, and a cluster****, leveling and class customization are very disappointing.

        I could go on, but there really is no point. MW3 has bad maps and it was bad game. this game has worse maps; you really dont need to go further than that, and I wouldnt make excuses for danger close, this being there first outing. There is no excuse for a game to be this buggy and half baked on launch. This is my last MOH game until they show they can hang with DICE.

        What is most telling is that journalists didnt get review copies of this until launch day; even EA didnt think the game was good.

  • Boomee

    I am absolutly enjoyting this game as a former soilder and a gamer thank you danger close you did me proud

  • Delta8A

    guys, seriously, am i the only one who wants FoV changer in this game?????? I mean – tell me! i’m ready!

    • I hear ya. You know, on YouTube, looks up something like “How to Change your FOV in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.” I saw a video of a guy who figured it out on PS by tweaking some game files. Can’t remember exactly who it was though. Hope that helps.

      • Delta8A

        i want Danger Close to include it…. well

        • Yeah I know what you mean. Shouldn’t have to tweak game files to accomplish it.

  • Realy

    I enjoy mohw now and again some lagg issues but could be server updates. Nice to see the campers made it into game for kill streaks people think this is cod. Gfx are abit ps2 for my liking but never the less an ok game.

  • aaron

    I heard the podcast so thanks for that. I’ve only played the beta (I plan on buying the game) but I think MOH: Warfighter (maybe) took a hit because:
    a) BF3 was pretty successful and still draws a lot of attention.
    b) The original MOH multiplayer was a total failure.

    That’s just my theory. Either way, Warfighter is more fun than the MW3 shenanigans

    • tango down

      Your theory is obscene, devoid of substance. Read the reviews to enlighten your mind.

  • 559

    damn why are BF/MOH fanboys get so mad lol butthurt cause Black Ops 2 is going to kill this game and battlefield

  • QuackPack4

    I think this game is great but for a couple things. The maine thing is chatting online. No one can talk to each other during multiplayer. Only after the games can you talk to eachother. I need to be able to talk to my team/ fireteam buddy during play so we can communicate. Another problem is there are obsticales I cant go over or go on top of like a grass mound that was 3 feet high in the jungawan jungle or what ever its called I want to be able to go over more things or snipe from better areas.finally, my game keeps freezing during mulitplayer, that needs to be fixed. I love this game and want to keep playing it but please fix the voice chat for mutiplayer.I want to be able to talk during play not after! oh and one more thing for next years MOH dont go too futuristic like all these other games (COD BO2) and also make more things blow up and tear apart like in Battlefield 3. good work on the game though,very addicting.