MP1st Respawns – Welcome to MP1st 2.0!

Established back in 2011, MP1st was the go-to place for everything multiplayer. Whether you were a Call of Duty or Battlefield fan, you wanted a more co-op slanted affair to multiplayer, MP1st had you covered. However, in case you haven’t noticed, MP1st has been in — for lack of a better term — limbo for months now. Sure, there’s the sporadic update here and there, but for the most part, it has remained dormant since early last year.

Well, things are about to change starting today! As of this moment, MP1st has new people at the helm — and new owners! Starting the MP1st revolution is me, Alex Co, former MP1st contributor (years, and years ago!) and someone whom you might know (or not know) from my previous gigs over at Pixel Enemy, PlayStation LifeStyle, The Escapist Magazine, Gameranx and more. I’ll be taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief of MP1st! 

Joining me will be none other than Mack Ashworth, multimedia savant whom I’ve worked with at Pixel Enemy and PlayStation LifeStyle. Mack will be the Managing Editor of MP1st moving forward. 

Speaking of Pixel Enemy, you might have noticed that the popular YouTube channel now has a permanent residence over here on MP1st’s front page, and there’s a reason for that as well. With Pixel Enemy now owned by both Mack and I, we’ve decided to integrate the YouTube channel with MP1st to not only help each other up, but to cater to everyone’s different gaming tastes.

What will change for MP1st’s respawn? Expect a lot more updates moving forward! From daily multiplayer news, game and hardware reviews, features, guides, videos and more! We’re giving MP1st (and Pixel Enemy) our full attention and years of experience working in games media. Expect more first-person shooter news, more stuff covering eSports and sports games — if it has a multiplayer component, we’re down to covering it!

We want to thank David Veselka and Fahed Jaradat for the trust they’ve given us to allow us to takeover and make MP1st our own. Don’t be surprised to see former MP1st contributors make an appearance here and there in the future, even!

You can email us directly for any suggestions, comments, or you can also tweet us via the official MP1st Twitter, Facebook or to our own personal Twitter accounts (Alex, Mack). Expect the site to undergo a few tweaks here and there when it comes to functionality and appearance over the coming days and weeks!

  • Good luck, guys!

    • Mack Ashworth


  • Den

    Siiiiccck. Can’t wait to read this website again! 😀

    • Mack Ashworth

      Boiiiiii, word!

  • LET MP1ST RISE AGAIN!!! I loved this place back in 2011-2013. I freakin LIVED on the forums, checking it as regularly as I check twitter nowadays lol. The banter was so good, even in the dying days when there was only like six of us.
    I wish you all the best, and if you can start pumping out (quality) news at the same rate as sites like ICXM or OnMSFT, then I’m sure the audience will return. Good luck!

    • Mack Ashworth

      We shall do our darnedest! Thanks!

    • Mitch


  • Can’t wait to argue with all of you in the comments section like a normal commenter about why Call of Duty: Ghosts is the best Call of Duty and why Xbox is waayyyy better than PlayStation or PC. Bring it on Barry Harden.

    • Mack Ashworth

      I think I gave Ghosts a 6/10 on Pixel Enemy back in the day. Ahh well, our friendship was great while it lasted!

    • jordanxbrookes

      Ghosts is still great even to this day 😛

  • jameslara
    • Mack Ashworth

      I *TOLD* Alex that there might already be a “2.0” etc. Balls!

      • James is just bitter. Has been since I adopted him as a child.


    It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve posted here. Good luck with the future guy’s

    • Mack Ashworth

      Thank you, and welcome back!

  • Jamie McDonald

    Sad to see you go David, good luck to the new team. Looking for new writers?

  • Retro

    Cool, hopefully old staff doesn’t include Alex Difiori.

  • Suicidal1

    This is great news, this was my go to place for MP gaming info. Welcome back MP1ST, I’ve missed you.

    • Mack Ashworth

      Thanks, and welcome back!

  • Just saying

    It’s been a long time since I last posted a comment here. I really loved this website back in the day and now, seeing it coming back gives me huuuuuuuuuuge excitement.

    • Mack Ashworth

      Welcome back! And I’m excited, too!

  • Valter Pires

    @@Mister_V:disqus how you doing bud? Damn long time no talk huh? ahahaha

    Please bring back the forums, miss that.

    Also bought a PS4, make sure to add me there: ValtermcPires

    • Retro

      I miss the forums. At least bring in a Discord channel.

      • Mack Ashworth

        Talking to Alex about Discord noooow!

    • Doin great, bud. Thanks for the thoughts! I’m sure these guys will get something more community-based up and running soon. I’ll be there too 🙂

    • niosus

      Sorry I killed of the forums all those years ago 🙁 They were a security time bomb with the old Xenforo version we used, and I couldn’t update it because that broke everything. Putting them offline before the eventual hacker got in, served malware and stole personal data seemed like the best option.

  • jj16802

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve commented here! Good luck with new content guys!

    • Mack Ashworth

      Welcome back, and thank you!

  • Retro

    Return of the forums would be great, or a Discord channel.

    Funny this came up in my Facebook feed today, I had just removed my bookmark, thinking it was over. Time to add it back.

    • Mack Ashworth

      Looking into Discord now! (And thanks for re-adding it!)

      • Retro


    • Discord definitely part of the plan. We’re just sorting a ton of technical stuff since we’re adding and tweaking the site a bit. 🙂

  • yowzagabowza

    I don’t even like MP but I’m down to support anything and everything Alex Co does. Mack being here is icing on the cake!

    • Mack Ashworth

      Icing is good with me!

    • Man, you making me blush! 😀

      • yowzagabowza

        I’m glad to see the positive replies in this thread. I’m really pulling for you guys!

  • Craig

    Great News! MP1st was always my Go To site for the latest news I cared about! Thank you to David for getting this all started and thank you to Alex and Mack for taking the reins!