Rumored MW3 Killstreaks

Here are the Killstreaks that were featured in the trailer:

Sentry Gun (Looks more powerful than the ones in MW2 and Black Ops)

Predator Missile (Hopefully, this means there are no Valkyrie Rockets in MW 3) 

Attack Dogs (with explosives)

Pave Low (It didn’t fire in the trailer, but on the map it had the same look.)

AC 130 (You can see it raining down hell at 1:11)

These are the ones that were in the trailer, but the multiplayer will have more killstreaks.

Killstreaks that will likely be back in MW3, but weren’t featured in the trailer:

UAV/Spy Plane

Counter UAV/Spy Plane

Airstrike/Mortar Team

Care Package

Attack Helicopter

Chopper Gunner 
I liked the MW2 version of the Chopper better. If you liked Black Ops’ version, let me know why in the comments section.

It’s Official: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Explosives Do Less Damage.

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  • CoD Sucks

    is everyone excited about mw2.5??? what a joke

    • Infinity Ward hasn’t even revealed the multiplayer, so let’s reserve judgement on whether it’s 2.5 or not. 😉

    • Alan

      Even if it will be MW2.5, MW2 was a great game but with some faults that ruined everything good about it.

      Its because of the mindset that you have that companies ruin a game series. Stop asking for companies to change things for the sake of change rather than changing something that’s fine the way it is.

      I’d rather have one perfect game without all of the obvious design flaws that used to be fine but got changed, rather than a string of 5 mediocre games that if you take out the flaws and combine the good aspects of them, you would have made a great game.

      Modern Warfare (CoD4) and World at War (CoD5) were amazing games that just about everyone loved. Instead of building off of those we got MW2 with unbalanced maps and class options, and Black Ops with loads of little new things but barely felt like a serious Call of Duty game (in my opinion), and other obvious flaws.

      So once again, I’d rather have “MW2.5” rather than “MW3: A bunch of shitty new stuff with all the old flaws, but don’t worry, it has a new coat of paint and a pretty little bow to look nice so you’ll buy it”.

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  • adam

    It was mw 2.5

    • Goldensgods

      IT WAS FUCKING SHIT ( time travels the comment back to 2011 )

  • James K

    Nice first article…