MW3 Didn’t Copy BF3, What Brings Fans Back to CoD, and more – Sledgehammer Games On MW3

For those of you who think that only Infinity Ward and Treyarch work on the Call of Duty franchise, you should know that Sledgehammer Games are developing Modern Warfare 3 side by side with Infinity Ward. Today, we have found some interesting things that Glen Scholfield and Michael Condrey, the co-founders of Sledgehammer Games, said about Modern Warfare 3.

When a fan claimed that Modern Warfare 3 is copying Battlefield 3, Scholfield answered “We (the people behind MW3) haven’t copied BF3 at all. No need to and never seen much of it. We’re making the sequal to MW2, that’s what we look at.” Of course, MP1st’s loyal readers might recall that Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has only played about an hour of Battlefield 3 and loved it.

On another note, in a recent interview with NowGamer, when asked about the competition with the Battlefield 3, Condrey explained that he shares Eric Hirshberg’s thoughts, which you can find here. He went on to  shed some light on what brings gamers back to Call of Duty by stating“It (Call of Duty) is fun, it’s fast, it’s 60 frames per second.” He explained “what 60 fps mean is it feels smooth, you’re in the action right away.” He ended his point with “I think that’s what’s been bringing fans back time and time again to Call of Duty.”

When asked, on twitter, on whether the premium Elite service has anything to do with Dedicated servers on PC. Condrey reassured that “(dedicated servers are) free to all PC. Independent of Elite.” 

Are you excited for Modern Warfare 3? Is it the only mp game you’re buying this holiday season? Please let us know in the comments’ section below.

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  • taker

    I’m a PC gamer and I’m going to be playing BF3 at beyond 60 fps…now what Sledgehammer?

    • Not everyone is as luck as you. My PC can’t run BFBC2 let alone BF3. I wish I can experience Battlefield 3 on PC. 🙁

    • Traumah

      The funny thing about your comment is, beyond 60 fps isn’t anything you’ll notice with the human eye.

  • Joe

    MW3 and the whole CoD franchise is all rehash Garbage, i hope Battlefield woops its ass.

    • I beg to differ. Look at MW2 and Black Ops, each has its own strengths and flaws. Just one example, MW2 opened up the killstreak system to have more than just the standard 3. Black Ops brought more balanced perks and theatre mode to the table.

      P.S. I’m buying both MW3 and BF3. I enjoy both series for different reasons.

    • Nazreth187

      But BF3 wont “whoop” its ass, because MW3’s marketing is beyond what anyother game out there is. MARKETING is key. and since people where hooked onto CoD4, as soon as they marketed MW3 with CoD4 features, people where hooked….

    • StainleSs

      I think your wrong on that. Trayarch is the only garbage around the cod franchise. only good thing they ever had is Zombies. THAT”S IT!. Connection is the worste

    • dakan45

      LOL go to google and type “history of battlefield delta gamer”

      That article proves bf is far mroe recycled than cod.

      Bf3 wont touch cod, in any case cod is the better game.

      • JVC

        In any case cod is a better game?!?! In any case you must be stupid, blind, or mentally challenged. I laugh at how stupid your comment is

        • RandomBoner

          Thank you, finally somone who agrees with my view on Dakan45! A babbling bafoon

  • Drew

    No one gives a flying fuck about MW3.

    • YesSir

      Why do you come here and make such comment then? =D I always will say, there aren’t stupid comments, there are stupids who comment.

      • YesSir, thanks for addressing that stupid comment. You are a GoodSir.

    • dakan45

      right just like mw2 that has reached 22 million sales now and black ops has reached 25 million while your shitty bc2 is about 6 millions.

      Bf3 wont be able to touch mw3 which will have about triple the sales, i wonder if all those millions are no one.

      For one, I dont give a flying crap about shittyfied 3

  • Monkeyzking

    That’s funny Drew. Last time I checked, the last three Call of Duty games were the most sold games of their years, and Gamescom has 3 hour lines for MW3. Plus CoD XP is coming. Then we’ll see how many people give “a flying fuck” about MW3. If no one shows up, I’ll eat myself.

    • S3RK

      My god, 3 HOUR LINES? Holy shit.
      Did you know that BF3 had 9 HOUR LINES?????!?!??!!?
      Yes that’s right, 9 hours my friend. Also one of the hardcore BF fans was first in-line at gamescom and played it for the whole 15 minutes, he then proceeded to run back to the end of the 9 hour line.
      Yes CoD was the most sold over the few past years, because we were always promised a fucking amazing game which turned out to be horrifically shit. (Take Black Ops on launch for example, lag for the whole fucking week until they updated it). If the CoD series was to have a beta pre-launch I would love to see how many sales get dropped.

    • Cory Dobak

      Chevy Cavaliers are among the most sold cars in America, doesn’t represent the quality…

      Sales != Quality

    • Eric

      3 hours is long but that is nothing compared to the 7-12 hour lines that were reported at Gamescom for BF3, haha. I will be getting both games by the way, I am just more excited for BF3 by far.

  • Joel

    What brings fans back to CoD? It’s easy? that was a simple question/answer.

  • swindle

    MW3 is the same game engine as MW2, thus is the same as MW. Basically, this shit is a re-skin fail, and all they are doing is cashing in on hype. You wanna keep forking out for devs who just re-skin and re-name a game? LOL go hard, support them. Have them keep ripping you morons off blind. Like taking candy from a baby.

    BF3 will not roll this game. No sir. BF3 is simply so vastly superior it doesn’t even compete in the same re-hash league as this MW1.3 garbage does.

    • Dranx

      Want to know something funny? The CoD engine (IW3 Engine) has NEVER changed. Ever since the origing CoD1 (released in 2003), they’ve been using the same engine. Want to know something even funnier? The IW3 engine is simply a modified version of the Quake 3 engine… What a load of shit.

      • swindle

        You know what?

        That is funny. Its even funnier then I realised! Hahaha hope they enjoy the re-hash garbage. No,seriously, I hope so. I pray they do. That way, all the morons can go play MW3, and they’ll stay well clear of BF3. I don’t want the type of people who play and enjoy MW3 on the battlefield with me. Those fools will get me killed in a second.

    • dakan45

      No sir you are an IDIOT

      mw3 is NOT a re skin, they changed the unlock system, balanced the gameplay, no commando or last stand, reduced explosion damage the killstreaks team based. So i ask you, how its the same game when it plays nothing like it?


      Also your shitty bf3 is the SAME FUCKING GAME but with better graphics. Nothing new, superior my ass.

      • Anon

        **All those changes that they maded in the MW3( like balancing, new maps, some new weapons, etc… ) they could apply that in BlackOps already, or even in MW2 thru updates and free dlcs.

        BUT THEY SAW THAT ARE MANY FOOLS THAT GIVE THEM THE MONEY FOR A COMPLETELY ALMOST UNCHANGED GAME( with slighty changes ) ! So you fools who wants to buy mw3, you’ll spend k of dollars on a game updated only with “DLCs”, THATS ALL IN THE “NEW” MW3! NO graphics, the SAME action, SAME GUNS like in BO and MW2, SAME ranking, Slighty perks and killstreaks easily changed that could be changed in a update too, SAME SHIT, in other words

        But thats the world we live in 🙁 poor kids, wake UP! Don’t spend 70$ on the same game slighty changed every year !

  • Landshark

    Of course it’s going to run at 60 fps , there using an old school modded quake 4 engine. What I think is wicked is that there able to sell a game at full price using this, it’s going to be like printing money.

    • dakan45

      Ofcourse you are a fucking idiot, tis a moded idtech 3, but looks NOTHING LIKE IT, all you kids pretend you know shit about gamedevelopment, pfff, you have no idea how upgraded the engine is.

      Infact by that logic assasin creed uses “just” an old unreal engine and not a highly modified version.

      Suprisingly mw3 looks better than rage that also runs on 60 fps.

      • Landshark

        That’s why assassins creed looks like a second gen 360 game , and MW3 looks better then rage are you fucking retarded kid , don’t go off about people not knowing anything about game development if you don’t know the tech behind it, remember these are the days of the internet so when you says something like that people can find out if your full of shit or not!

  • ZeroOnyx

    I for one prefer MW over BF for multiple reasons which I won’t get into due to too many ignorant comments. @Swindle: Perhaps if you stop crying over BF like a baby with ADHD and use this time to get better at it, you won’t die so quickly. you obviously need improvement if you “die in seconds.” Before you start throwing a tamtrum about how godly you are on BF (ADHD), a good player does well despite the abilities of his team. People really need to stop comparing these two games, the only true similarity between them is their genre. I do hope to get BF but reading these comments has lowered my desire to even try it.

    • RandomBoner

      You sir, make me lol…. so effing hard! 1. He wasnt saying he dies in seconds, he said he WILL die in seconds if he has teamates, who, judging from your comment, are like you. 2. It is ridiculous how you can say he, as a BF player has ADHD. I don’t understand how a mature adult without something like ADHD can play a game like COD. You need to think and plan in BF. TBH, i would say running around with dual wield bullshit etc etc, is ADHD. 3. And finally, ‘a good player does well despite the abilities of his team’, That my friends is testament to the fact that ZWROONYX has never played a BF game is his life. He doesn’t understand teamwork and never will. One good player will never do well by himself in BF, Never! And to summarise, you sir are a moron, Who plays cod and should do us a favour and continue playing at your wondourous 60 fps because you would fail so hard in BF.

      • dakan45

        AAHHAAHAH nice one kid, how the hell can you fail hard at bf? All you do its go together. Infact it has no solo achievement one man cant change anything in such a big game, you could be topscorer and your team STILL lose or be at the bottom and your team win.

        Enjoy playing a game that your personal skill doesnt impact on the game, might as well admit you SUCK at fps and that you need help to stand a change in a game.

        • RandomBoner

          That was exactly my point moron. Re-read the comment i was replying to and then read my comment. O and i have a 4.00 win/lose and a 2.29 kill/death ratio, i.e, i dont suck at fps.p.s i dont really understand what you were trying to convey. please go to an english class and re-post……

          • RandomBoner

            O sorry, now i understand your abomination of a comment. Your hating on BF because you think it doesn’t matter if you are good or bad. Teamwork requires everyone to work as a team(obviously). That is the nature of a teamplay oriented game like BF. Don’t talk about what you don’t understand. and don’t be such a COD fanboy. P.S I’m not being a fanboy, I’m stating facts as a gamer who has logged hundreds of hours on each game, but obviously prefers BF.

          • dakan45

            In other words your point is that you cant FAIL in battlefield. Nice one, keep proving how scared your bf players are and cant play for shit Then its cod that is the problem not that you suck at it.

            Next time remember that its YOU who is the idiot and cant understand english you dumb shit

    • Landshark

      your thinking of not trying a game because of random net trolls, dude you should just red box it for a couple of days, so you can make sure it’s worth your 70 bucks

  • RandomBoner

    I apologise, i mispelled your name, ZeroOnyz

  • CoD Sucks

    I will not be buying mw2.5. sorry, i like realism in the games i play

    • dakan45

      How the fuck is it mw2.5 when the gameplay is the exact opposite of mw2? Please kid learn some shit before showing how fucking clueless you cod haters are.

      • RandomBoner

        O man Dakan45, i just read your previous comments. Please grow up you immature little baby. How can you possibly say BF3 is a re-hash and MW3 isn’t. Just please explain to me what COD has that Battlefield doesn’t besides your awesome trump card.(60fps). yes, COD is faster paced but you know what, that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

        MW3 has: 5-6 hour campaign, run and gun multiplayer, co-op, killstreaks, no destruction supposedly more balanced perks. Correct me if there’s more but i cant think of anything else

        BF3 has: 12 hour campaign, realistic classbased sandbox style multiplayer, co-op, micro+macro destruction, 20+ vehicles, most of which are a game in themselves to use and master,i can go on…………

        • dakan45

          actually, the longer sp campaign of bf will be pretty bad as it is evident that all bf campaigns have been in the past while cod is beter at campaigns.

          Destruction is fucking overatted, you put to much emphasis on that. Take a look at red faction armagedon, it had destruction which was lightyears superior to bc2, but that didnt change much. I seriously doubt that if bc2 did not have destruction it will by significanlty worse. Actually it might have been better because you can take cover from the tanks when you reload for the third time rather being blown to hell by those overpowered and bulletproof noob-cars with a super noobtube mounted on top.

          As for how bf3 is more rehashed?

          What exactly is new on bf3?

          The gameplay is the same as bc2 but with the amout of players/vehicles and jets as bf2.

          So what is new?

          64 players and jets, bf2

          Not new/

          Guns? are from bf2,and bc2.

          The design of the weapons, the hud, the weapon customization menus are from moh.

          So what exactly is new in the game? Its the same generic modern war vehicle based game we played for so many years but it has better graphics,that is all.

          On the other hand mw3 might have graphics close to mw2 but the gameplay is the exact opposite, all those things you complained about mw2 and preferd cod4 more are gone, essentially the GAMEPLAY is diffirent from the previous games.

          So it cant be mw2.5 if it doesnt play like mw2 but the exact opposite.

        • ZeroOnyx

          I was just on and found a rather interesting article you BF flamers should read pertaining to length of BF3’s single player campaign. For those claiming the campaign is 12 hours (or more) I offer a small clip from the article:
          DICE have revealed the length of the single-player campaign in Battlefield 3 will be “slightly longer” than Modern Warfare 2’s – but they’d “rather have six hours of awesome than 12 hours of “meh”.
          I agree 6 hours of awesome is better, however, you BF flamers have been screaming about how 12 hours of meh is better than CoD’s 6 hours of awesomeness so Iwas compelled to share this:D

          • RandomBoner

            Please explain to me where in these comments have i flamed. I’ve stated facts and my opinions in a mature manner, and i corrected the way you twisted a person’s words. regarding the article, i also only figured this out today. I’m afraid i had read early on that the campaign would be longer and i apologise for my incorrect information. but please, do not say i flame when you said crap about a person’s skill which was completely irrelevant to his comment

        • ZeroOnyx

          Iwas just on and found an interesting article you BF flamers should read pertaining to the length of BF3’s single player campaign. For those claiming the length of BF3 ‘s single player campaign is 12 hours (or more) I submit a small clip from the article:
          DICE have revealed the length of the single-player campaign in Battlefield 3 will be “slightly longer” than Modern Warfare 2′s – but they’d “rather have six hours of awesome than 12 hours of “meh”.
          I agree 6 hours of awesome is better, however, you BF flamers have been screaming about how 12 hours of meh is better than CoD’s 6 hours of awesomeness so I was compelled to share this 😀

          • RandomBoner

            Double posts won’t get you more attention……..

  • gmk120

    lol at all these nerds with no life fighting for games, haha what a pathetic bunch of no life kids…

    • Landshark

      Hey your the one reading all of it, lolz

  • Kiaokenmaster

    I’m tired of battlefield fan boys trolling! It’s fucking ridiculous like everything you see on the comments for a mw 3 video is some battlefield fanboy saying “Lawlz i <3 battlefield and mw 2.5 sucks dickzzzzzzzz" Well here is what i have to say is. 1. The reason I stopped playing battlefield bad company is that everyone i played with was a vehicle whore who would teamkill me for a vehicle, but besides that i had some fun where i wasn't being raped by a team of people with vehicles and guys with the repair tool, I would then try and snipe them but the second i killed one of them 20 more would pop up and rape me, but thats more of my teams fault. 2. MW 2.5 will still be fun as fuck just like mw2. 3.The engine is not the same thats like saying HIV and HIS (I think its called) are the same damn disease. 4. (Personal favorite) The perks and killstreaks, the game rewards me for doing good. 6. The whole CoD has no teamwork arguement!!! is bullshit i get my friends and we work in a team and do dominate. 7.I am tired of DICE and EA talking shit….. its so childish

  • Zach

    EA suck’s dick. enjoy paying for your online passes. I was gonna get BF3, but after how big of a bunch of dipshit’s there fans, and CEO is, not anymore. Dead island ftw.

  • Landshark

    Ya no I don’t think where ever going to have a strait up decent conversation, cuz every time someone points out a great part of ether game people seem to get the back up about it! I say we settle on the ideal that both games are going to be great, weather you like one or the other or both , I think we can all agree that the upcoming holidays are going to be a great time for gamers!!

  • ZeroOnyx

    you are hilarious, being a BF fanboy doesn’t make anyone have ADHD, but the way you freaks spaz out in these forums is proof enough more than one of you have ADHD.
    P.S. I own BF 1 & 2, however unless you party up there is no “teamwork”, at least in CoD you find strangers who will work together to win.
    regardless both games will sell well, and i’ll never be stuck with you BF flamers on my team.
    Have a great day 😀

  • Pzizzler

    New stuff in Battlefield 3

    •The game looks fantastic. Runs smooth, the lighting and details, the shadows are spectacular, whether indoor or outside. We dunno what hardware it was running on, but BF3 is absolutely gorgeous.
    •After you die, a screen pops up that shows the custom dog tag and rank of the enemy that killed you — great little detail.
    •Teams were USMC and Russians.
    •Prone is back, it feels like it takes a second or so to go prone. Not too fast, not too slow, just right.
    •The map offered a lot of variety: you can enter lots of buildings, go up to the second floor, camp etc. We already saw a few campers who loved the new buildings.
    •Destruction is extensive and a lot more detailed. Even shooting a wall looks amazing in BF3.
    •Weapons feel and sound like Bad Company 2 (on first impression), meaning they feel and sound fantastic.
    •Player animations are far better than Bad Company 2 and other Battlefield games. Very fluid and lifelike, almost as if you are watching someone run in real life.
    •The scoreboard looks a lot simpler than in Bad Company 2. We dunno if it was finalized or just alpha.
    •We had a few awards pop up during the game (ribbons) which looked a lot like those in BF2.
    •No commo rose. It wasn’t bound to the “Q” button. We looked, couldn’t find it anywhere.
    •You can op-out of being revived.
    •There is a health bar, but regenerative health is back.
    •You can select fire mode (e.g. single shot, full auto etc.)
    •4 players per squad, squad leader is indicated by a star. Squads work pretty much like in Bad Company 2, and you still get squad point bonuses.
    •In support, you can use an M4 with a flashlight.
    •You can mount LMGs on the ground and on most surfaces, but the gun can only pan approximately 90 degrees to left and right, which feels realistic

    thats just a particle on the colossus amount of content in BF3 so little kid do your homework and BTW

    COD4 = RUN N GUN
    What do you think MW3 is going to be??????
    heres and (ex of different players) COD= (i get a kill) COD player: OMG kill steal i was going to 360 back flip quick scope him you haxor ect ect
    BF=(i get a kill) BF player= thanks for getting my back bro now lets go arm that objective!!

  • Pzizzler


    Character movement is the same engine used in FIFA 12

  • Pzizzler

    *Also 50+ unlockable weapons

    40+ unlockable weapon attachments including 12 optics

    20+ vehicles including 3 jets and 4 helicopters

    and to diss Call of Dooty: Money Wasted 3 one more time why are developers being gutless and hiding in the corner and not releasing any info on weapons? perks? god forbbid vehicles? Kill streaks? and the list goes on cant defend your game when you dont what your game is.

  • Pzizzler

    AAAANNNDDD the reason COD MW3 will sell well is because all the little kids whom like to teeth on their microphones are having their parents buy it at the crack of dawn just to return befor the week is out.

  • Pzizzler


    6) Helicopters

    4)Jets ill keep you posted 🙂

    Why Get A Kill-Streak When You Can Be The Kill-Streak

    • Kiaokenmaster

      I like ow the guy above you finishes the arguement by saying both games are great then you run your mouth trying to get the last wod this forum is dead dude

  • Kiaokenmaster

    Fuck my keyboard how* word*

  • Pzizzler

    i wasnt keeping up the argument and this isnt about both games its about what game is going to be better and im just posting my peice.

    if this fourm is dead then why are you here?

  • Kiaokenmaster

    >.< Agian it's obvious your a teenager, you have to get the last word, now im gouing to let you run your mouth after I post this just because I know your to immature to let it go. 🙂

  • Kimmy

    hahahahah the comments are way better than the article itself! But in all honesty though what I’ve seen in trailers so far MW3 seems to be the same with a few updates here and there. which is not bad, because COD is pretty fun sometimes but I prefer not paying 60 bucks for a few updates, just like the map packs for black ops were rediculously priced, I got them only for the zombie maps though. While BF3 looks like awesomesauce, enough said. 🙂

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