MW3 Patch 1.08 Notes – Shotgun Tweaks, Theater Improvements, Akimbos Nerfed

In an interview with the guys over at Machinima Respawn, Modern Warfare 3’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, detailed exactly what was included in the latest patch, 1.08, now live on the Xbox 360 and soon to be on the PlayStation 3 and PC.


“Nerfed the Striker a little bit, buffed the rest of the shotguns.” When it comes specifically to the Striker, Bowling mentioned that they “reduced the amount of pellets it used. So, right now, all the shotguns should be 9 pellets and the striker’s 6 pellets.” They also “slightly reduced spread and damage” of the Striker.


“We also nerfed Akimbos across the boards. So, not just FMG9’s but Akimbos across the board should have a lower fire-rate now.”


“A ton of theater improvements and fixes” also made it into the patch. “So, if anybody was having trouble viewing their clips, or getting error 7 or getting the black screen stuff – all of that stuff should be gone.” Bowling also added that “YouTube uploads should be 100 times faster than they were when we launched now,” or at least “it’s nearly 100 times faster, just under 100 times.”


Also included were “more tweaks to lag compensation, or host advantage.” Now, it “should be better when you’re host, if you have a fast connection.” Also, “there’s general network improvements that we did,” as well as some “bug fix stuff.” Unfortunately, no specifics were given regarding bug fixes. Bowling also mention that there was some improvements made to the “banning stuff.” It also goes without saying that support for the new maps were also included in this patch.

To be added tonight:

Bowling recently announced that maps would be receiving more “weight” tonight, meaning that they would show up more often in the map rotation.

Update 1 (more on bugs):

Bowing recently added these notes to the official Call of Duty forums:

Networking enhancements, Theater improvements and fixes, Further improvements to “Host Disadvantage” / “Lag Comp”, Increased speed of YouTube uploads from 32k to 256k, Nerf to all Akimbo weapons (reduced fire rate), Shotgun re-balance (Slight nerf to Striker, slight buff to all other shotguns), Fix that prevents some users from not receiving their prestige token after prestiging, fix stat bug that retains “games played” stat across prestiges.

Update 2 (Hotfix):

Bowling has stated that we should “expect a 50% decrease to the fire rate of all Akimbo weapons in MW3. We’re doing a hotfix tonight to properly nerf them.”

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the details regarding the patch.

  • Omega_trigun

    I love how vague they are about changes. They hardly ever say what changed, and when they do they never give solid numbers as to how much something changed, just that it was changed “slightly,” “somewhat,” etc.

  • Very good info on the patch, thanks.
    I wondered about the patches before I was following the blog here.

  • of course you do it AFTER your dlc is out -__-

  • Dimi M

    Also included were “more tweaks to lag compensation, or host advantage.” —-> Uhmmm… Host ‘advantage’? DISadvantage is more appropriate. Everytime when I am the host, I can hardly kill the weakest player in the field! I’m constantly playing like 0,5 seconds behind the rest… Although I think it’s the combination of being host and getting lag compensation. Anyway, I hope it’s fixed now!

  • Roger

    very upset. I had the striker golded, I cannot afford the fast internet so this is the gun I have to use to get around this problem. Sometime on red dot it takes three shot point blank range.

     Now Bowling is giving the Host an extra buff as well. Bowling does not realise i paid money for the game as well, and i do not appreciate having my only playable gun, the striker can win close range, taken off me. He is a fucking wanker as far as i am concerned. i am sooo angry. Why not take the type 95 off the low ping speed internet players.

    what a fucking wanker, to all the spoiled brats with their expensive internet that screamed nerf the striker, fuck you too.

    • Isthisabademailname

      Maybe you shouldnt play online if you cant afford a decent connection, ever think of that? Go Play the campaign fool

    • Jdiggitty

      So you think developers are responsible for fixing your bad internet connection?

      • anon

         actually lag compensation in this game punishes people for having good internet to make it fair for people with bad internet. its the dumbest idea in a video game i have ever heard of. yet they did it.

    • OliHatesYou

      Wat a faggit, everyone hates striker! its O.P and skill-less, if u wanna play a game online live with wat 99.99% of the community wants and dont complain about the good stuuf they are finally doing!, this is a long awaited patch and it seems to have fixed every issue i had with tha game besides spawning, stop complaining!  or play on the wii. u seem the type.

      • “skill less”

        as opposed to the dramatic levels of skill required from other guns, with that whole , hold left trigger, than right trigger.
        for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you’re a fucking retard

  • Anonymous

    Lied about lag. In the very last game I played, I died 3x to the same player in 10 seconds. He was using a silenced Scar-L at a distance. Insta-died. I couldn’t even pull up my gun while he was running at me. Also, why would I spawn infront of the same player 3x in a row that fast? 

    What happened to the recent spawn logic hotfix?


      Good question about the spawn logic.  Its seems their last update to this worked for a very short time now its back to the same BS maybe even a little bit worse. I would rather have to run back into battle then get killed by the same guy I just killed.  Its never good to see their kill cam in your own. Why isnt there a 3-5 sec spawn delay for most game modes in core.  I feel like this would help allow you get cover and keep from the enemy spawning on you over and over until you die. And why cant I spawn in a building or near cover and not in the wide open most times?

      I feel like both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have had plenty of time to perfect this yet we are still left with the same non-sense game after game. 

      The spawns are still a top issue for me with the host-disadvantage taking second.  
      Fix your game Infinity Ward.  I know you know how many people bought this game and choose to put up with this. 

      • Anonymous

        Logic and Activision are words very rarely used in the same sentence…

    • Freeze142001

       yeah i spawned on a guy today who i got then he spawned on me and i died for the whole match it went on like it was just stupid

  • Is the voice chat on the PS3 ever going to be fixed?

    My group mostly uses Skype now. Also the random speaker max outs would be nice to have fixed.

    • Anonymous

      I thought that was just MY headphones.

      • Dude

        you dont have to post 2x

    • Anonymous

      I thought that was just MY headphones.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone knows or understands this it would be greatly appreciated.  They went over the basics of the patch notes wich is fine to me but!  What the heck is that little plus sign on a little human target next to peoples name when we join a game?  I never see one on me or anyone in my clan i am very confused does that mean they are in party chat? or does that mean something more significant.

    • RecoN Tex

      That means you are part of the same group in the Elite Application.

  • Sergeant_kelly26

    It turns out they got this horribly, horribly wrong. The akimbo machine pistols are shooting faster across the board. Also, the only shotguns that got upgraded were the USAS and KSG. Additionally, with extended mags removed, technically all other shotguns were nerfed.

    • Anonymous

      Experienced first hand, akimbo machine pistols are still over powered. You lose out even if you fire fist.
      Why is it in auto aim mode? Akimbos should be holstered down when not aiming or firing. This adds a significant advantage in chance encounters.

    • Noobishone

      So what is the betvshotgun to use now?

  • Unicarnage

    I might be one of the few people who care, but they also fixed having more than 5 custom classes when playing split screen online.

  • Eze1720

    when is the spawn trapping gonna get fixed i heard ppl will b banned for at least 2 days if their caught yet it’s always happening on dome and hardhat

  • LaViza

    I don’t really care about the lag.. JUST FIX THE GOD DAMN SPAWN SYSTEM. 

    This game is broken. Battlefield 3 is a way better & more fun game IMO. 
    Robert Bowling, fix yo sh*t. 

    • Laval

      BF3 sucks, its borderline broken

    • DonCrusher

      If you like bf3 better then why the fuck are you in this forum?! Feeling ignored? Mommy banging your uncle? Shut the hell up!

      • Jacob Greenleaf

        because he likes mw3 also………. some people get so defensive, your like apple fans..

      • Asdfas

         you know someone is a fucking fanboy when the don’t understand that people can like different games

  • Christer Trasti

    Well, I’m still going to keep my Network Emulator just in case. At home I have a 120MBps fibreoptic connection, and I’m selected as the host in approximately 97,9% of the games I play. The way I cancel out my huge disadvantages is by using a NetEm, and adding from 30-150 ms ping.

    And if I want I can opt out of the host selection by adding 300-500 ms of ping in the game lobby.

    IW really fucked up by implementing stupid treyarch tech from Black Ops. Idiots.

    • fixit

      dont blame treyarch for mw3 shortcomings. black ops plays great, yes it has issues like ghost pro and whatnot but mw3 is just a plain POS just like its better predecessor mw2

  • Bob

    Akimbos are now 50% slower wtf!!! Increasing the spread was fine now they just gonna suck. First they fuck up the pistols and rpgs now the akimbos too. Fuck mw3. Secondaries are a waste of space now, might as well just get rid if them and add more bullets to primary.

    • Anonymous

      Using my Overkill perk more now.

      At least those dual FMG9’s helped against the hilariously overpowered juggernauts, but you know, next they’ll put a few holes in a riot shield, make grenades a secondary weapon and throwing knives have splash damage…

      • fixit

        i take out juggernauts with the m4a1 so it’s not that hard. if you cant take him out then avoid him until you can. umadbro?

    • fixit

      yep umad

    • james

       secondary isn’t ment to be powerful that is why you can have the perk overkill to get two primary weapons

  • Snipemenow

    you’re all a bunch of whiners who simply suck at this game, if it was all up to lag compensation and connection, the difference between the stats of the worst and best player would be closer….at what point will you admit it’s your skill vs. their skill….if you suck or hate the game, don’t play it

    • Diogenes

      You’re in denial kid

    • fixit

      i accidentally like your comment so ignore that. lmao bye bye to to cheap akimbo kills hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i see the cheesers are getting mad as shit about their precious cheapkill weapons getting nerfed hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha my advice to you is the same thing you say  -get sum skill bro! lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Bigdavex

    What about the crap voice chat , bowling said that it would be sorted by january ……well guess what its nearly february and still every one sounds shit……..its no fun with out calling everyones mammas.

  • Johnsaunders99

    i cant view my videos in my theator

  • J0XUE

    Kill Streak Reward “EMP” now prevents players from viewing current score when the back/select button is pushed.
    More than 5 custom classes are now able to be chosen when playing split screen on Xbox Live Multiplayer.

  • Fharen

    How about they reduce the damage for some of the damn assault rifles instead. Honestly this is bull sh*t. They can lick my a** with there multi-billion dollar profit.

  • A_spons

    why nerf the fun weapons? damn you robert B… as soon as the patch is on the ps3 iam selling the game..

    fyi iam already 10th prestige and would normally buy all map packs….

    forget about that now

    • fixit

      balance equals fun for everyone, not just you

  • Austin

    I love how cocky people say umad bro, and people laughing at the fact how akimbos are changed, idgaf imma still use them, i love this game i don’t care what changes… if you cocky people and braggers do this shit in real life you’d keep your mouths close, but obviously your a no lifer 🙂 that’s all love this game :D!

    • e1reason


      • L2Spell


  • Machinima

    who here actually doesn’t give a fuck about the whiny little kids that suck shit at this game and glad they are actually trying to fix theatre, voice chat, nerf guns etc.

  • Dkonings999

    Fuck why don’t they just deleted akimbo it’s for nerds.

    • Freeze142001

      just put a shotty atachment on and blow them away it works for me

  • Gczuerich

    what about the riold shield? when do they fix the epic bug where the shield just disappears when throwink knife/concussion?

    • Travis_fuson69

      what do you want it to do magically go through the shield?

  • Nathanelias1991

    Fail. Akimbo FMG9’s are still over powered. Also, please unleash patch 1.09 soon because the ACR 6. 8 still needs to be nerfed a little. Please ban players from using marksman on AR’s. Delete the MP7 permanently. I dunno, just some thoughts of my own.

    • Reffkejonathan

      y r u such a little girl “ban people that beast on me” ? really ur a woman

      • Nathanelias1991

        It’s annoying when people use marksman on assault rifles. Marksman is a sniper rifle perk. stalker is more of a assault rifle perk. I was kidding when I suggested they get banned, I’m just trying to say that’s it is obnoxious when everyone seems to do it.

        • keys72

          use assassin pro… problem solved

          • Nathanelias1991

            I realize assassin pro solves the problem, but I don’t use it on every class. I either use assassin or quickdraw.

    • Mariok Garcia

      just cuz you are getting raped doesn’t mean u gotta change anything.   U probably just suk

    • Lol

      omg you little RAGE quiter try to be a bit better insted

  • MrMR

    How about nurfing the DEAD MAN’s HAND!?!?!?!? You guys said there would be no nuke and yet you give mini-nuke to players that sucks!!!!

    • Freeze142001

       no dead mans hand is useful you get people walking through a door murder your self near them easy multikill ive died on purpose to get it just to stop them coming through the tunnel on hard hat

  • Borderjumperpeteypablo

    Could you fix the weapon classes on two player online so we can use more than 5 of our classes?

  • anon

    it seams to me that the striker is stronger, my dual fmgs havent changed even a tiny bit, lag comp is just as bad, if not worse, grenades are even weaker than before,  honestly it seams like a wasted 5 minutes of downloading a patch that did nothing at all.

    • Travis_fuson69

      it took you 5 min O_o  it took me 2 seconds

  • anon

    never thought this game could be made worse, but somehow they did it. thank you activision for making it so much easier to switch back to black ups, and fuck you for the 110 dollars you robbed me on for this game and the elite sub. 

  • Patryczek11

    Omfg tday i played demoolitinon n some guy killed me 4 times in qo sec wtf it was lockdown

  • Patryczek11

    10* seconds

  • Patryczek11

    N he was using fmg9 akimbo damn this gun i got killed like 500 times wit this wep tday just remove akimbo from it

  • Strikergimp

    So which is te best shotgun to use right now? The striker has become useless.

  • col-bason

    They should fix the damn spawns. They are pathetic. 

  • Iamafroking

    i dont care what they say about what they did. i know they fucked up the type 95 more, it is completely useless now.  i was testing it in a room with a friend takes multiple bursts to kill at somewhat long range. fuck this game. 

  • Makissimpala

    I love using the striker…even after the patch I still kill ppl…I’m not saying the gun is hard to play with and I’m not saying its easy, but I love using this gun and I have gotten gold for it twice with no troubles

  • Piggyfour

    whinny little bitches can’t handle when a gun is good so they have to bitch until they change it and then realize that they are getting killed alot by another gun and bitch about that and at some point they would realize that it isn’t the guns its them that suck….every Cod has turned down guns after its release and its annoying you make it that way for a reason and by the end of black ops every gun felt the same and that was just boring