MW3’s Robert Bowling: “Spent an hour playing Battlefield 3… I loved it!”

Despite the heat between publishing giants Activision and Electronic Arts, game developers of Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 praise highly of each other.

Recently, at GamesCon 2011, MW3’s creative strategist, Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling, sat down with Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros, community manager for BF3, at the Battlefield 3 booth and played roughly an hour of EA’s highly anticipated new shooter. While some fans may have been nervous about two opposing community giants aiming down sights at each other and strapping C4 to each other’s backs, it was all fun and games to Mr. Bowling and Mr. Matros.

A competitive yet friendly conversation on Twitter shortly ensued thereafter:

fourzerotwo Robert Bowling

GamesCom completed! Spent an hour playing @Battlefield 3 multiplayer with friends from DICE, I loved it! Also, Batman: Arkham City = amazing

zh1nt0 Daniel Matros

@fourzerotwo @battlefield was an awesome session! Got your tags. Stay safe Rob! COD is lucky to have you!

fourzerotwo Robert Bowling

@zh1nt0 I promise you, you will never get my fourzerotwo tags. That is a challenge my friend. Come for them and receive bullets in the face.

zh1nt0 Daniel Matros

@fourzerotwo bring it! and @locust9 , it was a lot of fun

We all know that competition in the FPS genre right now is extremely fierce, but it is nice to see game developers seeing through the political storm caused by publishers.

Good point. When the game comes out, we will settle this.” said Mr. Bowling. Bringing the conversation to a close.

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  • Moor Pu Dekcuf

    Wont ever be settles until COD has jets, tanks and descrutable maps. Til that day, COD will always be playing second fiddle.

    Sorry bowling, but even you must of been like damn, after you saw the new battlefield 3 trailer at gamescom… dont lie lol

    • Completely different games. Personally, I don’t want jets or tanks in CoD. Destructible environments would be nice, though.

      • Moor Pu Dekcuf

        This is exactly why The COD series has been getting a bad rap lately, simply because the multiplayer hasn’t added anything since MW.. it’s completely stale now…
        I get it’s just trying to be an infantry shooter but more then 5 games in and it’s still the same shit.
        That’s why act activation isn’t getting my money this year.
        And the fact you said you wouldn’t like jets in MW3 is an absolute lie dude. Come on now lol

        Every hardcore COD player out there cried a little inside once they witnessed that gamescom battlefield 3 trailer.

        • Actually, I find the Call of Duty MP has changed over the years. Of course, the change hasn’t been enormous but enough to keep me coming back for more. I’m the CoD editor here on Mp1st, but I still play BFBC2, and I’ll be lining up for Battlefield 3 on day 1. I play both series for different reasons. I enjoy them both, but I find the gameplay of CoD more suited to what I want from a shooter.

          Jets do look sick! But, I still want my chopper gunners in CoD. I just reported on why DICE put them in the game



        • blu4andor

          Not at all. Believe it or not, Battlefield really hasn’t changed much at all either, since its debut in 2004 with BF 1942. I know, it is probably my favorite game of all time.

          Here’s a few things BF 1942 had:

          Planes (and all the other vehicles)
          64 player MP
          Massive Maps (think Guadalcanal)
          Drivable aircraft carrier spawnpoints

          So whats new after almost a decade? Graphics + Customization. How has CoD changed in its lifetime? Well, you see what I’m getting at.

          So which ones better? Well, I’d say 90% of people on youtube think Battlefield is the better franchise, but what a lot of people realize is that BF made a lot of sacrifices to achieve its team-oriented gameplay, and it’s unique style.

          For one thing, player movement sucks, and I think it hit rock bottom when DICE took out prone.
          Infantry combat is slow at best, sloppy at worst, and the god-awful hit detection isn’t helping.
          And who doesn’t love Frostbite right? Well, the PC gaming community that never got Bad Company 1, never got BF 1943, and never got Onslaught.

          When you go with either CoD or Battlefield you’re making a trade-off.

          Pick Battlefield? Great team-oriented, large scale tactics. Dynamic environments. Maximalist combat. But to achieve all that, you play by DICE’s rules. If they don’t want to give their community prone, then they’ll take it away for several years. You have to leave behind realistic player health, because hypothetically, if the Assault did 2x as much damage as a medic, but the medic could drop a player in 2 hits anyway, then the difference between classes isn’t very important (also you have to be able to run across a large field with minimal cover without getting SLAUGHTERED). It also has a steep learning curve. BF emphasizes tactics over skill.

          CoD on the other hand is the perfect counter-balance. It’s very easy to lone-wolf it and do fine. The small environments are static. But these limitations give back A LOT. For one thing, there are no class restrictions. If you want to carry a LMG, and an anti-vehicle launcher, then by all means, do it. You can build a stealth class… without a silencer. It’s all up to you. What does this mean? It means that when you engage another player, it’s both of you at your ABSOLUTE BEST. The controls are as tight as they can get. There is as small a buffer between what the player can do, and what he does do as possible. That’s the complete opposite of Bf, but it’s excactly what the FPS genre needs sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes.

          These games compliment each other, and it’s a real shame that EA has stirred up so much CoD hate, just to discredit its rival.

          • Thank you for the totally EPIC comment!


            I am also happy to see someone who appreciates both games for what they are. They both have very different things to offer. If you’re a true FPS fan, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor in playing both.

  • D…

    Descrutable is such an awesome word. I don’t care if it’s a typo or what. It’s just a great word

    • I second that, but next time please reply directly to the comment you’re refering to.
      Thanks for visiting mp1st. 😀

  • KingTurd

    You want people to reply directly ? Hmmmm Ok 😛

    • Hi King,

      Direct comments make this section look more organized.

      While I have you here, how are you enjoying MP1st?

      Any feedback would be appreciated 😉

      • KnightsOfTheNexus

        So far this site looks legit bro,nice and clean, good job.

        • Thanks, I hope you’ll be coming back. We have some exciting stuff in the works.

          P.S. If you’d like, you can get in touch with us to write for mp1st, you can find the link in the last paragraph.

          Thanks again,

  • gg

    MW 3 pile of shit

    • Hey now… at least it makes BF3 look good!

      Oops, did I just say that? 😉

  • Jacob

    Do you plan on creating a tab for Counter Strike: Global Offensive when it gets closer to releasing?

    • I think we will. Obviously, you’re interested in that game, would you like to cover it? Contact us here:



    • We are both extremely interested in CS:GO and we will definitely have a Counter-Strike tab!

  • MostJadedGamer

    Moor Pu Dekcuf- Jets, and tanks are just totally stupid. They take all the fun, and human element out of the game, and ruin the game.

    • Cyborg6971

      How do they take the human element out? I mean a human is flying the thing. So in your mind we should just take out all weapons they kill me a hell of a lot more than jets and tanks. How about we just have all the MP armed with nothing but knives and spears. Your comment just showed the interweb not only how long you’ve been gaming but whose noob camp your in.

  • Hey, nice blog, if you like counter strike you should check my link, it deals with the new Counter Strike Global Offensive !

    • His link’s in French, MP1st readers be warned!

  • Hi and thanks for taking the time to describe the terminlogy towards the newbies!

    • Absolutely welcome! Thanks for checking out out our site!

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  • What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

  • DarthDiggler
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