The Last of Us Multiplayer – New Content Being ‘Prototyped, Remastered Targeting 60FPS, And More

During their Reddit AMA, Lead Multiplayer Designer, Erin Daly, from Naughty Dog studios highlighted the future of The Last of Us multiplayer.

First answer up was by us, asking whether we would be receiving anymore DLC for the multiplayer. While it’s not a definite yes, it certainly isn’t a definite no.

“We’re prototyping to see what works. We’ll announce something if we have something,” Daly answered. As for new modes, Daly notes, “We’d love to add more modes, but time and resources limit our opportunity to add anything as large as a game mode. Additionally, splitting up the player base more would cause more issues with matchmaking.”

Speaking of testing things out, Daly also noted that balancing was the most difficult thing when working on the multiplayer.

“The most challenging thing for me personally was balance. I worked on the weapons, skills and a map in this last DLC, along with balancing many of the other maps and it was always challenging and my highest priority. I am a big multiplayer gamer and I always enjoyed games that felt balanced so I really focus on that aspect when I’m working. I wanted all the new weapons and skills to have their own place along with the existing items so no items would be overshadowed or made obsolete.”

As for the Remastered PlayStation 4 version, we also asked if the new weapon and perk DLC would be bundled within. “We are looking into it,” said Daly.

Amongst other features, it seems that the team is exploring potential touch pad commands: “We are certainly exploring ways to incorporate the touch pad into multiplayer. If we find something that works, we’ll go with it!”

This isn’t the only thing that they are exploring with in the PS4 version, as they have also been testing out the game out with a higher player count. It seems, however, that it had too much of a negative effect on the multiplayer to be bumped up. “The number of players on PS4 will be the same,” Daly wrote. “During the development of The Last of Us MP we experimented with more players and we felt it had a negative effect on the game – it made reviving less important, the pace was too fast, stealth was harder, etc.”

And as a highlight, Daly also detailed the key difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions:

  • All the maps are included on the disc
  • Visually the game looks better – higher resolution, and we’re targeting 60fps
  • Load times are much faster
  • Playing MP with the Duals\Shock 4 controller feels great

  • Mike

    I want it.

  • That guy you might know

    If they plan to incorporate Clickers and Infected they definitely can.

    The devs said that it’s not possible because the PS3 was at it’s limit for if. So the PS4 is a definite chance.

    • jameslara

      reading through the responses on the AMA. Doesn’t look like they will either. Maybe in the next game I suppose.

  • Dennis Crosby

    They shouldn’t be targeting 60fps. It should be 60fps no matter what an a capped 60fps at that

    • ps4lol

      They’ll target what they want, you can’t even get the most basic facts straight.

      • Dennis Crosby

        Your like a stray dog following my comments every where they land do you need a friend or something. Any way like I said it should be a target it should already be 1080p60fps for a game that is only one years old being ported to the ps4

        • jameslara

          The issue is that it’s being ported to the PS4, and not from a Xbox 360 version or PC version of a game, which both had similar development, but from a game made exclusively for the PS3. From what I understand, that makes things a little difficult considering that they are recoding something meant for the PS3 Cell CPU. Just my Two-cent though

        • You are flat out wrong

          Not him, but the next time you whine to your boyfriend Quatman about how the PS4 “only has 4 AAA games” this year, remember that the Xbone only has 3. Don’t throw stones in glass houses.

      • Alex Melendez

        If you port the exact same game over to ps4 then you shouldnt have a problem getting 1080p 60FPS.

        • James Mulhall

          It doesn’t work like that.

          • Alex Melendez

            Really? I’m not an expert. Please explain how it works.

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    On my phone so ill make this quick…LOVE this game but if they wanted to make it more than 4v4 online (which theh SHOULD do cuz its AWESOME? they should have or SHOULD make BIGGER maps designed for 8v8!!! Like SOCOM!!! By the way..dont forget that the Last of Us maps were ORIGINALLY BIGGER than they are now…naughty dog cut a LOT of stuff out of these maps to make them smaller!! Small is nice for 4v4…but give us bigger maps and 8v8 ND and u have a HUGE winner on your hands. Imagine how amazing it would be to play 8v8 survival…4ppl down and trying to revive….true teamwork and mayhem would ensue. Very similar to socom, a BIG team game/fight.