Battlefield 4 China Rising Now Available To All Premium Subscribers, New Footage & Trailer Hits YouTube

Battlefield 4’s first Premium membership-wide multiplayer expansion China Rising is now available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 (pending store update) and PC. It introduces four entirely new maps along with brand new weapons, gadgets, vehicles, assignments, and achievements/trophies. The expansion also reintroduces the Air Superiority game mode that was first seen in Battlefield 3’s End Game DLC.

At the time of writing, EA has lifted an embargo on a handful of China Rising Xbox One footage captured by a number of Battlefield YouTube personalities throughout various community events. We’ve compiled a batch of them below, including the official launch trailer, for your viewing pleasure. So, if you aren’t yet a Premium subscriber, or are maybe just bored at work and waiting to get home to download, check them out and let us know in the comments what China Rising maps, weapons, gadgets or features you are most excited about!

Battlefield 4 China Rising will be available to non-Premium subscribers and Limited Edition owners two weeks later, on December 17.


DLC Overview with DICE lead designer Niklas Fegraus

All Maps

Altai Range

Dragon Pass

Guilin Peaks

Silk Road

  • Katana67

    Maps look great, can’t wait to get back on my PS4 in a few weeks and try them out.

    Bummer about the Bomber though. DICE needs to sack up for a solid non-railed bomber/AC-130 and add in some two-seater jets. Nevertheless, it’s a bomber, so it’ll still be enjoyable.

    • awkenney

      What Battlefield really needs is a high-ticket TDM with all the maps from Conquest mode. That way, the people who want to blow things up and eff with vehicles can do so while the rest of us get back to attacking or defending the objectives.

  • Bennie_Hair

    Still super pissed no gaming journalist ever said anything about forming squads on consoles. I really love the battlefield series but this game is pretty broken. I’m tired of crashes on conquest, rubberbanding and the biggest killer is the hoops you have to jump through to play with more than a couple friends. I don’t believe this game even went through QA testing and if it did they all need to be fired.

    • That guy you might know

      This is gonna hurt then, cause DICE already confirmed forming squads in the menus won’t be happening.

      • Bennie_Hair

        I am well aware of what they stated last week sometime so no it doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t make it any less stupid. What they have is broken.
        For a game that preaches teamwork and squad play, as well as Esports, one should not have to spam a join button and pray to a higher power that you get on the same team, let alone squad as your friend.

        • That guy you might know

          I feel you, I hope they realize that these are huge steps backwards. Hopefully, because I doubt the fans will be so forgiving a 3rd time around if this nonsense.

          But my recommendation for joining friends, is to find and empty server of whatever you want to join, and squad yourselves up their. People do join, but it’s a pain in the ass to wait sometimes. But it gives you all time to chat and goof off until the game starts. But I’m on a ps3 so you could already have party chat depending on your system.

          • Bennie_Hair

            I use party chat on PS4. We group up and one of us finds a low ticket game, while the others sit at the multiplayer menu. As soon as 1st friend find a suitable game, We mash the join button, then we try and switch teams in game, then join up in same squad.
            It’s just messy

      • Bennie_Hair

        Yes I mentioned that below. A facebook post LOL!

        • Joel Santana

          Kinda silly that Dice didn’t make the squad thing known earlier. Let alone only mention it in a facebook post.

      • Angelreborn96

        Can we have these ads removed before reaching the comments?

    • Joel Santana

      Truthfully, the squad feature was kinda easy to miss for a lot of people including journalists.

      Seeing how most of the time they spent reviewing the game was during pre-release event(s) which featured games that were already set up to have full teams and squads.

      Which quite frankly it’s understandable that they did miss out on talking on it, since there was no real need to try to form a squad in the main menu since the squads were already made before they even sat down.

      • Bennie_Hair

        This is something that should die. Games should be reviewed in your offices or at home not something EA or any other publisher set up. Not ragging on you guys in particular. I imagine those set ups are for optimal performance not a real world scenario. I imagine that’s the only way they’ll let you review the game before release though which is a shame.
        All I’m taking from that from now on is the publisher and the devs have no confidence in their game

        • Joel Santana

          The thing is even if the journalist do take the games to their office, theres a good chance that the online servers for the game isn’t up at the time they receive their review copy.

          Since the majority of the time they receive it a few days/a week in advance before the game is even out for they can publish the review as soon as the game is out.

          • Bennie_Hair

            and that’s why game reviews will remain broken this coming gen. *shrug* nothing I can do about it other than to stop buying them day 1 and let other gamers be the guinea pigs. I think I would have got the Killzone bundle if I knew how broken this game was. Single player save still corrupt as well.
            Sorry for venting in your comment section

            • Joel Santana

              Lol, it’s fine don’t worry about your venting. Especially since I understand where your concern is coming from.

  • James

    Wait even if you have the pre order code you still need premium to play early?

    • Bennie_Hair

      Yes, that is correct

      • Aaron Williams

        More BS from EA

  • mechcell

    So far silk road is my favorite map .

    • That guy you might know

      What system are you on, because it has yet to show up in the store for me.

      I just checked the Battlelog forums, and it looks like only Xbox has it at the moment.

      • mechcell
        • That guy you might know

          Ah okay, in trying to figure out why I can’t download it then.
          I gameshared Premium with a friend but it still won’t show up, even on the shared account -.-

          • mechcell

            If you got PS4 or PS3, you need to wait until the PSN store updates, which is expected to take place at around 2pm 2PT / 5pm EST today.

            • The only comments currently related to the subject.

              How long is the early access?

            • mechcell

              two week

  • James Mulhall

    So the game released about a month ago and they’ve already released TWO DLC’s! Am I the only one that sees a problem with that? Along with that, I doubt this game will even be playable until after new year or just before Christmas.

    The fact that developers and publishers get away with stuff like this is beyond me, I think its quite obvious this game was never tested on the scale that it should’ve been, if you get random crashes on a game like this that happen as often as they do, it should EASILY be a priority over DLC during the development time DICE have. I seriously think developers and publishers think they can get away with releasing broken games just because they can patch them a few months after they make all the cash from it.. remember when you couldn’t patch games and if you released a broken product that didn’t actually work you’d have to reship all the games and give everyone who bought a broken copy the new version.. reminds me of that San Andreas hot coffee controversy.. R* released a game with a sex type mini-game, the games rating went up to adult and all of the games had to be taken off the shelf and given back to people who already bought the game JUST so they can remove a basic line of SCM code.. what I’m getting at here is, developers and publishers have gotten REALLY lazy and think they can milk people with micro-transactions on games we paid for and all this premium deals and shit.

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    These video’s are not accurate, the actual gameplay includes tons of lag and the blue screen of death!!