New Battlefield 4 Game Update Introduces Competitive Obliteration and Much More, Patch Notes

The notes for Battlefield 4‘s latest game update are in.

Today, all versions of Battlefield 4 were updated, except for the Xbox One version which is expected to receive a patch tomorrow, July 9.

We’ve rounded up all the notes into one change log with specific platform tweaks highlighted in corresponding colors. But, for the most part, the update is relatively similar across all platforms. Players will find a new competitive Obliteration game mode, increased aim-down-sight customization options, and a ton of other fixes and improvements.

Check out the details below:

Battlefield 4 July 8 / 9 Game Update Notes


  • Addition of VOIP for Xbox One allowing tablet players to communicate to teammates via voice [Xbox One]
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fix for an issue where players were able to duplicate Battle Pickups by repeatedly picking up a kit
  • Fix for an issue where field upgrades would stop working after one round when players had reached the max field upgrade level
  • Fix for a crash that could occur when a player left a round
  • Added a 15 seconds warm-up timer for all Official games
  • Fix for an issue that would cause the Squad Join (Beta) feature to loose functionality after a player has suspended the game while creating a squad, and returns to the game [Xbox One]
  • Created a user interface for tweaking the joystick dead zone on PC because the lack of it was preventing some players to use their joysticks [PC]
  • Fix for an issue that prevented players to issue squad order around capture points during the sandstorm on Gulf of Oman
  • Fix for an issue where a squad leader would kick a member from the squad, but the slot wouldn’t become available for others to join [Consoles]
  • Option added for double tap forward to sprint (when on foot)


  • Fix for an issue where the player would get a water splash effect on the screen after crashing an EOD/MAV/SUAV into the water
  • Fix for an issue where Mantle users would receive a low frame rate when running the default Mantle multi-GPU settings [PC]


  • Added Conquest Small on Xbox One [Xbox One]
  • Added Conquest Small on PlayStation 4 [PS4]
  • Added a competitive Obliteration game mode


  • Server Browser support added to Squad Join (Beta) [Consoles]
  • Fix for an issue where server administrators couldn’t ban players that had clan tags
  • Fix for an issue where server administrators would be able to set password longer than the max allowed characters [Xbox One]
  • Fix for an issue that could cause the game to freeze while in the My Rental Server menu


  • Fix for an issue where the Squad Join (Beta) feature wouldn’t display squad members presence correctly [Consoles]
  • Added total team experience points to the end of round screen for the Capture the Flag game mode
  • Added user interface options for tweaking the ADS aiming sensitivity
  • Fix for an issue where the kill card wasn’t displayed in some cases in Hardcore mode
  • Fix for an issue where an incorrect message would be displayed on the first Xbox One if a user decided to sign-in on a second Xbox One [Xbox One]
  • Dog tags are rearranged in the kill cards so the right one is not obstructed


  • Removed the boost button press to turn off boost for vehicles, boost should be turned off by releasing the accelerator, this makes it consistent with soldier sprint and helps using vehicle boost easier
  • Adjusted the PWC physics so it drives/controls more nicely in all water levels
  • Option added for double tap forward to boost (when driving a vehicle)
  • Fix for an issue where the flag would occasionally float in mid-air when players got out of vehicles while carrying the flag


  • Fix for an issue where a weapon would flail wildly after a player would die
  • Removed the 2nd set of shell that are visible in the speed loader when reloading the M412 revolver
  • Fix for the Hawk Shotgun missing “pump action” animation in 3rd person while crouching
  • Fix for RPG-7 rocket remaining visible in the launcher after the last shot is fired while zoomed in
  • Fixed the bipod animations for MTAR-21
  • Foregrip in 3rd person now has hand in the correct position on M416/M417
  • Fix for a broken animation when switching to AWS as main weapon


  • pillowpetJeff

    “Dog tags are rearranged in the kill cards so the right one is not obstructed” Hey hey heeeyyy I’ll actually be able to see someones dogtags for once!

    • Alkanida

      DICE really killed the meaning behind Dogtags. In BF3 you actually cared about the dogtag and wanted to knife someone.
      6 Months later these guys realize that the right dogtag (the better one) is not visible. Congrats
      DICE really has these moments when you like: who came up with this shit?

      • pillowpetJeff

        Well for me personally, knifing in bf4 just isn’t even worth. You’ll just end up being killed in the middle of it usually. I had over 700 kills on my knife in bf3 and now I think I’m exaggerating when I say I have about 80 in bf4. So so so utterly pointless that it needs an entire revamp.

  • xHDx

    ‘Server Browser support added to Squad Join (Beta) [Consoles]’
    So can we now join all maps and not just the base maps? Please be a Yes.

    ‘Adjusted the PWC physics so it drives/controls more nicely in all water levels’
    Hope this means that the Speed reset when entering water in an IFV is removed. Really annoyed me.

    Nice patch notes and thanks 🙂

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

      PWC stands for “personal water craft”, the two-man jet skis used for transport which, frankly, seem to have a tendency to spin around in circles than go where it is steered towards.

      As much as it also annoys me when amphibious vehicle stop when they enter deep water, I don’t mind it as much knowing that it’s there to simulate the pushback when plunging into a significantly denser medium (so much so, that perhaps the force of static friction against the ground cannot immediately overcome). I don’t know how realistic it is and I’d prefer it not to happen, but it’s still at least somewhat believable to me.

      • NinoBr0wn

        I couldn’t care less about believability if it hinders my experience with a video game. Especially if said game has soldiers eating 16 bullets, only to be at 100% health from a defib paddle. It’s actually a portable time capsule.

        • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

          I didn’t suggest that anyone, even I, should nor that it would be the only reason such a thing is in the game. As I said, I don’t like it either and expect no IFV/MAA drivers to given there is no benefit on their end. But considering I have no significant pull in the game’s development, I simply like to balance discussions with considerations on the other side. It’s not playing devil’s advocate, but actively working towards an objective perspective.

          Drivers might not benefit, but someone else might. Perhaps it was a conscious choice to place limits on the maneuverability of amphibious armored vehicles and thereby discourage the traversal of deep waters over shallow in conflict with boats or even infantry and other armor. Perhaps not.

    • Chad

      Looks like it. You can even use that “menu” thingy that only has like idk, 4 modes for some reason, well the “base bf4 maps” option used to be dimmed and non-changable, but now you can click left or right to the next dlc map set. It’s a little better than before. Kinda moot if you just use the new server browser L2 option though lol.

  • Josh

    Ok i don’t know if its my system or the netcode for bf4 but i can’t play anything besides tdm without it freezing.

    • Chad

      The “netcode” was patched a long time ago. The game hasn’t crashed for me since the spring, at the latest. You must have terrible internet speed if it crashes on every mode other than tdm (which doesn’t make sense) cause domination is exactly the same as tdm, just with flags in it. So either you’re not being honest, or you really don’t know what you are doing or saying.

      • NinoBr0wn

        We’re taking about Battlefield 4 here. Are you really gonna tell the guy off like that and disregard his whole personal experience, as if it’s not even in the realm of possibility?

        • Chad

          I’ve been playing it since launch and it’s been forever since my game crashes on any mode, let alone “all of them besides tdm”. I asked him questions, and questioned his own questions lol. I think he isn’t being honest, cause there’s no way domination crashes but not tdm (it’s identical in almost every way besides the flags- which have never been an issue performance wise). Also, the game doesn’t run well on the xbox one, so maybe that’s what he is playing on. He can’t just leave a blank open comment asking for help without giving details and information. He’s just venting, not really asking for help, if he was wanting actual help he would have gone to the battlefield forums for his answers, or contact tech support (sony or ea/dice) by now. If the game crashes on any mode besides domination NOW, after all the patches that fixed that issue, then one would think he’d take steps further to find the source of the problem by doing any of those things, but he isn’t, he’s asking an open ended question full of holes on lol. My theory is probably more accurate than him saying he’s always crashing. The chances of him making shit up is pretty high. Not saying bf4 doesn’t have problems, but I’ve actually been up-to-date on all the patches and bug fixes, so I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about lol.

          • NinoBr0wn

            Yes, we’re all up to date around here, and many of us still play this broken ass game. The point I was making is you pissed all over the guy because he claims his game freezes, a game that all of us know has a couple bugs here and there. And why do you keep bringing up Domination? Maybe he doesn’t even play Domination. Like I said, he’s talking about his experience, from his perspective. And *visually* Domination may be similar to TDM, but that doesn’t mean it is programmed and runs the same exact code the same way. Really it’s confusing as hell that someone who says he follows the news on the game he plays so much, would basically attack someone for having issue with the same game, when again, we know for a fact from first hand experience that it has issues, to say the least. And as many also know, bugs are often random. The reason BF4 has gotten so much post work is because it has so many bugs.

            • Chad

              You’re arguing for the sake of argument.

              Why do I keep bringing up domination lol? Umm it’s because it’s one of the game modes, and it’s identical to tdm except it has 3 flags on the map, that’s it. There’s virtually no difference between the two modes. He said every mode BUT tdm freezes, so he’s saying domination freezes too, which is identical mode to tdm. He’s also saying Squad TDM is freezes as well, since he said “all modes” not a “few”. And Squad TDM is identical to tdm. 3 modes with minor differences (which aren’t performance/bug issues either). Neither of those modes have “problems”. I don’t know why I had to just re-explain this again. Should have been clear the first time I said it. Moving on.

              Obviously the game has been a mess and riddled with bugs, thank you captain obvious lol.

            • NinoBr0wn

              I said you pissed on the guy. I didn’t say you were pissed. And no, I’m not arguing for the sake of arguing. You were the one who went on a rant on this random guy just because he is having problems like everybody else. The fact that you called someone else in the community a liar, essentially defending this mess of a game (regardless of how much better shape it’s in right now), is the reason we got to this point. You understand that right? And how many times can you type lol in one post?

            • Chad

              I type lol cause I’m a happy person and it’s my way of showing people that I’m not raging behind a keyboard lol. But yes, I was a bit harsh on him, so I do apologize for that. I just take things with a grain of salt online, since I don’t know him personally. And you responded quick btw, are you just hanging out on this site all day or what lol.

            • NinoBr0wn

              Well most people on the net who type lol a lot in replies are usually being sarcastic dicks, and that’s their way of being condescending. But if that’s your reason for it, then fine. It’s cool taking things with a grain of salt if it seems suspicious to you, but outright calling someone a liar about something that is very likely true, and before he can even expound on it, Yea can’t go around doing that.

            • Chad

              I do it to say I’m not being a dick, I type lol a lot cause I’m a pretty happy guy, so yeah 🙂

            • nywildlife22

              can i save campaign?

          • Josh

            Ok maybe not all of them but conquest and obliteration always freeze on me. it might be at the start of the game or it can take up to 3 or 4 games but it will eventually freeze. and i play on ps3 so that might have something to do with it.

            • xHDx

              There’s something going on with the Syncing on Battlelog too. My classes always reset to default weapons and I need to switch them back every time I log onto my console (X1).

              The only things you could try for the crashes are clearing system cache, deleting MP data (which will automatically re-download), or reinstalling the game.

            • Chad

              That would be really annoying lol.

            • NinoBr0wn

              Yea and that’s not just you by far.

            • Chad

              Well no offense but you are playing a game that’s meant to be played on better hardware, so ps3 probably can’t handle half the shit it’s being thrown at lol. Problems on the last gen consoles makes perfect sense as to people experiencing issues. I completely understand and feel bad for ya.

      • Warren Jones

        My Game Still crashes pretty frequent too, moreso since the Refesh rate went from 10 to 30. and moreso on certain maps that NEVER Froze before. Battlefield 4 will never even be Half the experience of what BF3 was… So sad. :/

        • Chad

          Weird, that sucks dude. What console/platform are you playing on?

    • Sounds like a system problem mate, the netcode is related to hit detection and latency. Freezing is most likely a driver problem if you are referring to your system being a PC.

      • Chad

        He said he’s playing on the ps3 version. I could only imagine the bugs that one has lol.

        • Josh

          How well does it run on ps4?

          • Chad

            It seems good. It used to crash all the time before the big “netcode update” patch, which was March, I think? I don’t remember lol.

    • thatoneguy

      The only question I have is what console/port are you running on?

      • Josh

        PS3. i shouldnt have said netcode but whatever it is my game freezes a lot. And the sad thing is i enjoy the game a lot. my buddy has the same issue but his does not freeze as much as mine.

        • thatoneguy

          It sounds like a hardware problem to me. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do for that. I used to play on the 360 port and on certain maps such as Hainan, Parcel, OP Locker, Flood Zone, and Dawnbreaker it would always freeze. Wouldn’t matter which game mode it was in. People have suggested clearing your cache, or uninstalling the game and all updates and re-installing but it just comes down to the fact that the game was poorly optimized for 360/ps3 ports and there just isn’t a sufficient amount of power to run the game.

  • Guest

    If BF is ever going to be taken in esports seriously, the gamemodes should be

    Competitive conquest small with a bit of vehciles to give BF its own comp identity and too its the staple BF gamemode



    • Yethal

      or they could just make 32vs32 conquest large with commanders tournament. I’d watch the shit out of this

      • Guest

        Yes but think about prize money, take cod champs, 1st place is 400,000 so if its the same for BF, 400,000 divided by 32 wouldn’t be enough.

        But if they do have higher prize money then yeah that would be cool to watch and be different then other esport games.

        • Yethal

          but remember that mlg only organizes about milion of these tournaments a year, if it was once a year the prizes could be higher

  • anthony

    does any one know if the optic sway patch from cte is coming to console?

    • jasonxbrookes

      Supposedly, but not until the patch after Dragon’s Teeth….so still another 3-4 weeks I’m afraid. Then, I can finally use higher optics like the ACOG without it swaying all over the place.

      • JThunder

        Even due to the optic sway, I still prefer the higher optics then Holo and Reflex.

  • Katana67

    There’s an M417 in BF4? Did I miss something?

  • IHateDICEandEAwithApassion69

    took you motherfuckers long enough

  • obibyn

    Wait….there is 3rd person for soldiers?

    • roepster

      The world model that everyone else sees, not the first person view. I’m more interested in the m417.

      • Hot-Wire

        Give your m416 a heavy barrel. Boom, m417.

        • TI_21

          Nah, the 417 uses larger bullets than the 416.
          Just like the Galil ACE 21/23 compared to the ACE 52.

  • shodannet

    Played last night after doing an update and those kill cards in hardcore mode were still broken, or will I be downloading another patch tonight?

  • MegaMan3k

    I didn’t know you couldn’t kick players with clan tags.

    I guess that explains the other night when I got dumped into some moron clan’s server with “NO SHOTGUNS” on the loading splash and so, of course, I used shotguns against them until they cried and whined.

  • These are not fixing game, only minor adjustments… Game is still broken.

    • ProAssassin84

      Broken game is a game that cannot ever be played for 1 sec. BF4 has been far from broken months ago. Quit trolling and go play a perfect game. Oh that is right there is not one besides Last of Us. LOL

      • MrMultiPlatform

        Here’s a napkin. You have a little EA on your chin.

  • Paul Thomas

    I appreciate the update but can we get an update for squad join to let us join DLC servers.

  • Paul Thomas

    I appreciate the update but can we get an update for squad join to let us join DLC servers.

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  • Pedro Angelo

    Why u changed the jet afterburner? Now we can’t disactivate it with the afterburner button. Dice is a group of dick suckers, u only try to do the fucking game better for the noobs. Try to listen to a veteran player.

    • MrMultiPlatform

      LMAO at you.

    • Craig

      Settle down, Maverick

  • Jamic

    They still havent fixed the command rose glitch where you cant actually use the damn thing if you have binded it to anything else than Q ? I have binded it on Mouse 5 (upper thumb button) and can still tap it to spot people but when I hold it down it just flashes on the screen and disapears.

    Same problem in Hardline but surprisingly not in BF3 (which was supposed to be just a “tacked on” feature)

    Also, is it just me or does BF4 crash everytime during the end screen if you Alt Tab out when its summing up your awards score ? It has become gradually worse every update starting 2 patches backwards.

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  • oo7PorscheMGS

    8 months after the game comes out, they
    allow players to join a squad and join the
    server they want to join together. Baby steps I
    guess. I bought a ps4 with BF4 just a month
    ago because I figured by now BF4 would have
    its $hit together..but there are still problems-

    -In main menu, it shows only 1 friend in a
    server while on my ps4 friends list I see more
    than 1 person playing bf4 online…. this has
    made joining friends a HUGE hassle…having
    to message them and try to figure out / find
    the server on my own through the server
    browser, since the “join friend” thing is still
    broken. Big enough of an issue that I stopped
    getting on BF4.. there’s no point in getting on
    to play with teammates if you cant join your
    teammates, is there? Lol.. and Ill try this new
    squad join patch but the fact still remains that
    there needs to be a non broken way to join
    friends that are ALREADY in a server. The
    main way I join a friend right now is by
    messaging them, waiting for a response….and
    then searching for that server (which usually
    takes more than a few minutes even with
    searching filters), and then trying to get on the
    same team / same squad which is yet another
    struggle. It’s insane. This game could have
    been SO much better if it was fully thought

    -Why was the option for setting the mics to
    “whole team” instead of just your “squad”
    taken away from BF4 compared to BF3? A real
    team / clan has more than 5 people and they
    want / NEED to be able to communicate with
    each other so they can coordinate… why cant I
    call out the enemy to my teammate just
    because hes in a different “squad”? Why cant I
    tell my whole team “alright guys, we need to
    work TOGETHER and send MANY people to
    THIS objective” …long story short….a war
    game needs to be about TEAM
    communication – and that is VERY lacking on

    -There should be an option / mode only for
    people with headsets on. This will help with
    some of the SEVERE lack of teamwork. Those
    of us who want to actually coordinate and play
    smart / win could join these headset only

    -The other thing that is keeping me from
    playing BF4 as much as I thought I would is
    the fact that the AIM ASSIST in this game is
    even more strong than it was in BF3…it feels
    like theyre dumbing this game down to attract
    the COD crowd and casual players. I am
    currently making a video for youtube about
    how aim assist / radar / so many assists are
    ruining the challenge and the BEAUTY of
    competitive shooters.

    -At the very LEAST, aim assist should NOT be
    an “option” in “HARDCORE” mode!

    -Oh, and 8 months after the game comes out, I
    start to play the 1 player story and 3 days later
    my 1 player game save was deleted. Bugs like
    this should have been tested EA, instead of
    rushing this game out to make a quick buck
    and compete with Call of Nooby. Respect the
    artform..or gamers will start to see and call
    out the BS more and more.

    -I know for sure I will be recommending all my
    friends to not buy BF: Hardline ….for many
    reasons…MANY of them the SAME EXACT
    reasons / problems that BF4 had and still has
    to this day. You really have some balls to
    release a “new” game when your last game is
    still incomplete and was a ripoff to those of us
    who actually want to play the game how it
    was meant to be played – as a competitive

    -The VERY least DICE / EA could have done
    was give 1 of the DLC’s away for free OR AT
    LEAST reduce the price of 1 to show fans how
    sorry they are for releasing such a broken /incomplete / poorly thought out and executed
    game. The fact that EA / DICE have NOT done
    ANYthing to say sorry to fans gives PRIOR
    FANS like me the IMPRESSION that they have
    no respect for us. I have no respect for people
    that run their business like that, and I’ll be
    spreading this message because I don’t think
    I’m the only one who wants to see MUCH
    better team/skill based games instead of this
    silly bs.

    Battlefield could be / could have been SO
    much better. It’s a shame because the physics
    / destruction are beautiful….but a game is
    more than an engine. It’s about community,
    teamwork, social features, a game that
    requires skill from players instead of making
    all players “good” because of assists…all of
    these things are broken in BF4.

  • ayobro

    Glad I have to download a GB for all this petty shit

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  • Apokryfisk1

    I am having some trouble installing this update, it only updates the campaign but not the rest of the game and so I can not play multiplayer. Would really appreciate some advice/help

    P.S I have tried to empty the cache but it still doesn’t work

  • Apokryfisk1

    My Xbox one/bf4 won’t install the whole update. On the screen it says “Campaign 100%, Full game 0%”. I do not know how to fix this so I would really appreciate some help/advice from you guys.

    Thanks in advance,

  • nywildlife22

    can we save campaign…………. YET?????

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