New Battlefield 4 Merchandise Incoming This Holiday Season

A handful of brand new Battlefield 4 merchandise will be making it’s way to the market and into gamers’ hands this holiday season, according to the latest news from publisher, Electronic Arts.

The line up includes a “novel written by esteemed author Peter Grimsdale that provides backstory about the game’s heroic squad, a high-end art book that dives deeper into the imagery of Battlefield 4 and a range of Battlefield 4 gaming peripherals to help you feel the intensity of the battlefield.”

The full line up includes:

  1. Orion Publishing Group Battlefield 4 novel written by Peter Grimsdale
  2. Titan Books Battlefield 4 art book in Standard and Limited Editions
  3. Razer performance PC gaming peripherals and accessories, including mice, keyboards, headsets, messengers bags, and iPhone® cases
  4. PDP performance Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers
  5. Qpad premium PC mouse mats
  6. Jinx clothing apparel and accessories including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, key chains and dog tags
  7. Prima Games Standard and Collection Edition strategy guides
  8. Cook & Becker Battlefield 4 artwork
  9. Walls360 Battlefield 4 wall graphics
  10. BigBen Interactive mobile device and tablet cases

Sounds pretty cool! Anything of interest to you? Let us know in the comments.

Battlefield 4 launches on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this October 29, later on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

  • potatolol

    Pff no shit buckets.:(

    • WarBroh

      Its called home depot

      • the greater gamer

        They dont have limited edition nickel-plated bf4 labeled shitbuckets at home depot

  • Aria68

    Any Battlefield 4 Dildo for Call of duty fans ?! lol just jk 😉

    • HurlingDervish

      Considering how COD players are a bunch of immature queers, I guess they could use one.

      • Kidanny Mendez

        Battlefield has its fair share of douches, for example you.

      • pbvider

        Or COD players could use a Battlefield 4 pacifier ,jk !

        • WarBroh

          Heart’s in the right place, but derivative. The point was already made with the original dildo comment.

        • the greater gamer

          Isnt bf stuff like cancer to you cod vets

      • Masada157

        Oh the irony….

    • WarBroh

      Comment of the day. Thanks for the laugh. Good stuff.

    • the greater gamer

      Why would u buy a dildo for your friends?

  • Joseph

    I do like the sound of a novel. That’s about it for me really.

  • Ryan Schulze

    Interest? Nope. Another novel? Does the compelling story from BF3 merit a follow up? Just give us a good co-op mode this time. Or even better… local, split screen multiplayer.

    • Ryan Schulze

      And yes, I’m sadly aware that all signs point to NO on both. Will anything at launch of next gen provide local MP except sports?

    • ThePoolshark

      Co-op was already confirmed to be removed.

      • Ryan Schulze

        Hence the “I’m aware…” statement. A guy can dream. Maybe Killzone will be the game I can share with friends. I pre ordered an extra controller and I’m the only one of my friends that’s buying day one, so I need something I can play with friends. Please don’t tell me my only option is gonna be COD. Maybe Ghosts is good, but it can’t be my only option for day one local multiplayer.

  • T-51B

    What the hell is a PDP controller?

    I would buy a hoodie but i’d rather not blow 80 dollars…

    • paulinacio

      I think it means “Performance Designed Products”

      • ChessMania

        Basically the analog sticks are extended and have borders.. I’m tired of when I’m circling with a jet and my thumb slips off..

  • paulinacio

    I’m really hoping BF4 will launch day one for PS4 and if I had too guess why they haven’t gave a release date is because there waiting for both Next Gen consoles to have a release date so they can release BF4 at the same time for next gen

  • oofy

    Moichendising! Moichendising!

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  • xbox rules

    Xbox one get dlc first like cod ea has exclusive contract with ms. Sony would haveto wait a month for the dlc

    • Richie Tellez

      I don’t see how you get “bf4 merchandise” to a xbox early access to the dlcs comment. But then I looked up your username, now it doesn’t surprise me.

    • James Mulhall

      I’m pretty sure it’s only going to be a week early DLC.. -.- EA wouldn’t risk it.