New Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage Hits YouTube

A number of brand new Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay videos have hit the Tubes after a handful of Battlefield personalities were sent clips from a recent EA play session in Los Angeles.

All footage has been recorded using the brand new Spectator Mode with the HUD turned off so you can enjoy the beauty of Battlefield 4 in its most recent build.


JackFrags shows off the QBZ-95, the M9 + custom ring and laser sight.


Wintergore’s footage showcases the QBZ-95 with a green lazer sight, flash supressor and pks 3.4x scope.


Check out some QBU-88 semi-automatic sniper rifle gameplay in Wickedshrapnel’s vid.


Some random swimming is featured in DarkLiberatorZone’s clip. Thanks, Daryn.


You’ll find some multiplayer tank gameplay in chaosxsilencer’s footage.

Pixel Enemy

Pixel Enemy has a clip of Battlefield 4 running on Ultra Settings.

Battlefield Podcast

Battlefield Podcast has a clip showing off the Ultimax 100 light-machinegun with a red-dot scope and laser sight, as well as the XM25 air-burst grenade launcher.


SgtRedPhoenix has some more Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay on Ultra Settings at 1080/60 FPS.


GamingWithMack snagged two new Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay videos. He also mentions that DICE told him these videos are “just a teaser of something that’s coming very soon.” Check out that epic “720 combat knife kill.”


Miguel’s video shows off another angle of the skyscraper taking a big tumble on the Battlefield 4 map, Seige of Shanghai.


OddBox71 shows off some more sniper/pistol gameplay.


Some lengthier gameplay from Threatty with lots of knife takedowns and QBU-88 gameplay.


MrAssauly89 has some Stinger and P90 gameplay.


More Battlefield 4 gameplay from Luetin09 with showcasing some more weapons and another knife takedown.


LevelCapGaming has got a lengthy Battlefield 4 gameplay vid showing off a new assault rifle, the QBZ-95, including some weapon stats.

  • Ryupyroa

    Hopefully we see some new maps soon. Jungle or snow. Snow jungle.

    • Ryan Schulze

      I’m down for Dynamic Weather patterns. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could set the weather, temperature, and time of day, like on Madden?

      • Ryupyroa

        That would be awesome. If they had like 12 – 15 base maps in the game and on top of that you could play around with the weather and time of day, it would take a loooong time to get bored of the maps.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Hopefully at gamescom DICE will show some plane gameplay.

      • WarBroh

        They’re called jets now. They stopped using planes in WWII

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          Does it really fucking matter?

  • Kyle Jackson

    I quite enjoyed the alpha, it certainly felt smoother than Battlefield 3.

    • Alex Melendez

      Let’s just wait untill the final version hits. Hopefully just as smooth

      • Kyle Jackson

        I hope so, I’m still going to pre-order as I love the Battlefield series.

  • Alan Hartman

    Loved the look of the 3rd person Battlerecording!

    • Aaron Williams

      game looked smoother in 3rd person than in BF3 thats nice to see.

  • WarHero

    The game is looking fantastic,I’m guessing this is towards Beta Phase but not quite there yet. So far this is the most optimized footage of Bf4 I’ve seen.

    • Ben

      Its pre alpha footage from E3.

      • This footage actually comes from a build that is more recent than E3. So it would be slightly closer to Beta.

        • Ben

          From everything I’ve heard it’s from E3. They just saved gameplay and are sending it to the individual YTubers in short clips. It looks exactly the same as the E3 footage.

          • Check out the descriptions in each video. A few of them mention it’s from a more recent build.

      • WarHero

        Well it’s just my guess, I’m taking these words in the YT descriptions. This can be a build of the game right just after E3 but don’t quote me on that 😛

    • Tyler Dominick

      Yep, looks like the Pre-Alpha from E3. This is not footage of the Close Alpha that PC players got to test

      • Same as above. According to the YT video descriptions, the footage is from the most recent build of the game, post-E3.

        • Tyler Dominick

          Where do you see mention of this?

          • Check out some the descriptions in each video. A few of them mention it.

  • PlatinumSoldier

    More weapon customization… I really like it

  • KennyKyle

    first clip, how hes not showing any weapon at the end…

    • Looks like it could be a Spectator Mode option, perhaps?

    • Aaron Williams

      or as always a glitch?

    • Wasup Doc

      Looks like running with a knife or something.

  • Aaron Williams

    I hate watching these noobs play BF4, Its kind of a joke.

    Nice to see Camo’s already in the game!

    Whens the beta? They still havent picked a date yet?

    • Aaron Williams

      Sept 24th it looks like?

      • Tyler Dominick

        Why, was that was the beta date last year? what your basing this on?

        • zacflame

          actual beta date announcement -.-

          • Aaron Williams

            Lol thank you

    • HerlingDervish

      Yup. Sick of COD children infesting BF. Hope DICE bans them during launch.

      • Pretty sure there won’t be any need to ban them. They will just migrate over to COD: Ghosts once it’s out.

      • Lol

        ^ “Mature” BF player

        • Angelreborn96

          You would be an example of those COD kids infesting BF. gtfo

      • Scott | MassNERDerer

        Let’s all be pathetic and say people who play other games can’t play this game. Makes perfect sense. My first game was Super Mario, guess I can only play Mario games now huh? Once you play one, so long rest of your gaming career, you’re locked in now. Or forget switching shooters, who cares if it’s a new shooter or something, like when BC2 came out, first BF to do well on consoles, which, don’t care who you are, is by far the most popular platform out there. It’s not like some of the best BF players out there play CoD as well or anything.

      • eBunny

        Keep being ignorant mate, you’re damn good at it.

    • Asmitty56

      They were sent the videos though? I think it was either DICE playing it them selves or game testers. But yea they do suck something awful haha.

    • John

      Everybody was a noob before. Remember that.

      • Aaron Williams

        Yea? Dice hand picks who gets to play the game. Nothing like putting in noobs in the gameplay so they cant truly show how smooth the run and gun is. or how Broken it is.

        Put people with high SPM’s in the beta then we’d see if the BF4 is as great as we hope

  • Arvid


  • swipe_06

    Not sure, but I think thats the Keltec RFB and not the QBU-88 in Wicked Shrapnels vid.

    • jj16802

      Agreed, the model looks completely different from the one used in the Back 2 Karkand expansion pack.


      Yes, you are right. The QBU-88 looks completely different from the RFB.

  • Joseph


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  • kida

    I really hope this game lets you have private matches, I want to learn how to fly a helicopter already

    • Asmitty56

      No need for private matches. There is a sort of tutorial mode of sorts for vehicles

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  • dumyspeed

    this dudes aren’t dying at all? wtf !!!plus, when you shoot it seems like laser guns, absolutely no real

    • Ryan Schulze

      I leave it up to someone who’s served and fired “tracer” bullets to determine whether it looks real or not. Also, this is an Alpha trial so there will be tweaking.

      • Hux

        But it looks like it will still take 6 to 8 hits to kill in Core, maybe 3 to 5 torso up. Can’t stand Core in BF3. Hardcore is the only way to go.

        • ^ I know that. Not just because of being HUDless, but just everything about it encourages lone wolfing. Who needs a medic when I have an accelerated healing factor? Who needs an engineer to fix my vehicle when my vehicles are all made with self regenerative nanobots?

          • John

            Agree but i still miss the no map BFBC2 days. I know they added it in BF3 but it needs to be in for for hardcore by default. I like how people say hardcore is easy mode. LOL. Because getting shot point blank by a tank shell and you still live is so real. LOL

            • Here is how the “easy mode” remain relationship works. In Hardcore, it’s easy to kill and hard to stay activ alive. In Normal, it’s Hard to kill and easier to stay alive. Normal in.BF3 is generally harder because there are too many crutches in plac like vehicle health regeneration which is bsolute BS in my opinion, to many helicopters stay alive because of auto vehicle health regeneration plus upgrades like maintenance, which don’t even work in HC because there is no vehicle health regeneration period. As for your last statement. Weapon balancing is based on normal mode. While HC is also affected, it’s to the point where it doesn’t really matter. Stingers are nerfed to he’ll in normal but in HC they have his range and capable if taking a copper or jet down in two missiles. That’s why I can shoot an RPG at someone’s feet or blow the wall that they are standing right next to for them to only locate and kill me. On hardcore those are(mostly) guaranteed kills but it’s just a hassle on Normal, despite being able to pull off 3 or higher KDR almost every time in normal because I’m less likely to die. CQC in normal is fine for me, but anything else, especially vehicle combat is trash in normal.

  • Ryan Schulze

    I would like to know how many players are on those servers. The game looks great. The scope of your view is pretty fantastic and I loved the video billboard, but it was sparsely populated. Giant maps are one thing, but if there were 64 players on those servers and you still could only find a few, that’d be pretty frustrating. Still hyped about the game though.

  • AtheistMason

    Still this map..


    Time for me to go on my gaming media black-out. I like my games to have that new car smell when I pop it into the console for the first time…Plus most of the so called youtubers all be showing the same gameplay anyway.

  • Brian Anthony

    I like the sounds of the pistols silenced! The sound of the sniper rifle it appears to be a QBU with the red dot in the video of the collapsed bldg. . I like the running mechanic of the soldiers. Like the new swimming mechancis. Wondering if swimming under water will be coming…like the background sounds of shells hitting…looks much smoother. When solider was taking fire behind a column he wasn’t suppressed or getting hit like in BF3 , pretty cool! I like the green laser perk. Camos …, 3rd person / spectator view ….game is simple gonna be Epic!

  • Katana67

    Looks like they’ve removed or toned down the “random deviation/spread” that absolutely ruined the shooting mechanic in BF3 for me. Looks great!

  • T-51B

    Looks fun… not much different than BF3 but still 60FPS, Commander mode and more customization? My fully paid pre order is worth it.

  • zacflame

    I hope I’m never forced to use a chinese weapon in the game.
    they are either some weird inside out monster or a cheap knock off of an american or russian classic.
    they even brought the cheap chinese M16’s in the game, I saw it during a levelcap video.

    • randomname

      Where did you see this?

      • zacflame

        in one of levelcap’s (I think it was levelcap, if not, it was hiti333, a battlefield news guy with less views and credit as he deserves.) video’s. he has some footage of the player and vehicle customization and he showed some new weapons and attachments, and one chinese weapon is a carbon copy of the M16A3 with far worse stats.

        • jj16802

          The AK-12? I’m pretty sure the M16A3 is just an image placeholder because that looks nothing like the real life AK-12. Also that’s a Russian weapon.

          Also I think you’re talking about this video:

          Real life AK-12:

        • Katana67

          I have not seen any Chinese AR-15 copies in anything BF4 related. Perhaps you’re referring to something else. The only Chinese weapons I’ve seen are pretty unique and could never be mistaken for an AR-platform.

          If you could provide actual links, that would be great.

  • Cole.

    It is kinda funny how pathetic the last video thumbnail is. It is like a minute of gameplay barely different from the e3 footage.

  • Tyler Dominick

    First i love seeing more info, but really? Would love for each video to showcase something new. Still looking sexy as always… and that engi running after the tank in the last video… wow the animation looks amazing

  • HerlingDervish

    Those suppressed weapon sounds…


  • The last video is BF3.. :/


      Skip to the end.

  • YinYang27

    David can you keep these up when these guys release more? Thanks.

  • James K

    I wonder how useful the custom ring is on pistols. I hope it’s not useful as upgraded iron sights in Black Ops.

  • jason nicola

    More exclusive Footage from BF4
    Ignore the third one! sorry

  • B_Boss

    Wow Dave, thanks for the multi-vids lol. I was wondering if there were anymore. Sheesh this game looks damned amazing….

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  • Lord Byakurai

    This is looking more and more like a map pack as opposed to a full game.


    MOH:WARFIGHTER is on sale at bestbuy this week only for $9.99 and it comes with the BF 4 BETA

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  • KennyKyle

    Here’s another knife clip

  • That guy you might know

    It does look pretty close to BF3, but those are some damn good improvements from it.

    I still have only 5 bucks on my copy, and I still have Beta access from MoH: Warfighter. So many good games are coming, I feel bad for my wallet.

    Now DICE, just make sure the weapons in the Assault Kit aren’t so damn powerful.
    I’m sick of AEKs everywhere.

  • Joseph

    All pretty cool videos. I’d like to see wtf they’re hinting at though, the wait is torture for me.

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