New Battlefield 4 Screens Inbound [Updated]

DICE and EA are teasing three new Battlefield 4 screens through various social media services.

By, likeing, retweeting, and reblogging the following incomplete images on Battlefield 4’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, fans can inch closer to unlocking the full version of each screenshot.

EDIT: It is actually one screenshot cut up into parts.

Here’s what we got so far:














Final image (click for full size):


We’ll be sure to post the complete images once they are revealed, so keep your sights on MP1st!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard or seen anything on the Battlefield 4 front. Latest reports suggested that Commander Mode and Premium will be returning, while DICE has been teasing Battlelog 2.0.

While the screens above will more than likely be of the single player, which you can catch a ful 17-minute gameplay demo of right here, we hope to gather more multiplayer details from developers DICE soon.

  • God

    its one picture not three

    • nope

      actually it doesn’t make a complete image

  • Pajas

    Hi, I think you have misunderstood this. If you connect the all squares in these three images, you get ONE complete picture. 😀

  • Jigsaw!

  • what i really wanna know is..when i can pre-order for PS4?

    • OhMyGawd

      My guess is, when you can actually order a preorder a PS4. In any case, what’s the burning need to give EA your money now and let it sit in their account for 6 months? Are you afraid they’re going to run out of copies? I’m actually serious, I dont understand the mentality.

      • nightwing2097

        i’ve preordered, because i have the money spare now, and i may not have it spare closer to the time. i may have other commitments that i need to sort out closer to the time of release so preordering getting that out of the way leaves me with the money i may have paid at release to sort out any financial commitments down the line.

        • RNPGhost

          You could always just put the money you’ve got in a safe place, maybe a jar, labelled bf4… then if you see the footage of MP and it looks awful, or there become more important things to spend the money on, you can choose not to spend it…

  • Could somebody connect all those squares? Would be nice 🙂

  • Excuse me for the cheap photoshop work. It seems its the same building from the start of the trailer. Maybe its an MP map version? Metro 2.0?

    • Jason Davis


      • Jason Davis


        • teo2cry
          • Kyle Jackson

            Well done for putting it together 🙂 But what a pointless image 🙁

          • At the time, only 3 parts were available, but good job!

  • Same ole same ole

    Copy and paste copy and paste.

  • OhMyGawd

    Until EA has multiplayer footage to show us, they can kindly GTFO. These cheap publicity stunts trying to get something going on “social media” ring hollow. It’s contrived. You can’t really force the viral effect, it happens naturally when there’s something actually worth repeating.

    • Jason Davis

      You sir are over-analyzing this a bit lol

    • Maybe it’s showing us that the floors are partially destructible. I mean, since BF3 had “MOAR DESTRUCTION than any other battlefield” it would make sense that Bf4 continues in the same path…


  • Tried my best here it is

  • FrozenJohgru
    • Hey. What a cool idea to announce a feature of the game with a screenshot! Oh wait… there is no feature? This was just a pointless screen that shows nothing of importance? BUT THE LIGHTING! THE LIGHTING MAN!

  • 1 screenshot… probably with heavy effects too… sorry, I love Battlefield, and I’m definitely stoked for BF4, but we’re really supposed to get excited over this? I want gameplay footage and details about new features!!

  • MegaMan3k

    Looks more like a Metal Gear Solid screenshot…

    Anyway, who cares. If I didn’t look twice I’d figure it was a screenshot from the trailer.

    Until they show MP, EA has nothing worth showing of BF4.

  • Just get rid of the lag input and run it at 60fps on console and it competes with COD.

    • WarHero

      You can’t just get rid of “Lag input” otherwise you would literally do a 360 degree turn with just one slight of movement. 60FPS is possible on the next gen consoles but on current consoles the tech is far outdated and it’s a fact. If it were to run on 60FPS they would have to tone down most things that make BF unique.