New Battlelog Update Enables “Invisible Mode” And Resolves Missing Battlefield 4 Beta Bug

YouTube personalities with a large following, or those who simply wish to enjoy gaming while appearing offline, will be happy to receive the latest Battelog update which recently hit in preparation for tomorrow’s Battlefield 4 early access beta on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

According to the dev team behind Battlefield 3’s – and soon-to-be-Battlefield 4’s – social stat-tracking service, a recent update has not only resolved an “issue where players couldn’t find the Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta in their Origin library”, but will now also allow users to “enable Invisible mode on Battlelog in the settings.”

That means you’ll be able to play Battlefield 4, including Battlefield 3, while appearing offline, should you wish to game in a more solitary state, free of uninvited “guests” trying to enter your match.

As a reminder, PC users with early access should be sure to hit up the Origin client to pre-download the Battlefield 4 beta so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running as soon as it goes live 08:00 AM UTC. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users with early access privileges will be able to download the beta tomorrow through their respective marketplaces.

The Battlefield 4 beta will open up to the public this October 4.

See you on the Battlefield!

  • ThePoolshark

    Privacy mode actually works (you also have to put origin as invisible to friends). I no longer show up on stalker websites. Win

    • Antal120

      Confirmed but you don´t have to activate the invisible mode on Battlelog, just the invisible mode on Origin and the feed / game activity visible to friends. You won´t show up on stalker websites. I have checked this playing on a server for about 30 minutes.

      • ThePoolshark

        Oh, nice. Thought you had to have both on.

  • CoDforever

    All the best to BF4.

    • oofy

      Likewise to CoD. All crap talking aside, I hope both games are great. Competition brings out the best in everybody.

      • WarBroh

        This is war, broh. Not everyone goes home with a trophy and a lollipop wedged like some kiddie soccer game.

        • oofy

          Yes, but both sides will engage in an arms race in which we, the gamers, win.

        • CoDforever

          This isnt war, this is entertainment LOL. Tell me how many people only watch 1 film a year

  • zacflame

    Another misread title, I keep on thinking this means advanced/adaptive/invisibility/octo-camo in the game.

  • Mohammad Nassir


  • bob

    Still have no idea where or how to download this tomorrow as a premium member on Xbox.

    • zacflame

      It should be there on the XB marketplace.

      • oofy

        Is it up already, or we can’t download until tomorrow?

        • zacflame

          Usually not until midnight-ish.
          That’s how it works for most digital releases that are American.

          • oofy

            I know. I was hoping against hope. Oh well. Guess I gotta wait till tomorrow morning.

          • Gannon

            So midnight “tonight” is pretty standard?

  • paulinacio

    It will be late my time when I get my hands on the Beta “PS3” but it will not stop me from being up all night playing it XD

  • CoDforever

    Well guys looks like my time is up .. Mods and founders are cutting my comments and will soon cut me off completely. Im not a fanboy of any kind, i was trying to prove that CoD isnt all that bad and i have absolutely no complaint against competition. If this is it, Farewell Mp1st readers. (PLEASE UPVOTE SO EVERYONE CAN SEE PLZ)

    • oofy

      I see your comments fine on this thread. Are you talking about your comments on other stories?

    • You’re free to comment, should they pertain to the subject. “trying to prove that CoD isnt all that bad” in a Battlefield 4 article is off topic.

      • CoDforever

        Maybe phycologically i just have the same mentality as bf fans .. Go to any BF video and the top comment always has something to do with CoD

        • ITFNxSpartan .

          CoD IS dead. Compare ghosts to bf4 on pc / ps4 / x1 and what does it do better than bf4? NOTHING.

          Bf4 is so far beyond CoD ghosts, it isn’t even a contest, and frankly hasn’t been since bf3, but bf4 is the killshot.

          • @itfnxspartan:disqus These are the sort of comments I’m hoping to avoid – feeding the unnecessary flame-war started by comments I have already moderated. So, don’t worry about it 🙂

      • CoDforever

        theres also many off topic comments on CoD articles about battlefield as well .. Im not trying to be an internet vigilante LOL but i’ve been using this website ever since MW3, and nothings been done to those comments back then, before me, I honestly just couldnt stand it .. Instead of seeing comments discussing the patch or news, I see “Cods dead, BF killed it” comments ..

        • EndangeredQuake

          Ya it really is unfortunate. I wish people on this site would understand different opinions and views. I remember when titanfall was rumored to be an xbox exclusive…. Everyone was to jealous(maybe, idk) or at least very, very rude. They couldn’t accept the fact that xbox one had some things going for it pre-180, but every article they kept bashing, and bashing, and bashing. The sun doesn’t shine on the minority, and I wish people would wake up and see it.

        • SamRock

          Well COD the problem is you showup at EVERY BF/COD article and try to negate the positives of BF with some random, irrelevant COD comment.

          There are times when I have agreed with you.. but then it was always one sided discussions

          Good luck ~! Immortal cod fo lyfe ! on Destiny Article
          Resort looks alot like the map in MW3 getaway. and operation locker
          looks like the map we saw in cod ghosts behind the scenes, Not saying
          they copied tho but all of these maps look really cool
          – On BF4 Map Article
          stfu, atleast Actvision isnt desperate enough to pay Battlefield youtubers to play CoD LOL on GTA 5 Article

          • CoDforever

            Dude on the Destiny one it was the guys team, “Immortal” is his team name lol, second article i still praised the game, just that it had some similariaties in other game maps. I dont remember the last one Lol

      • EndangeredQuake

        David I completely understand this point. But what happens when ps4 clearly is seen in a better light and it (was) is a xbox one article? I know you don’t like to get into fights but you seem to always side with ps4/bf, and never stand up for the other crowds. I’m pretty sure Destiny had no relevance to titanfall, but I recall people saying on TITANFALL articles that it will wipe the floor with it.

        • I’m not even getting a PS4! (Probably later.) I’m an Xbox guy through and through, dude. Already have it paid off. It just so happens that much of the press surrounding the X1 has been negative, unfortunately. Wish it wasn’t the case.

          Look, as long as comments are respectful and aren’t intended to start a flame-war, It’s fine by me.

  • Vidalzinho

    what time EDT? 3am or 4?

  • Zheka

    And ima jizz in my pants!

  • Emre

    if i buy BF4 premuim can i get to play the beta?

    • SamRock

      Just wait for 3 more days.. you will be able to play the Open Beta for free. No need to buy the BF4 Premium

  • Marcin Kubica

    New Battlelog has also broken setting up matches, at least for PS3 😛

  • SamRock

    Preloaded and waiting.. 14 more mins!!

  • Jacqueline van Londen

    can anyone tell me how to download this on the Xbox360?