New Black Ops 2 Image Reveals Promotional Cover, More Ties to “Eclipse”

To add to the already large pile up of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 hints and leaks, new promotional cover art has hit the web revealing what looks to be the official Black Ops 2 logo as well as a clearer image of the mysterious soldier featured in recent teaser art.

This image below, provided by MW3Updates, shows what seems to be a promotional cover for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. While the Xbox 360 art is of the old style, the image of the soldier is much clearer compared to that of what we’ve seen up to this point and has also not been seen anywhere else on the web as of yet. You can compare this image with the orignal, blurry poster in this article. Obviously, the “Black Ops II” logo is something we have not yet seen either. Once again, the date reads 13.11.12, stating that the game will release on November 13th, 2012 as predicted earlier.

Additional clues to a potential gameplay feature discussed in our latest Black Ops II article have been discovered thanks to MP1st reader feraltomahawk. You may remember the recent FPSRussia video showing off the Prototype Quadrotor, also a potential killstreak hinted at in Black Ops 2, in which he wears a t-shirt labeled “Tacitus.” As feraltomahawk pointed out, Tacitus was a famous Roman Historian who wrote much of his work on aspects of war and the rule of the Roman Empire. The craziest part of this clue, however, lies in his connection to the word “eclipse,” which has been hinted numerous times already. Check out this excerpt from a book about his writings:

You can clearly see the word “eclipse” mentioned numerous times, referring to something about a soldier’s neglect. These clues could lead us to hints towards Black Ops 2’s story.

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  • COD needs a new refreshing box art, they all look the same since COD 4

  • The bit about Tacitus and the word “eclipse” is definitely interesting and I’m quite sure it actually is part of Treyarch’s whole promotional campaign, but the box art is so fake.  Name one good reason why it would have the old 360 art style.  And why would they have a promotional box cover already finalized in April?  Easily fan made, I could have put that together in a half hour….

  • yonzzu

    The cover is a clear fake. It does not fit the case too well. As you mentioned, the Xbox 360 part is not done using the current style. It’s also situated too high or cut badly. The case is black but should be green. Call of Duty logo is situated too high leaving almost no margin at all –  doesn’t look good. 

    If the cover was real, they would have also used “not rated yet” text instead of stating the game is rated 18.

    Wonder why the face happens to covered by a reflection? Because the photoshopper couldn’t make it look proper, even though he managed to enhance other parts of the picture.

    Somebody has had a long evening creating the cover. Too bad he didn’t pay enough attention to details.

  • KillerSparrowThing

    Has anyone noticed if this soldier in any pics has “Sally” with the tally marks etched into the left gun like the original blops soldier?

    • Skrying

       Or it could say mustang. That would be cool though.

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  • Darkfire

    This looks awesome

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  • Naths97

    i agree the cover does not fit the case propperly and something like that can be done on a computer easiely if you know how

  • ICEEY041

    yea its fake i checked the code and all it looks like is photo shop saying add shadows and stuff….. so this photo is now officially FAKE!

    • TheGogginator

      actually, I highly doubt that. Look at the recently confirmed stuff. Same exact font for the “II”

      • TheGogginator

        And the entire title, actually.

  • SvL98

    Why they should put the realease date on it? Very unlogic.

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