New Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details – Game Modes, Challenges, Player Card, Theater and Prestige

Call of Duty is seeing some major improvements and additions in Black Ops 2’s multiplayer – more that you might of initially expected.

We’ve already learned about some of the initial Black Ops 2 multiplayer features back in September, including Pick 10, scorestreaks and wildcards etc., but after having recently visited the Treyarch Studios down in Santa Monica LA, MP1st was fortunate enough to preview a slew of brand new multiplayer features and content that have yet to be revealed.

Though unable to attend the event in person, game design director David Vonderhaar put together an informative presentation detailing some the exciting new multiplayer goodness making its way to Black Ops 2 this November 13.

Game Modes


At launch, three modes will be playable with up to three different teams within the regular assortment of playlists. These three teams can be made up of three to four players. Treyarch calls these “3×3’s” and “3X4’s.” Multi-team game modes include:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Hardpoint

Party Games

Party Games essentially replaces Wager Matches from the original Black Ops. However, players will now be able to earn XP and rank up in the regular progression. Game types include:

  • Gun Game
  • Sticks and Stones (Yes, the crossbow and ballistic knife are returning.)
  • One in the Chamber
  • Sharpshooter

Combat Training

Combat Training is now integrated into the main game and will include three different modes at launch.

  • Bootcamp – In Bootcamp, players can rank up from level 1 to level 10 while gaining full experience. This playlist is solely made up of the Team Deathmatch game mode and pits one team of humans and bots against another team of human and bots. This eases the level of expectation placed on someone who may be new to the game.
  • Objective – Here, players can rank past level 10, but will not earn the full amount of XP. Once again, two teams made up of both humans and bots are pitted against each other in various objective-based game modes.
  • Bot Stomp – No XP is earned in Bot Stomp. Quite simply, a team of humans is pitted agains a team of bots – great for practice, map knowledge, and nailing down the basics of Call of Duty.


All game modes are customizable in Black Ops 2. Bots can be added to almost all game modes if a team needs filling out, for example. Players will also have the power to restrict content like certain attachments, perks and equipment. Interestingly, players will also be able to redesign the Pick 10 system to either a Pick 3 to Pick 17 system and anything in between. This can make for some extremely skill-based matches when weapons, perks and equipment are limited to only three slots. A slew of competitive settings and options have also been thrown in, including how FFA, TDM and CTS are scored, the ability to turn off 3rd person spectating, the ability to disable the announcer and a whole lot more.


Challenges reward players for almost anything and everything – ranging from simple tasks to more difficult feats. Completing challenges is ‘the’ way to unlock cosmetic content for your character which can be shared throughout all aspects of the multiplayer. These challenges, numbering in the thousands, also reward players with XP in order to level up even faster.

Every weapon in the game, including atypical weapons like launchers, knives and assault shields all have challenges for camoflage patterns. Once these base camos are unlocked for a weapon, a whole new set of challenges are unlocked to complete for special camos, including some interesting hidden ones.

These challenges also extend to optic reticles. There are a total of eight unique reticles for each optic that are all unique to that optic which can all help your aim and precision. Just for the lol’s, Treyarch has also thrown in a number of comical shapes, including a mustache, aka “The Steve,” as well as the “EOTech Zombie Stopper.”

In-game, these rewards show up as a neatly presented icon in the top center of the screen when earned and are reviewable in the after-action report.

Player Cards

Every Player Card in Black Ops 2 is made up of these elements: a background, a clan tag, a player’s matchmaking level and a player’s current League Play rank.

In the emblem editor, players will have up to 32 layers to work with. Objects can be flipped, moved, rotated, scaled and copied and pasted from one layer to another. The choice of colors has been improved and RGB color mixing can also be tweaked. The emblem editor now also supports transparency.

Should you choose not to create your own emblem, default emblems will also be provided. For those willing to get creative, more complex shapes will become available upon completing specific challenges. When it comes to backgrounds, over 150 are selectable, not all of which are simple rectangular shapes.


The theater mode in Black Ops 2 is back and has seen some major improvements while keeping all the same tools, including the dolly cam, from previous Call of Duty’s. The new Social Features allow players to bookmark gameplays so that they can be revisited, meaning it’s now much easier to go back and search for your favorite moments after a plentiful night of games. The Meta Data has been expanded to include score, captures and defends while the robust Community Filter can help sort videos to a player’s preference. Up and down-voting is now also included for both films and screenshots.

An extremely powerful new feature, the Highlight Reel, allows players to create a film with the simple touch of a button. Simply load a game in the theater, select ‘Hightlight Reel,’ and “bam,” the game instantly creates your very own montage of your most excellent moments. Settings can be customized, however, to expand or simplify the contents of your film. Further editing can be done once completed as well.

As previously mentioned, players can also CoDCast previously recorded games in order to either get some practice in, or create some nifty commentaries. Parties can now head into theater mode and watch videos together while having the ability to watch any player from a first-person perspective.

Treyarch has also doubled the amount of clips or segments that can be put together in one video – up to 20 in total. Additionally, clips can now be merged into each other, creating one big clip. The brand new Attach to Object feature, a brilliant addition, will let players produce some really fancy shots. By entering free-roam, objects that are selectable will turn green. When selected, the camera will simply follow that object as it moves throughout the gameplay. Objects can range from various scorestreaks all the way down to the rocket that is launched out of an RPG. This means you can now follow said rocket in slow-mo as it plows into your enemies face.


What everyone’s been waiting for.

Treyarch is handling prestige very differently in Black Ops 2. Once again, assumptions are being challenged. No longer is Prestige a “restart” as it was in previous Call of Duty titles. This time around, weapon experience and earned attachments are are carried over, as are all challenges.

Black Ops 2 is meant to be played all the way to prestige 10. Upon prestige-ing, tokens are rewarded to the player which can then be used to unlock what ever item you want forever, including items that you have yet to reach the required level for. On top of these tokens, an additional reward can be selected. These rewards include:

  • New create a class slot – Up to 5 extra slots.
  • Stats Reset – This is a complete wipe of all stats and unlocks. This is essentially like buying the game new.
  • Refund – This gives back all unlock tokens a player has spent so far that prestige level. This basically allows players to re-roll or re-spec their character.

Only at prestige 10 is absolutely everything unlocked for the player. It seems Treyarch really wants players to see it through to the end in Black Ops 2 in order to achieve 100% of the benefits.

Ambitious, indeed, is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s multiplayer, but that’s not even the half of it. There’s still Zombies. Treyarch is holding nothing back this year and is sure to prove that Call of Duty’s still got the magic. Stay tuned for more undead info, as well as our very own thoughts and impressions of the multiplayer gameplay.

Any of these new features in particular have you interested? Let us know in the comments below!

  • MassNERDerer

    Do you have a list of all the gamemodes? I assume this is not exhaustive. No Domination, etc, etc…

    • yep

      I think this was just showing the new game types. Of course they’ll have the obvious game modes they’ve always had.

      • MassNERDerer

        I’m curious about team tactical and others like the mixed objective, etc. So wondering if a complete list 🙂

    • Yeah not complete, unfortunately 🙁

  • Nemesis_96

    32 layers to work with, eh? Time for some insanely awesome emblems!

    • hjgh

      Or more dicks on screen. Just watch what happens.

  • So I read correctly? Character customization?

    • Just Pick 10 and some cosmetics like weapon camo. Didn’t get to see it all :S

      • ah crap, i wished we could choose camos for the soldier like in BF3. But did you see the Black Ops 2 preorder camo?

  • Jason

    I wish Battlefield had a Theater mode 🙁 maybe next gen!? I like COD and Halo’s Theater mode!

    • Nighthawk_0430

      From what Ive heard, BF4 is possibly getting a Theater mode, but it hasnt been completely confirmed yet

      • Jason

        I hope so, It’s definitely a game that you NEED a theater mode on from all the crazy stuff that goes on!

    • Brandon

      The game is already difficult for consoles to run well; theatre mode is out of the question for now given how expansive the game is (textures, graphics, environment, etc.)

      • RyGuy

        You do realize that all it loads are scripts right? Script files are nothing but text and the file sizes are usually pretty small. Current console hardware could easily do it, DICE most likely can’t patch in a huge feature like this. It most likely is something that has to be hard coded in.

  • NameName

    ‘Earlier in September’?

  • Looking forward to this game and I haven’t looked forward to a COD game in years.

    • I can’t wait for Blops2 Zombies 🙂

      • chang chong chung

        no doubt about that 😉

  • Patrick Bateman

    So now they’re stealing TDM, Multi-TDM, and Gun Game from BF3.
    *yawn*, call me back when COD does something original…

    • Because it’s not like TDM has been around since the early 2000’s or anything. And it’s not like Multi Team was in Halo or anything. And it’s not like Gun Game debuted on Counter Strike or anything. Hop off your high horse ya fucking BF3 kiss ass, learn some facts before you criticize!

      • Don’t flame BF3 because there’s a silly guy playing it 😉

      • Jason

        He does the same thing on BF3 articles about how BF stole this or that from COD lol he trolls himself!

    • Me

      Are you an idiot?

      • yes he seems to be..BF fanboys have an inferiority complex..BF stole the game modes from COD, not the other way around…lmao

        • Cj

          Don’t bash bf people.. That guy is just a moron

        • COD rips from other games, games rip from COD, it’s a vicious cycle.

        • Not all BF fans have an inferiority complex. It’s ignorant to say that. Basing a whole community because of one idiotic person (not talking about you, talking about Bateman). But yeah, BF did take all these modes from COD, not the other way around (like you said). The only thing I’ve never seen in a COD is the Multi-TDM.

    • Jason

      lololololol BF3 Gun Master is more copied off of Counter strike’s version and COD had it before BF. TDM…. that goes wayyyyy back lol. But i Will say Squad DM (MultiTeam DM) I have not seen that much besides BF. It’s called sharing not stealing! Geeeezzzzz Patrick!

      • sparx

        Halo my friend, halo had Multi Team matches which is multi team TDM, teams of 2 or three against 3/4 other teams.

      • sdf

        UT99, UT2004, UT3, Quake 2 & 3, halo, doom 1 & 2, etc all had MTDM.

      • Jason

        This is true! Forgot about Halo, I never really played much of UT.

      • Mr.Torres92

        And where you think COD’s gun game came from? Counter Strike. Search and Destroy came from Counter Strike too. So COD pretty much took game modes from PC game and implented them into their games. Bad company had gold rush which then IW made it into demolition just with a tweak.

      • ktorkel

        Multi Team was in Halo 2 + 3.

    • You are aware that BF3 wasn’t the first ones with any of those game modes you mentioned, right?

      • cheeseburger eddy

        patrick bateman is just some idiot who does not do research. he firmly believes in COD vs. Battlefield. and who stole what from who. most likely his opinion is cod stole from battlefield. but clearly there were games before these two too, just to agree with you

      • MultiTeam DM/Squad TDM is for BF3.

        • masada157

          Actually it’s for Halo 2

        • Tom000123

          Bf2 you had Multi tdm which was epic, looking forward to seeing the mode in Call of Duty 🙂

    • John

      haha omg Gun game was around in quake you dipshyte !!

    • I’m actually amazed that you believe this. Hate to break it to you, but Battlefield 3 didn’t create any of those game modes #knowyoursubject

    • Mission Accomplished

      Successful Troll is Successful.

      • Tom000123

        You are so right 🙁 once again people have veered off of the Black Ops 2 talk which was interesting until now 🙁 everyone grow up ffs

    • ktorkel

      Stealing TDM? From Battlefield 3? and Gun Game?! BF3 was the game that took Gun Game from the original Black Ops. And Gun Game originated from CS. It doesn’t matter if someone is stealing/copying someone’s game mode. It’s about who does it better/more fun.

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Ok, This may sound lame, but I am extremely happy that challenges carry over when you prestige, that was I can see what I still have to do 🙂 As for the rest of the article, Glad to see combat training back, along with Sticks and Stones. The new theater mode sounds awesome, and Challenges for Camos and some hidden camos? Hell yes!

    • Bleak5170

      Lame my ass. I will now prestige for the first time ever, lol.

      • Nighthawk_0430

        Haha, youve never prestiged? I prestiged in MW3 a lot, just because that was the cool thing to do (first COD Game for me), but figured out laterit was a waste of time. However, with what treyarch isdling, im definently prestiging to 10 in this game

        • Bleak5170

          Yeah I was just too lazy to do all the challenges over again. Personally, I just play COD to have fun – I don’t need that carrot constantly dangling in front of me to play a game. I’m old school, lol.

      • Neee MO


      • Same!

        • Ambrose94

          i prestige ten times in mw1, mw2, world at war, 15 time in black ops, and 20 times in mw3.

    • biggiehead

      that and the winter camo..or is that just me?

    • hey man you might be able to help me out. i ust bought BO2 and my party games arent workkng. BUT my other online multiplayer games are working just find. any suggestions?

  • DecoFreitas

    Will BO2 have an option to play with bots offline? Like Black Ops 1, when you go split- screen and select to add bots?

    • Yes, Combat Training.

      • Combat Training in Blops was NOT offline. You needed to be signed in to PSN/LIVE. What DecoFreitas is asking is: will Blops 2’s bot modes be playable without signing into PSN/LIVE – to which I would say probably not. If I’m not mistaken, the bot AI is delivered via online connectivity, and is not stored on disc.

        • Oops, my bad. Never realized that. Why would you want to “practice” for multiplayer if you can’t play it?

        • It was possible because I used to do it every single time my Xbox Live expired. I still do it now from time to time (and I haven’t had Xbox Live since June or July). What you do is go into Multiplayer > Local > (Forgot what it was called, but the options where you change the time/score limit) and there you can add bots. No need to be on LIVE/PSN.

  • Black Cops

    32 layers? Damn, and here’s me thinking that one penis was enough…

    • Outlawz

      I think it’s funny what emblems people make. Even if it is a penis. I don’t want COD to be censored. Clan tags will probably be censored again. :/

      • biggiehead

        I for one will be sad if they censor clan tags….I love my turtle (,=,e)

    • Joe

      Yeah, it’s brilliant bringing back custom emblems given all the time TA had to spend (aka waste) finding & banning people w/ inappropriate emblems. Sorry, the CoD community is not mature enough for that level of freedom.

  • Nemesis_96

    Is there going to be zombie theatre mode?:D

    • Ambrose94

      probably not… the games can take hours at the most and that is to long to through

      • cheaky!

        zombies is using the multiplayer engine so it is capable of capturing zombies but just not an entire hour long game! 😛

        • Tom000123

          My friends had a 9 hour long game on ascension so I doubt the theatre can capture that lol

  • sparx

    im sorry the ‘you only unlock everything once you hit prestige 10’ thing is totally unfair on people like me who don’t care about a little emblem, when i hit top level i should have everything, i don’t want to have to pour weeks and months into a game to unlock everything when i can do a prestige in a week or so, its completely unfair on players who don’t want to prestige.

    • Stephen Ngapare

      whats wrong with prestige? I agree it was terrible in other cod games since you lost everything(challenges/perks/attachments/guns unlocked). but in black ops 2 not only do you get some emblem thing you keep all your unlockables previously and still unlock things may take longer but prestiging now doesn’t have a penalty for going there. because lets face it if you prestige in MW3 you lose everything you unlocked/achieved which is stupid.

      Besides tell me why BO2 prestige is bad? In case you didn’t read. When you prestige. you keep EVERYTHING you unlocked/earned (like unlockables, guns, attachments, camos, perks). And every prestige level you get a ‘prestige token’ which you can use to refund your ‘unlockable tokens’ and use them to unlock other things you wanted instead of what you got first time round.

      • sparx

        theres nothing wrong with it, but i shouldn’t have to do it in order to unlock everything in game, fair play to the ones who want to, but people who don’t want to shouldn’t be forced to do so in order to play with weapons they didn’t unlock because of a decision they made at level 10, i just think its unfair.

        also i never said it was bad, i said it was unfair on certain players. i shouldn’t have to prestige because the game makes me so i unlock more things. its similar to having day one DLC the contents there but if i want it i have to do something i don’t like doing, i get you keep everything you’ve unlocked but there should be another way that you can unlock everything besides prestiging, XP gained once hitting level 55 (i think) adds to another unlock token that you can use or something along those lines, if you want to prestige go for it, if not you shouldn’t be limited in the weapons that you’re able to use. thats the point i’m making

  • James

    The emblem editor is back? You think Treyarch would have learned… I hate seeing sexual emblems every game. I shouldn’t have to report 5+ emblems a game just because Pervert McGee can’t control the thing in his pants and can’t get a real girl so he makes a pixel one.

    • Stephen Ngapare

      Well not exactly a bad thing. Not like all of them are Dick ones. besides if they want to be a dick head let them i suppose. Personally i prefer to make my own and be unique one of the things I did enjoy from black ops 1. But I do understand it is annoying.

  • cheeseburger eddy

    Where’s Faraz now?! still think this game is only worth 25 dollars?? ( people who check mp1st cod articles a lot will understand ) now about the info in the article, this is great, good steps in the right direction for cod, black ops 2 officially sounds the best cod game so far.

    • Faraz is a troll, just ignore him!

    • NejiHyuga900

      Yeah, BO2 will be my next favorite CoD game with all of the features it has given us.

    • faraz?

      • cheeseburger eddy

        yea man its this kid who only says negative comments on cod articles, mainly its only worth 25 dollars! or i wasted my money on this game! or fail game! kinda typical battlefield fan but i chose to actually fight back with this kid haha

        • RyGuy

          Doesnt’ mean he’s a Battlefield fan. They’re both great games in their own regards. Lets just leave it at that.

          • cheeseburger eddy

            i agree with you. but you dont know faraz. he is openly a battlefield fan. im not criticizing battlefield, just faraz who happens to hate cod and strongly supports battlefield

  • fgd

    I’m confused on the attachments & perks, are they all available from the start depending on how many tokens you have?

    I don’t want it like MW 2 & 3 where being a low-level player means you get screwed by higher-level players because you don’t have blind-eye and get destroyed by the killstreaks,

    I think BO1 did it best with all attachments & perks available from the start with guns unlocked with level-ups.

    • Stephen Ngapare

      i think its more unlock orientated this time around meaning itll be closer to what MW2 & 3 had. But in saying that it depends on what you choose to unlock. I think when you level it will go something like
      lvl XX unlock gun (choose one)
      lvl XX unlock perk (choose one)
      lvl XX unlock killstreak (choose one)
      lvl XX unlock tactical gear (choose one)

      and i think it recycles over and over til you get prestige 10.

      so unlocks are not set meaning if you invest right you can easily be like level 10 and still be competitive against those who are level 50 prestige 6. Although they will have more unlocked

      • fgdfg

        It’d better be than MW3/2.
        You know how fucking hard it is to level up something shit like AA12, so that it becomes useable?

    • I believe that its ONLY your weapon attachments, challenges and camos that carry over. Not the weapons themselves (UNLESS you use a prestige token on a particular weapon).

      So that means, in your next prestige, you will still unlock weapons as you did in the prestige prior, but once you have those weapons unlocked, they will be at the same level and have the same attachments/camos it did when you left it behind in the last prestige.

      Hope that makes sense!

      • fgd

        Makes some sense, but not exactly what I was asking.
        I was asking if BO2 has a similar sort of level-up unlocking to MW2/3, which left you disadvantaged agaisnt higher-level players.
        But no matter, I think, Stephen Ngapare has answered my question, I think.
        Sorry if the question wasn’t clear, maybe you can add to Stephen’s reply, since I’m not totally sure what’s going on with the level-up unlocking.

        • Nah dude, my bad! Didn’t really read your question right!

      • AUS-COD-player

        i heard as you rank up your gun you unlock attachments? do you unlock camo like this or by challenges? if so, what challenges do i need to do to obtain camo?

        • There are both camos for simply leveling up your gun, and camos for challenges like getting X head shots! Just like MW, MW2 days 😀

  • What are the weapons differences shown from Eurogamer? There are only a handful that we’ve seen from Gamescom.

  • Can someone further explain to me the prestige aspect. I go through the levels unlock say 50 items… Do i get to keep all of them when i prestige and then unlock the others afterwards or do i lose those 50 and get to pick any 1 item already owned or unowned to keep forever after the fact?

    • Stephen Ngapare

      I am sure it was pretty clear but.

      If what is said above is 100 percent true then.

      When you prestige, EVERYTHING (challenges completed, guns, Camos, attachments, perks, tactical gear,) is carried over to prestige 1 level 1. So what ever you had access to when you reach level 50 and then you decided to prestige you keep it all. YOU DON’T LOSE ANYTHING FOR PRESTIGING.

      so those 50 items whatever they are you keep in prestige 1-10. And you continue to unlock things. From what I have read here you will need to get to prestige 10 level 50 to have access to everything. And by everything I am assuming later prestige levels will be mostly for the playercard customization thing. Since i sure most guns if not all would be unlocked within first 2 or 3 prestiges.

      • bonzu pipenpabilopsicoblis

        just a heads up, there are 55 levels per prestige, not 50

    • You’ll lose your weapons, perks and equipment when you prestige, but once you unlock those weapons again, they will be at the same level and will have the same attachments and camos they did before (via the challenges that also carry over). That will not be lost.

      However, as mentioned, you can use a Prestige Token to keep a weapon (at any rank) unlocked as you Prestige.

      • So if thats the case how does one unlock all of the items? 50 levels plus 10 prestige tokens… can we assume then there are 60 items? When you are leveling up do you get a specific gun or ur choice of all ARs Snipers etc depending on which level it is?

  • I don’t get it.

    Is it the game mode Bot Stom, Bot storm, or Bot Stomp?

  • newagewolf

    alot of this is gold but i dont like the challenges carrying over when you prestige it means nothing now and only 10 also killing bots gets you XP im cool with that for new or bad players but will the bot kills count in you over all kills and KD they did in gears of war then we all will be haven high kd

    • RyGuy

      A lot of people on different sites are speculating that bots don’t add to your stats. The only thing you’d get from them are Rank XP.

  • will we have bots in zombies?

    • ktorkel

      Zombies are bots, unless you mean bot teammates.

  • Dtoxz

    WOW! This game sounds better every time! I was able to do quite a lot with the video editor in Ops 1, the new additions sound incredible. I take my best games and edit them in full to make them look like movies. I’ve learned to guide a dolly cam into someones back and press the camera switch button (manually timed) when it reaches the 1st person view, to make it a 3rd to 1st person seamless transition. I’ve gotten creative in a few games with that, and this just furthers my ability.

    Thank you Treyarch. You really show that you care by doing stuff like this

  • Dtoxz

    The ONLY thing that sucks about this game so far, is deciding what I wanna play first…

    • Dude. So true.

      • Dtoxz

        It’s honestly getting tougher by the day. I feel like the lil bits of info they throw at us isn’t enough, yet on the other side of the fence, I don’t wanna spoil the game.
        OH THE CHOICES!!! (runs around flailing arms)

  • jagar

    in all the cod games i never liked 2 prestige because it didn’t do much and i liked keeping all the weapon stats guns attachments camos ect.

  • HBK

    YES! Kill Confirmed is back from MW3! That was one of the few things that kept me going back to that game. I really feel it is one of the best game modes for COD. The pure killing of TDM, but extended in time, yet has the objective twist of domination so people are promoted to move around a little.

  • jagar

    but i have to say bo2 prestige sounds good and fun.

  • 32 LAYERS WOW!!!!! i want a gold knigfe or rpg or crossbow wait have they aid anything about camo for secondarys???

  • RyGuy

    Well, I’m sold now. Still not sure if I should get it at midnight though.

    • You should save your time waiting in line and get the game a couple days later.

      Also, this game might come out on the PSN/XBL store soon if you want a digital copy.

  • Blain

    Anyone know if they are going to fix the linking your YouTube account to Elite? Still can’t do it for MW3…

  • Hydrofoil Goat

    I feel compelled to point out the two mistakes in the first sentence: “more that you might of initially expected” should read “more THAN you might HAVE initially expected”. But on the note of COD, sounds good 🙂 I’ve always hated having my challenges reset when I prestige. I barely touched MW3, but I’ve been playing Blops on and off, so as long as it is better optimised this time around it should be good.

  • MysticMan

    Gold assault shield? Gold pistols? Gold Launchers? Gold CROSSBOWS?! I love you Treyarch!

  • I’m getting more and more hyped for this game. Treyarch, PLEASE don’t disappoint.

  • NeeeMO

    They added a CARBON FIBER camo!!!!! going to be hard to get just like gold!!!!

  • tru player

    black ops is the only game i prestiged all the way to the end mw2 5 or so and mw3 only 1. i just thought mw3 was a bad game for multiplayer. a lot of ppl didnt like black ops multiplayer but i like it treyarch does a good job.. oh and as for the custom emblems i think if ppl are childish enough that they make a stupid sexual emblem then they are to immature to be playing the game… so i am all for banning dumb ass ppl like that.. i thought it was awesome when they permanently banned the ppl.

  • Stefan

    I’m pretty annoyed at this, I don’t have time to get all the way up to Prestige 10. Also, I don’t want this to be the only game I play and I am probably going to be playing a lot of zombies.

  • I think there should be a system where you can only reach 10th prestige if your KD or W/L is 2 +, Then the word “Prestige” would matter but I guess noobs will just boost and it would encourage camping so good idea on paper but not so good when the community get’s hold of it. Of well that’s my 2 cent’s haha

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  • PandaFr3nzy

    WHOA WHOA WHOA? REPLY OR SOMETHING? I didnt see that the game mode s&d was returning, did i read wrong or something?

  • Martavius

    I wonder if they kept the audible thump to go with the hit markers when you shoot someone.Thats one of the main things that makes me like Black Ops over MW3

  • Eddie

    You guys should have team defender … It’s a real good ge mode that I think most people would agree that brings cod to life

  • O.o

    only 3 game modes?

  • Jaska666

    for SKYRIM!

  • Jaska666

    for SKYRIM!

  • darkbaddness

    Thank for the info

  • billy

    zombies again?

  • chris

    stick that emblem editor up your ass i and alot of other wanted character customization god damnit!

  • BlackOps2MP

    this is going to Revolutionize the gaming community…..

  • darktiger106

    Black Ops 2 is so awesome 😀

  • i just got BO2 and none of my party games are working? any suggestions??

  • i just got BO2 and my party games arent working! every time it says there is an “error loading the session” but my other online games work just fine. any suggestions?

  • BreastMilker

    Does anybody know the 11 team deathmatch unlocks? Ive done 10, wondering on the last one?

  • Hey anybody who knows about this…look, I’ve been trying to get weapon camo in local multiplayer ( offline) and my cousin got his weapon camo that was already there in game and all he downloaded was nuketown zombies and nuketown 2025. Does that have to do with anything? Someone please help! Wat do I need to do!!

  • xxxblackopshxxx

    I prestiged now for the scond time and i have gotten the creat a new weapon slot but neither of them show up. How can i use them? Or what can i do to make them appear??

  • shadow the unknow

    f you

  • shadow the unknow

    i so love call of duty but………….i love battleflide more,and gta4,and gta5!!!…………………………….

  • Nate Lawhon

    How do i use the optic i unlocked with the challenge? In the beginning i was unlocking them and i was using them automatically, then when i changed to the ACOG instead of the reflex for the first time i didnt stop receiving challenge accomplished notifications but i cannot use them now. I even tried going back to the reflex and it has me using the basic reticle, even though it shows that i received the challenge rewards in the barracks

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