New Black Ops 2 Personalization Packs Available on PlayStation 3 and PC

Last month, Xbox 360 owners voted for two brand new weapon camos and other small DLC goodies to become available in Black Ops 2 as micro-transaction.

In case you missed it, it recently became the PlayStation 3 and PC’s turn to vote for their very own DLC sets, which are now available on both platforms.

The winners were a tad different, however. Check them out below:


PlayStation 3 users can download the Dragon and Cyborg personalization packs through the in-game store or the PSN. Likewise, PC users can download the Paladin and Cyborg personalization packs through Steam.

Watch out for Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC this Tuesday, July 2 on Xbox 360 first.

  • James K

    People love cyborg…

    I personally don’t buy these camos but comic should have one. It’s a lot more creative and interesting than Paladin.

    • dieger

      true paladin looks like someone took a crap on the gun XD

    • I was going to vote for comics as my second choice….but then I figured out that I could only vote for one and my vote for cyborg was already locked in. What a shame, because I really was looking forward to the comics camo because it is indeed more creative. My favorite camo is graffiti.

  • VisceralVenom

    I’m Tea Bagging anyone numerous times and shooting their lifeless corpses if I see anyone with Dragon Camo when people had the opportunity to select Paladin. Did Playstation 3 owns try to compete with 360 owners? I don’t understand. Idiots.

    • Raymond Featherston

      Or they just thought Dragon was better……………….. P.S Teabagging really, how old are you 5?

    • Toxzik

      Oh no! Not the teabag! Everyone quick, go buy what this kid wants us to buy! What does this have to do with PS3 competing with Xbox you fanboy? You are the idiot….you make no sense. You’re right about one thing though, you clearly don’t understand……anything.

      • Raymond Featherston

        Hey I agree with you what a surprise, and that was meant as a compliment by the way.

  • Kieran Bowley

    I preferred to comic one, looked pretty good in my opinion.

  • the specialist

    those camos make the game look really bad.glad i didn’t buy bo2.i still play call of duty 4 modern warfare and call of duty modern warfare 2:)

    • Toxzik

      I agree. I went back to COD4 the other day though, shot someone and got NEGATIVE 2 billion xp. Reset back to level 1 with no playlists active. I can’t join a game unless someone Invites me. Be careful with the older COD titles. Since the devs pump this game out annually, they pay no attention to the older games. Too busy working on ghosts. The fucked up part is that its still being sold on the marketplace yet not supported.

      • Why would you play an older CoD game when you know that there is going to be hackers? You took a risk playing an older game and you paid for it. If you want you’re XP back I suggest you find ANOTHER hacked lobby that gives you an insane amount of points per kill, or even just for walking in the game.

        • Dtoxz

          I play on PlayStation where hacked lobbies don’t exist as much. I didnt know the lobby was hacked. Dont you think I would have backed out of it had I known that was the case? Read my post… I have no active playlists available to jump into another hacked lobby to pull myself out anyway. Its pointless to do so anyway. Why WOULDNT anyone e play COD4 over the crap they release today anyway? Why would you even ask me that? You act like what I did was abnormal or something.

  • WarBroh

    I don’t worry about camos because I’m straight. What happened to just STFU and play the game

    • Raymond Featherston

      “because I’m straight” what does being gay or straight have to do with this? A straight guy can possibly like having camos and a gay guy could possibly not care less, that is pretty offensive and knowing the community here you should probably hold your tongue in the future. ” What happened to just STFU and play the game” hmm it seems like you have not “STFU” nor does it seem like you are playing this game (that was an assumption, hypocritical contradiction much? I think yes!

  • z0ml3ie P1kachu

    Something about BL2 feels like it to their “arcade shooter” to the max. Like it really should be played in an arcade with plastic gun controllers. Idk if it’s camos like this, the rc cars, paper airplanes, or just the general corner jump every wall gameplay

  • Santiago Cianca