New Borderlands 2 DLC To Be Announced Soon, According To Gearbox President

As it was confirmed earlier by Gearbox’s president, more info on Borderlands 2’s next set of DLC will be arriving soon.

It looks like the people behind the shoot and loot RPGFPS are getting ready to unveil the latest Borderlands 2 add-on sooner then you’d expect. How soon, you ask?  Not later then this Saturday, according to a recent tweet from Randy Pitchford:


If the ending of Assault On Dragon Keep is any clue as to what we will be getting ourselves into, expect the six vault hunters to take a trip to the Hyperion moon base.

Additionally, those who own the Borderlands 2 season pass should not expect this upcoming DLC to be included within, since the four campaign add-ons that have been released so far were the only add-ons it was originally said to cover.

What would you like to see in the upcoming DLC?

  • Crushedminiegg121

    Moon Base would be cool, moon weapons and all that cool stuff 🙂

    • Thom

      it wont be moon weapons, it’ll be all hyperion, which is a shame as i don’t know of many people who like hyperion weapons.

      • Chad Eugene Rash

        The best shotgun in the game is hyperion.

        • dieger

          i personally enjoy jakobs

          • Chad Eugene Rash

            The Conference Caller with Bee shield will destroy raid bosses along with the Sandhawk.

            • WarBroh

              It’s kind of sad that they advertised a “bazillion” guns in BL2’s ad campaign but everyone runs around with almost the exact same guns & equip because they’re the only way to stay alive in UVHM– the DPUH, CC, Bee, Sandhawk.. etc.

              Endgame has devolved into 2 or 3 guns and lootfarming 4 boxes.

            • dieger

              …..the CC doesn’t work anymore with the bee combo…

      • Mike

        Hah Hyperion makes the best weapons in the game besides the DPUH..

  • James K

    Is this the last campaign DLC for BL2?

    • Victor

      BL3 is next

  • Chad Eugene Rash

    Damn you borderlands. You keep bringing me back.

    • WarBroh

      Finally you’re making some sense my man

  • dieger

    yeah ill wait though almost all the dlc in Bl2 season pass SUCKED ASS. with the exception of tiny tina and scarlett (although very bland environments ). nice characters though MR torgue was fun but the DLC missions were boring. but had the best raid boss

  • Kevin Garvey

    Love to see new weapons and also like more dlcs, hopefully make the dlcs a little more entreating like tiny tina

  • Hutson Burg

    Bring back eridian weapons

    • WarBroh

      No bring back BL1 revolvers. Mmm… pestilent defiler…

      • Joel Santana

        This. Revolvers and assault rifles were so much better in BL1.

        Don’t know how they screwed them up this badly.

        • Josh

          vladof assault rifles arnt that bad in bl2. but i do agree they were way better in the first one

    • Chad Eugene Rash

      They’re already in borderlands 2. There called E-TECH.

      • WarBroh

        I think he’s talking about the slow-charge but infinite ammo way the BL1 Eridian weapons worked

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  • WarBroh

    I doubt this will be additional campaign DLC. Its prob going to be more gear, MAYBE another playable class but thats a longshot. I could swear I read that Anthony Burch stated in an interview that DLC4 was the last campaign/story DLC.

    I’d actually love it if they ported some of the BL1 stuff forward so it was playable in BL2 all in one place.

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  • Josh

    hopefully they do a sneak peak to Borderlands 3 or whatever they have planned for the next game. this game series is one of the best ive played. i get too addicted to this game lol

  • dieger

    2 new dlc’s and a level cap increase

  • Lol

    I’m pretty sure Sir Hammerlock is a pretty cool guy and all, but after seeing his face for three days straight on MP1st, I’m starting to dislike him already.

    We crave for moar news, MP1st; YOU MUST FEED US 😀