New Call of Duty: Ghosts Personalization Packs Include Captain Price, Space Cats, and More

New customization options are coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts this week, including the return of some memorable Ghosts campaign characters, the return of a fan-favorite Modern Warfare character, and some space cats.

Infinity Ward is launching an array of Personalization Packs and character skins this Tuesday, February 18, for $1.99 each, not included in the Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass. As per usual, the DLC will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace first, coming to other platforms at a later date.


The same personalization packs and soldier skins will be hitting PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC users on March 25, says Infinity Ward.

Check these more unconventional weapon packs below:







Space Cats


You’ll also be able to outfit your squad members with outfits based on some of the characters from Call of Duty: Ghosts’ single player campaign. Check out the new skins below:









As was hinted yesterday, Captain Price from the Modern Warfare series makes a return as a playable multiplayer character, along with a brand new Personalization Pack including a weapon camo, player patch, reticle, and player background. The Captain Price Legendary pack will cost $3.99 in the online store.

Captain Price

codghosts_microitems_price_items codghosts_microitems_price_meme

Lastly, additional loadout slots will also be made available, increasing each of your soldier’s slot capacity to 10, if you so desire.


Again, each item listed above drops this February 18 for $1.99 each, with the exception of the Captain Price Legendary pack for $3.99, not included in the Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass.

Any personalization packs or character skins you’ll be picking up this Tuesday?

Thanks, OneOfSwords, for the info.

  • Matthew Robertson

    Okay, the Space Cats camo is my favorite thing from Call of Duty!

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy


    • Zachary Myers

      I don’t see how they’re the thieves when we are voluntarily giving them money.

      • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

        Where did he say they were thieves?

        • Zachary Myers

          What if I said that your TV belongs to me. That would indicate that I have plans to take it without your consent or permission.

          • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

            Figurative language my friend, what this implies is that people’s money “belongs” to them because so many people would purchase those items. This doesn’t imply thievery at all unless you take it literally, which is not how it was meant to be taken. I’m going to assume you are not far enough in school to have delved deeply into the topic of figurative language, but if you just missed it here is your opportunity to learn a little about identifying it.

            • Jason Lane


            • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

              Haha, me or him?

            • Jason Lane

              Oh him for sure. You attacked the mans education. You bring the thunder when it is called upon.

            • Zachary Myers

              If someone your money belongs to us because you gave them that cash voluntarily, then you’re right, it does belong to them now. What I personally don’t get is how people hate being charged for DLC content, especially when it’s so cheap. The devs gotta eat too, you know.

            • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

              You still miss the figurative language, nobody here was complaining about this with that picture. I agree obviously they need to make money, but you still miss the joke of that picture.

  • Zachary Myers

    Space cats, circuit, and Keegan I’m buying 😀

  • MegaMan3k

    Those camos are utter garbage.

    • Zachary Myers

      Well then, don’t buy em 🙂

      • MegaMan3k

        Their existence offends me.

        • Zachary Myers

          Well, you better get used to it because you’re going to be seeing them quite often on other people’s weapons.

          • MegaMan3k

            That’s what bothers me.

  • Jason Lane

    We used to get 10 slots for free 🙁

    • commandoPRO

      well i guess they’re getting desperate. lol

      • Jason Lane

        Yea this looks planned. I’m sorry for the grown up language but this is fucking stupid.

    • IceKoldKilla

      True but in my case I never use more than 3 in a game. Mostly 1-2.

  • Mr. Thuggins

    Glad to see that they don’t take themselves too seriously with the Space Cats camo. None of this shit floats my boat though. I shouldn’t have to buy extra loadout slots or camos for my weapons.

  • WasabeJuice

    First comes the dog and fish, now cats and ducks. IW is animal friendly.

    • dj

      I’m sure that is supposed to be a comment, no?

  • Zebalot

    Call “borderland 2” of Duty skins modification ….:-)

  • MeisseN

    So Extra Slots (which we were able to get free) but not Class Sets like in BO2 so gimme dat money

    + Singleplayer character skins without any additional work, just take that from Singleplayer and gimme dat money

    + Price skin that looks identical to the MW3 counterpart, take that from MW3 and GIMME DAT MONEY


    • CoDforever

      I can accept Price because he’s gonna have to get remade for next gen

  • Jason Lane

    I was thinking how cool it would be if they gave us character skins from other games. In fact, just make a FPS all star game like Nintendo does with fighting games in Smash Bros. Master Chief, Duke Nukem, Turok, whoever Battlefield has. Throw them all in one pile and let em go at it.

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  • Scorpion

    Those multi-player skins. Selling us content we already own?? Within the same game!!?? Shame on You Slactivision!!

  • Emre

    they sucking your money.

  • Conor Hayes

    How much will these be in £

    • Lorcan


  • Leon

    I am not going to touch it even with a long stick. Neither any game made by IW in the future.

  • jamie

    i think it will be good

  • IceKoldKilla

    I miss the old days of Multiplayer games on PC (not big on consoles in those days) when devs were more in control of their own game and actually made stuff purposely for the fans and FOR FREE! Then big publishers saw a money making machine and expoited it and still are. I feel other games copied CoD’s DLC success which sucks for us the fans/consumers. Now they ask for your money (season passes) before the DLC releases to guarantee they make money off of us. Most of the times DLC already being made before the game releases to have it ready ASAP!