New Call of Duty: Ghosts “Squads” Trailer

Infinity ward is introducing Squads to Call of Duty: Ghosts this Fall, a brand new game mode that allows you to build your own set of soldiers to fight in co-operative and competitive multiplayer battles, both online and off.

Check out the latest trailer from the studio, giving you a few more details on Call of Duty: Ghosts Squads.

“Squads introduces a whole new level of competition to Call of Duty: Ghosts,” reads the latest press release. “Combining the unrivaled Multiplayer experience with cutting edge AI, Squads lets you play a variety of new game modes with your customized squad-mates. Play solo against another player and their squad, or cooperatively with friends, competing versus an AI-controlled squad. Best of all, the XP earned in Squads is directly connected to your Multiplayer progress!”

What’s your interest level in the new Squads feature?

Call of Duty: Ghosts launches November 5.

  • Guest

    BLOPS Bots then?

  • Wiking

    If the AI is good, it could be fun.

  • 0:34 Don’t you ever say there’s no recoil in CoD!

    Kinda liking this idea, though I don’t know how good the AI are really going to be..

  • zacflame

    I’m just going to ignore the IP until Treyarch comes in with one that’s the same thing but 10% better.

    • CoDforever

      huh ?

      • zacflame

        Every 2 CoD games are like this. Whether they are good, bad, awful, amazing, disgusting, spectacular.

        IW’s is what defines what it will be, 3Arc’s is 10% better.
        CoD4 Great, [email protected] Amazing.
        MW2 Amazing(but then awful soon after), Black Ops Orgasmic.
        MW3 awful, Black Ops 2 disgusting.

        • CoDforever


  • That guy you might know

    When I looked at the Safeguard part all that went through my ears were
    “We took Survival from MW3 and tried to make it less shitty, gave it a different name and added an extra 2 player amount”. I don’t think anyone can openly say Survival was even playable after the first month or two. Then they added Clusterfuck mode or Chaos mode, and that was self explanatory.

    Just stick to Spec Ops and you’ll be fine, and don’t use the same dumbass AI Treyarch used.

  • Beastshaw

    ZOMG!! 6 Man Squad > 5 Man Squad! Ghosts > BF4!

    No really though this is just combat training with customizable teammates named Squads…absolutely nothing exciting about. I’m seriously trying to figure out why they would name it “Squads” (wink wink BF4).

    • Because Battlefield invented and patented squads before the military ever existed….

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      can we stop this cod vs bf thing, its not fun anymore

  • Ricardo

    So basically this is Combat Training from the Black Ops series just with a better twist? I’m confused about this guys anyone care to explain?

    • James K

      Safeguard= Survival

      Squad vs. squad = Combat training with more and less customization.

      Warfare= Human squad vs. human squad.

      • CoDforever

        Note that Safeguard is survival with bots

  • Joshua Choate

    the comment about a sniper with dead silence acting like a “real sniper” about made my spit my soda all over my PC. If that’s the case, then logic dictates that Sniper Rifle+Extreme Conditioning = QS’er…..

    • James K

      You did the math wrong.

      Sniper Rifle+ Extreme Conditioning= Mobile Sniper.

      Here’s the correct equation.

      Sniper Rifle+ Quickdraw= Quickscoper.

      • CoDforever

        You can put quick draw on a sniper anymore. Well idk bout that but in Black ops You couldnt do that FOR SURE.

      • Joshua Choate

        true that. forgot about the quickdraw 😀

    • CoDforever

      He’ll run quickly to other sniper spots ?

  • James K

    I glad there’s more support for micro-clans or groups in the game and in Elite. If a group are tired of public pub stomping and want some degree of challenge, Squad vs. Squad is a place for welcome.

    • CoDforever

      LOL its not restricting its “getting rid of all the bullshit”. This is nothing like league play, wtf ? its normal 6v6 with bots this time – league play is 4v4 with competitive rulesets

      • James K

        I changed my comment.

        • CoDforever

          Sorry ? didnt catch it in time

  • CoDforever

    To be honest, im a HUGE call of duty fan, but for Ghosts I am not Hyped AT ALL. Im just “yea its coming in a few weeks whatever” i dont know why the hype is just deaaaaad. Like the same time last year and the year before that, i was dead excited for black ops 2 and MW3, Black ops 2 zOMG !!!! I like scavenge the hell out of the internet for info like everyday ! Ghosts is just feels like whatever man, I just dont know whyyyyy.

    • I know exactly how you feel, still interested to see how it runs on Next Gen tho

  • CoDforever

    Everyone Safeguard is not just MW3 survival, its MW3 survival with BOTS.

  • Ricardo

    2:20 please don’t tell me that’s the new target finder…

    • Nope! Check out what Mark Rubin had to say about it:

      • Ricardo

        Thanks for the heads up so it’s not a target finder but it can see through smoke I guess that’s fine by me no biggie there just got scared seeing how the body of the guy was outlined in yellow. 🙂

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