New Gears of War Title Confirmed For Xbox 360

Game Informer teases the magazine cover of their July issue revealing Epic’s next Gears of War title for the Xbox 360.

“We can confirm that our next cover is the new installment in the Gears of War series and is coming to Xbox 360,” writes Game Informer. The image of the cover below teases the silhouette of a man in hand-cuffs being brought somewhere through some sort of tunnel. Who could he be and where are these soldiers/guards taking him?

It’s unknown whether this will be a another numbered Gears of War title (GoW 4), a prequel or, perhaps, some sort of spinoff. Either way, we’ll have to wait until this monday, June 4th, to find out.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • I pray this is the Pendulum Wars era of Gears of War. It’s the #1 request from GOW fans.

    • Nick Calandra

      Probably won’t be due to the reavers in the background. Probably has something to do with Emergence Day

    • I’m thinking Pendulum Wars as well. Either way, I’m a huge Gears fan. Can’t wait for this.

  • Sabi

    I call a prequel

  • Jackson

    Still releasing games for that old box, wow.

  • Probably a prequel. Marcus was imprisoned at the start of GoW1. This is probably the story of how he got there.

  • meh never liked the GOW series its horde mode looks cool but i played one on PC hated it still hope fans of the series like it 🙂


    i think its something to do with e-day coz in GOW3 the queen says adam has been working on it for 20 years that was before e-day began before E-day

  • DoYouReallyWant2Know?

    Gears of war still exists? Jesus christ. A fourth wont make sense i assure you.