New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Show Off Even More GTA Action

Over the past few days, the team behind Grand Theft Auto V, Rocktar Games, has been slowly releasing new screens of their upcoming sand box shooter that showcases a plethora of activities you can be sure to indulge in once it arrives September 17th on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Check out a whole new set of action-packed screenshots below:

If you’re still itching for more GTA V goodness, check out the trailers for Franklin, Michael And Trevor right here.

  • Sheldon


  • Chance GM

    Will we actually be able to fly the plane?

    • jonchr2

      simple answer: YES and we go scuba diving.

      • Goldensgods

        IN A SUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Battlefield Support

    GTAV: Run around and drive a bit

    BF4: Run around, climb into a tank, blow up enemy bases, then enter a helicopter blow up enemies in an epic display, and then put C4 onto a jet and kamikaze an unsuspecting sniper.

    Gee, I wonder which one sounds more fun…

    • DuHasst187

      GTA V: Run around a bit in the open world, grab a jet, get a 6 star wanted level, take out said helis, bail out, land in world surrounded by cops, jack a car any car, break the window out, bust caps at cops bashing through a road block, dip into an alley way, hop on foot, run through alley, get a different car, drive away unnoticed. Call a homie and hit up Burger Shot.

      BF4: BF3.5

      I mean really? I love Battlefield and play a little everyday, but GTA V has so much more to offer. Huge open world, open world multiplayer, 200+ vehicles (including planes, jets, helicopters, cars, trucks, and most likely some sort of tanks), tons of weapons, 3 playable characters that intermingle, sure to be epic storyline. I can go on for days.

      • Joel Santana

        As much as I like BF, I agree with you. There’s a ton of more things to do in GTA games compared to Battilefield games.

        • jonchr2

          can we really compare the two??

          • MegaMan3k

            With an open mind, any two things can be compared and contrasted.

            • Niosus

              I beg to differ. Try comparing the color red and the number 5.

              You can compare elements of the games, but comparing those 2 games as a whole is stupid. One is a competitive online shooter with a linear SP as little bonus, the other is a vast open single player sandbox with a “for fun” MP mode.

              We could just as well start comparing Battlefield with World of Warcraft… It just doesn’t make any sense at all…

            • MegaMan3k

              Both Battlefield and World of Warcraft are class driven games that feature competitive matches in which two teams try to capture and hold strategic points on the map. In both games, players can unlock upgrades – cosmetic and otherwise – by accomplishing specific feats and achievements. They have differing artistic directions, with Battlefield achieving a pseudo-realistic color gradient and World of Warcraft having a pastel color palette and exaggerated cosmetic angles. For map design, both games feature somewhat open areas with players funneled together by choke points – both geographic and objective oriented. Since inception, Battlefield and WoW have both featured recurring expansion packs and content bundles, although World of Warcraft’s content expansions are generally larger.

            • Goldensgods

              How about ones FPS and the other RPG? TOTALLY DIFFERENT

            • MegaMan3k

              That would be a contrast. Do you understanding “comparing and contrasting?”

            • W3GOKU

              Crazy person right here ^^^

            • Niosus

              Yeah you got me there, after I wrote it I realized Battlefield has more in common with World of Warcraft than GTA…

              Even though a lot of what you say about WoW is not true at all. You only described the Battlegrounds in WoW, which you can entirely skip if you feel like it. You can just as well do cooperative battles (which in my opinion are more fun… always been a raider 🙂 ). the map in WoW is 100% open. You can hop on your mount and fly anywhere…. literally anywhere. And the only way to get gear is by drops or by buying it (with gold or other currencies).

              But like I said. You can compare elements, but not the complete game. Can you try telling me if Battlefield is a better game than WoW? You can say stuff like BF2 > BF3 because X. Or CoD is more fun than BF because the matches are shorter. Or maybe I like Shootmania more because it’s back to the basics for online shooters. You can do that because you have a large common ground so single arguments can push games in one direction or the other. Without that common ground those arguments become less and less significant and more and more subjective to each person. If I say I like riding my bike more than playing Battlefield. How can you even start arguing with that? They are so different and I just happen to prefer one over the other.

              The same goes for the GTA vs Battlefield argument. The stuff you can do in GTA but not in Battlefield and the other way around is not even worth talking about. The games are so different that is doesn’t matter. If you don’t like online FPS games you will ALWAYS prefer GTA. You can make up your own mind, but having an objective discussion about which is better or worse is just pointless (considering there are no big technical issues and they both deliver on their promises).

              Last example: You can’t say vanilla flavored ice cream is better than strawberry unless there is a big quality difference (technical issue). You can have a preference, but that’s personal. You can say the vanilla at X is better than the vanilla at Y, because there is a lot of common ground and they both try to achieve the same thing (vanilla flavor). Have you ever seen people discuss about why their ice cream flavor is better than your ice cream flavor? I haven’t… Arguing about completely different games is just as silly as arguing about ice cream flavors. It comes down the preference. Period.

            • MegaMan3k

              Comparing and contrasting doesn’t necessarily say which is better. It just talks about similarities and differences.

              And I haven’t played World of Warcraft in so so so many years. Sorry if I got things wrong. But I think the idea came across well enough.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Boom Brain bomb ovet here

            • DanDustEmOff

              If you had synitesia you could easily compare the colour red and number 5.

      • jonchr2

        there’s no need talking to this “battlefield support”, i’ve seen several of them, all probably from the same man who most likely lives in his divorced mother’s basement.

      • Goldensgods

        I really hope Battlefield 4 isn’t a 3.5 but what gameplay we’ve seen it looks like it will be, but anyway back on topic I think GTA 5 is going to be awesome! One of the reasons I loved San andreas was because of the aerial vehicles and jets and shit, GTA 4 looked so dull yet this looks so bright =)

      • TheTruthHurts

        DuHasst 1, Battletroll 0.wned

      • Jason Davis

        I agree with what you say EXCEPT BF3.5? What the FUCK is that, If you love BF then why would you down it? Every BF game has been different and unique, but you judge a single video demonstrating the campaign and everyone calls it BF3.5? It’s called BF4 silly! Oh and GTA is da shit!

        • Goldensgods

          Take a BF3 clip and then compare it to the BF4 clip, looks similar to me in terms on graphics, now gameplay/controls won’t change much because they’ll play it safe and they will use similar varieties of guns. So what is left to look forward to? Well new features, new game modes, maybe new vehicles? What got be excited about bf3 was the jets ( only thing I flew in bf2 were jets) maybe they’ll add subs? Who knows.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Yeah hopefully you can use the jets this time.

    • Fox Mulder

      are you really comparing Battlefield to Gta V??

      • TheTruthHurts

        Like comparing cancer to Santa Claus

        I love both games, I’ve clocked more hours in BF3 than GTAIV but not by much and BF just tends to piss you off and raise your blood pressure even if you’re dominating just because of all the braindead little turds in the same game which always find a way to grind on your nerves, whereas GTA and by extension games like RedDeadzredemption are just pure joy.

    • In GTA you can drive tanks, you can even fly a heicopter and a jet it wouldnt surprise me if they include c4 in the new one either, in multiplayer i bet you can even kamikaze into a sniper if you wanted, something tells me you’ve never played a GTA game before.

    • Zwabber046

      In GTA V you can put C4 on your jet, explode the C4 while you’re in the jet. You can drive in a tank, you can blow enemies/civilians up in your chopper.

      Your point is invalid

      • Goldensgods

        Yeah cause putting C4 in a jet and blowing it up while you’re in it is such a great idea

    • funny thing is though, none of this stuff is dynamic in BF4. It will happen the same way it happened the previous time.

  • MegaMan3k

    I enjoyed GTA4 but was ultimately not that thrilled for GTA5… until I read about all the heists stuff and the escalating nature of missions and SOLD. SO SOLD.

    And if the gunplay feels like Max Payne 3 then I don’t even know how I will contain myself at all.

    And if HEALTH scores the game then yes please Rockstar please

    • TommyBoy

      Oh my, YES!..And i just..Jizz’d in my pants!

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    This game is gonna be F**king sick plain and simple and every GTA fan knows it. And all these screens and videos just make it look more and more amazing.

  • Kyle Jackson

    Just came here and see that people are talking about Battlefield on a GTA post. I love Battlefield (See, even I’m doing it now) but this is about GTA. Oh and Rockstar, is it too much to ask for 1, just 1 little gameplay clip? I’m starting to get sick of cutscenes and photoshop pics 🙂

    • leeroy_newman

      Why not be more patient, more you wait, more the game will be better 8D

      • Kyle Jackson

        This GTA was first announced on October 25th 2011, it’s now May 2013, patience is fair enough, but not 1 gameplay vid in over a year and a half is a bit long.

  • Zwabber046

    Why couldn’t we fly in planes/jets in GTA4?
    Ooh, first picture, thunder

    I hope cheats will be able to do just from in the car or so, instead of the stupid phone, and I want cars to fall out the sky again like in Vice city, that was fun

    • Apparently it was due to the map size.. which is understandable. GTA IV’s map was pretty small if you had planes you’d be able to fly across the city in about 15 seconds. I know the Shamal from San Andreas was in GTA during its beta stage but was later removed.

  • I enjoy GTA and all, but the hype for this game is a bit rediculus.

  • Just saying

    I can’t wait for the game and they keep releasing these pictures that just makes me want it now.

  • buttfacebob545

    Holy shit… the visuals are amazing!

  • GTAV is on my Radar, But nothing that I’ve seen so far has excited me nor has anything I’ve seen not been featured before in a GTA/Freeworld game.

    Watchdogs on the otherhand… Now that looks like something I haven’t experienced (But Really want to) before.

  • Hot-Wire

    Grove street 4 life!