New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Details – Co-op Confirmed

Since the reveal of Danger Close’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter only a few days ago, many fans have taken up the hunt for further details for both the single, and multiplayer.

Luckily, the NeoGAF forums detailed some of the things we can expect from one of 2012’s hottest shooters. Starting off with the competitive multiplayer, it seems that Medal of Honor: Warfigher “will include various international tier 1 factions (British, Australia, German, Polish) and some kind of one-shot, one kill hardcore mode.” As for other game modes, “there will also be a co-op mode, but the game won’t have full campaign co-op.” Interestingly, developers also stated, “there are hooks in our multiplayer that are… different.”

The full list of details can be viewed below:

  • Developed by Danger Close (both single and multiplayer)
  • Frostbite 2.0
  • Releasing October 2012
  • The story continues to be about Tier 1 Operators.
  • The story is also written by Tier 1 Operators, and loosely follows actual events and operators.
  • Now working with over 24 operators for information and feedback, since they were quite happy with MoH1 and a lot more volunteered to help.


  • Besides just the missions, the game’s plot line will focus on the personal issues operators face. One example given is about a strained phone call between an operator and his wife.
  • The main characters of the previous game return.
  • One of the missions takes place in Isabela City in the Philippines after it has been flooded by a typhoon, creating a Venice like scenario with knee high water.
  • Again, as it’s based on real events, they don’t want the game to feel like a Michael Bay movie, so you won’t see things like the Eiffel Tower exploding.
  • However, since it is Frostbite 2, you will see things like the level chipping apart, papers flying, chandeliers swinging, and other things that are more plausible in a combat situation.
  • You will sometimes have multiple choices when faced with a situation. One example given is during a hostage rescue, you reach the door to the room the hostages should be in. You can either kick it in, C4 it, throw a grenade in, or use a flash bang. This will presumably change how the next part plays out tactically.
  • The rest of this section involves trying to escape the city with two hostages in tow and one of your teammates bleeding out. It’s implied there’s some kind of time pressure here, but not explicitly stated if there’s a clock.
  • OXM notes that the biggest difference between the game’s campaign and other modern warfare shooters will again be tonal, so if you’re wondering if you will like the game’s campaign, ask yourself if you want a more polished/improved version of Medal of Honor 2010.
  • Presumably, this is the mission that may be demonstrated at their March 6th conference.

Let us know your thoughts about Medal of Honor: Warfighter in the comments below and stay tuned to MP1st for more details!

Thanks, EGM

  • Jacobkim12

    Looking forward to this!!

  • Oliver Cooksey

    Me to mate. Was a big fan of the series, especially rising sun. I’m hoping this co-op will be similar to that of rising sun being split screen campaign (not full). Frostbite 2 would look beautiful in this game,I can all ready see the floods 😀

  • Esche1onX

    The Mutiplayer was the only problem with MOH2010, it felt incomplete and I HATE Faction-based weapons. Just give a weapon selection COD-style. And that’s all I want.

    • Esche1onX

      From COD…That’s it.

  • Gameguy21

    One shot one kill hard core! Can i get a fuck yeah

  • what i want
    1. co op survival mode
    2. longer campaign (atleast 10 hours)
    3. something to make it unique (destruction, weather effects, gun jamming, etc.)
    4.MOAR BEARDS!!!

    • BEARDS are the most WANTED!

    • Engineer

       I like the ideas, except for the gun jamming. Far Cry 2 tried that and it was extremely annoying. There’s a line between realistic and fun in video games. If you go completely realistic, the game is no longer fun.

      Now, if there was some type of scripted event during the campaign where your weapon jammed during a crucial moment, that’s fine. I just don’t want my weapon randomly jamming up all of the time.

      •  it was something unique though made it different from cod and the such it was annoying but its actually the only reason i played FC2 that and the weapons

    • Ryan

      read lions of kandahar in the meantime

    • Ryan

      read lions of kandahar in the meantime

  • Ptp18

    i could care less… where is my BF3 expansion ( i dont call it DLC because it offers so much more then the lame CoD could offer)   WINNING

    • LMAO what a fucking moron. all BF3 offers is camping camping & more camping oh & lets not forget camping. Theres a reason why no EA game every beats Activision.

      • Engineer

         I hope you realize that there’s more camping in Call of Duty than there is in Battlefield. The maps are so small and claustrophobic in Call of Duty that the little children who play the game decide to sit in every corner possible. There’s very little camping in Battlefield because people who play that game actually care about winning as a team and using actual teamwork as to Call of Duty players who just care about their K/D ratio and screaming over the voice chat. Furthermore, in Battlefield you can destroy walls and cover that someone might be behind, you can’t do that in Call of Duty.

  • Teamkiled

    Sorry, I want more COOP (more than 4 players) – I need something to get into where I know I am not fighting HACKING C.NTS. PLEASE MORE COOP – MORE MORE MORE MORE…. PLEASE.

  • I enjoyed the first MoH, but it didn’t blow me away. Hopefully Danger Close can build on top of what the first game did, especially if they are developing both parts this time around.

  • Rocky007

    Im looking forward to this game, but please dont let there be input lag like BF3 on PS3. and the VOIP has to work on day one.

  • Puckrazy1

    Loved the MoH campaign, but it was way too short. I’m sure they heard that one loud and clear. Looking forward to what DC comes up with for MP and co-op. I’d love to see them do some old school SOCOM modes like extraction or demolition.

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  • Anonymous

    Another military FPS. Oh joy.

  • Zxman351

    I liked the game but i want the weapon upgrades back in the campaign from airborne. that would be really nice.

  • I hope they bring flashbangs for multiplayer….That something that BF3 is missing

  • Sbeckner72

    Loved the MOH multiplayer maps, they just needed MORE. There were only 5 maps for “combat missions” the most popular game mode which is the equivalent of “Rush” game mode in Battlefield. All the maps should be available in each game mode. The weapon art was and audio was incredible as Dice always does. I am concerned about the quality dropping since Dice is not involved. The campaign had horrible mechanics such as feeling as though I was running in molasses or slow motion. Just horrible.

  • About time!

  • About time!

  • As

    This game will have a split screen multiplayer.. i mean 2 players on the same ps3 offline?

    • As

      sorry.. Will this game have a split screen mode to play 2 players on the same ps3 offline?… sorry my bad english

  • Can I ask if this game is a Coop of US and Philippine Army it’s kinda intrigues me :))

  • fan1

    is there a split screen co op offline game play?