New Modern Warfare 3 Terminal Easter Egg, Care Package Glitch Being Looked Into and More

Terminal was released on Modern Warfare 3 earlier today for Xbox 360 Elite subscribers, and will go live tomorrow for everyone on Xbox 360. So, we decided to compile the latest news and cool finds regarding the Modern Warfare 2 fan favorite map.

New Easter Egg

Redditor jgmcelwain has spotted a new Modern Warfare 3 Easter Egg in the newly released map Terminal. There’s a common factor to all of the destinations listed on the following sign, can you guess what it is?

Well, there’s a Modern Warfare 3 map set in all of the cities/continents:

  • NYC – Downturn
  • Morocco – Seatown
  • Paris – Resistance
  • Siberia – Outpost
  • Afrika – Village/Mission
  • Prague – Lockdown
  • London – Underground
  • Thailand – Bootleg

Care Package Glitch

In case you ran into the care package glitch on Terminal (if not you can see here), don’t fret, Mark Rubin is on top of it. He stated on Twitter regarding the glitch, Infinity Ward is “looking into it. Has nothing to do with Terminal.” We update this piece or publish a new one when the glitch is ironed out.

Small Glitch From MW2

It seems the invisible wall on the bridge leading to the plane hasn’t been patched up, as you can see in the video below:

Have you had a chance to play on the new map?

  • I remember in MW2 there was an easter egg with the box of a CoD game, did anyone check out if it returns or if it has changed?

    • Yeah I did, it’s there alright. Only problem with this easter egg thing is that Bootleg is in China(according to the description of the map),

  • Like a Boss

    I say leave the fake wall. Too many campers in that plane back in Modern Warfare 2.

  • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

    I played once in this map yesterday and it was full of snipers camping. Campers sucks!

    • kby

      Weird. For a moment I thought you were supposed to “camp” with a sniper rifle.

      • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

        No… I was not… snipers were camping.

  • I’ll be honest, I played 28 days of MW2 and never knew you could do that.