New Personalization Packs Hit Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Tomorrow on Xbox Live

New personalization packs are coming to Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tomorrow, April 29.

The micro-DLC will be making it’s way to Xbox Live members first, as usual, coming to PlayStation Network and PC users at a later date. You can pick up each for $1.99 USD in Black Ops 2’s in-game market place.

Here are the details, courtesy of One of Swords.


Paladin Personalization Pack: You’ll look particularly regal when you win the Game of Drones.


UK Punk

UK Punk Personalization Pack: Inspired by the metal-studded 1970’s UK punk rock scene.



Afterlife Personalization Pack: Harness the spirit of Alcatraz inspired by BOII’s Mob of the Dead.



Comics Personalization Pack: POW! BAM!!! PEW PEW PEW…


  • MegaMan3k

    Disgusting. I detest these packs for so many reasons.

    • So far I havent seen one interesting in all the packs they released. All flashy or super weird.

      The only ones I liked were the skins back in COD4, red/blue tiger and gold on the desert eagle.

      • MegaMan3k

        That’s what bothers me most about these packs and the packs in Ghosts. It’s not the shameless monetization – I can get over that – it’s that it consciously and actively works against any semblance of authenticity or consistent tone. By doing so, it removes players from the experience. It’s tonally incongruous with the rest of the art direction and game.

        The wacky camos in game are bad, but these microtransaction camos and personalizations are in another universe of terrible.

        • CoDforever

          English pls

          • Raymond Featherston

            On what planet is that not English lol?

        • Jarryd

          @megaman3k:disqus Do you even read what you type? Because this benefits the artists of treyarch and the players within the community, due to the fact that you can customize your camo a little more. However, If only one COD came up with the idea where users could spend points (not money) and make their own camo to use. That’d just be brilliant. However, I doubt they’ll ever do that, because It’s COD. and from what we know, they’re quite the money hogs.

      • Jarryd

        Actually, those skins were only unlockable, they weren’t micro DLC. So you would prefer camos to just be added to the unlockable section. Well, nup, that isn’t possible without another major update.

        • Not what I said. It’s not about unlockable versus micro DLC, it’s about their style. 😛

      • thatoneguy

        I think what they should do (but never will) is for each COD they should include all of the camos from the previous ones before it standard. I would love to have red/blue tiger back.

    • Jarryd

      Why do you say so? These camos are superb. It’s not like it’s going to loosen your wallet by much. $1.99 USD -> $2.59AUD (not approx) just thought i remember seeing that. Do the maths, for USD its $2*4 which is only $8 for 4 pretty neat camos and $2.59*4 which is just over $10.

  • CoDforever

    Comics gonna be badass. Afterlife is gonna be a weaponised 115 wbut blue! Definately will be purchasing some camo’s. BO2 is probably the most played console game of all time, theres 230,000 playing BO2 on ps3 alone.

    • thatoneguy

      Comics was originally in the voting process along with i think it was dragon and cyborg earlier in the year.

      • KEWB

        Paladin was too.

    • Ricardo

      Afterlife is the camo from the zombie map Mob Of The Dead instead of red it’s blue. The 115 camo is from the zombie map origins instead of blue it’s green.

    • Jarryd

      Comics isn’t the best of the options, but definitely a good one. Afterlife looks like a cool blue lava like camo. Sorta similar to the Green Weaponised 115 camo, but better. Blue is my style! Paladin and Comics were both the old camos that Treyarch gave us the option to vote for, but the community chose dragon and cyborg over it. Hopefully they include the animations like they did with the calling cards? Notice how the Cyborg glowed in dark areas, and dragon was just the animated calling card really. But what if the other 2 had some form of animation. Anyways, I doubt there are 230K on ps3. On XBL, which consists of way more people. We avg a mere 30-100k at max. It is unplayable when it comes to gametypes such as ground war, and sometimes domination.

      • CoDforever

        there are dude! 230k people playing Bo2 on weekends, ps3

  • Connor

    Just give up, Treyarch. A new title has been out for months and a new CoD is just around the corner. Enough microtransactions.

    • thatoneguy

      At least they’re still supporting the game, in some sense. Better than them just putting out the season pass, and after that’s done, just dropping the game.

      • Connor

        I’m all for supporting a game after launch, but microtransactions should be free for Season Pass holders. SP owners only get DLC and weapons – nothing more.

        • Jarryd

          True, but in Ghosts and all other COD franchises, they have made it so the items get released after SP owners. Like for example, the Ray Gun mark 2 was supposably SP owners only, but is included within a MP.

      • Heroiik

        IW has done more for Ghosts than Treyarch EVER did for their MP. Every patch BO2 had, had 2-3 things for MP, 20 things for league and 50 for zombies.

    • Jarryd

      They’re doing this as they around a year to make their game, why don’t they get there artists making money while the others are busy developing the code for the game.

      • Connor

        They’ve gotten enough money with retail sales, DLC, the season pass, and microtransactions.

    • AresRyzen

      You realize Treyarch is making the next Call of Duty right?

      • Connor

        No they’re not, Sledgehammer is.

  • IceKoldKilla

    Cool. Not playing BO2 anymore though. I moved on. I usually play CoD for about a year unless there’s zombies. But I’ve played too much Zombies at this point. I’m currently playing Ghosts on PS4 and BO2 on PS3 hurts my eyes when I go back. Just my opinion. Still BO2 plays well and after a few matches my eyes get use to it. I remember people saying they wanted the unreleased camos (Paladin and Comics in Xbox’s case) and I’m glad they finally did. Sucks to know Ghosts didn’t do too well and so they kept BO2 alive with these micro-transactions.

  • Emre

    For what reason should i buy a camo for a weapon?

    • AresRyzen

      So why are you commenting then?

  • Call Of Duty 2 4ever <3

    Meh, I stay with my diamond camos.

  • johnan

    are they coming out on ps3 ?