New Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Details and Release Date

More details about Resident Evil 6’s multiplayer co-op experience have surfaced since the recent reveal of a brand new trailer during Capcom’s Captivate event in Rome.

First, if you haven’t checked out the new trailer, give it a glimpse right here:

Other than the loads of scary monsters and zombies, you’ll also notice a revised release date: October 2nd, 2012. This applies to both the Xbox 360 and PS3 while the PC version is due out at a later date.

On to some multiplayer goodness. Capcom has confirmed that co-op will, indeed, be making a return in Resident Evil 6 but will now support a drop-in and drop-out function. This means that players can enter or leave another’s game at any point without having to restart the level at the last checkpoint. Previously, in Resident Evil 5, players needed to enter games together through the loadout screen preceding each game.

In the trailer, you’ll also notice that each of the three protagonists, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and Jake Muller, will each have their own companion whom another player will have the ability to control, much like RE5.

Capcom has confirmed that the hugely popular Mercenaries mode will also be returning. Thankfully, it will be unlocked from the start this time around.

More multiplayer details including new co-op mechanics are still on their way, stated Capcom. Stay tuned to MP1st on Twitter and Facebook to find out more!

Thanks, IGN

  • resident evil died with RE4 resident action was born with RE4

    • QwietStorm

      Wish I had 2 more hands, so I could give you 4 thumbs up. Though I like to refer to the series now as Survival Action Shooter. I always find it funny/ironic how much criticism RE5 got and how much love RE4 still gets, when they’re more or less the same thing, neither being what Resident Evil was built on.

  • Um… OCTOBER 2nd. 😉

  • Jrmeister28

    Can you move and shoot at the same time now or is it still like re5? And no I did not enjoy playing op raccoon city..

    •  I hear you’ll be able to fire and move, a first for RE. Thank god too, especially if they are going for more action and more enemies at once. I was hoping they would go more 28 Days Later / Dawn of the Dead remake vibe and then I see the same cheesy melodramatic RE5 vibe. Bummer. We’ll see though.

  • Wilmer Esteban Sosa

    I can’t wait. The story looks very interesting. Please continue to post news on this game!

    • This, along with MoH:Warfighter, is one of my biggest interests for October releases. You shall definitely hear more 🙂

  • Outlawz

    I think its just me but I thought RE5 was pretty good. 

  • bak

    Whats with all these once great single player games trying to do multiplayer. I know a cheap easy way to make dlc that why.

  • ThaFallen5oulja

    This Game Is FUKKIN awesome….. To mutch info on Trailer tho…



  • Feenix

    i think this game is gonna be awesome but are they going to do the multiplayer like resident evil orc??????