New Titanfall Companion App Offers Second-Screen Functionality and More

A new companion app for Respawn Entertainment’s sci-fi shooter Titanfall is up for grabs on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store for the cool price of zero dollars.

As the official app published by Electronic Arts, it offers users an enhanced Titanfall experience with update notifications and intel on Titanfall’s universe, characters, weapons, maps, modes, and controls.

Connexting the app to your Xbox One console while playing Titanfall will turn your mobile device into a second screen, allowing you to view a full-size and interactive mini-map. It also allows you to zoom in and out and view scoreboard updates in real time. Check out some screens below:

This marks a third significant update to the game in a short while. Both the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall were recently updated with new features and improvements, while the studio also offered three brand new maps in the Expedition DLC.

You can pick up the Titanfall Companion App on the iTunes store by following this link, on Google Play right here, or get it for Windows Phone over here.

  • Brandon DeBoer

    It’s worth noting that the recent update completely broke the PC version of the game. Movement speed and fire rate are both tied directly to FPS now, making the game completely retarded if you have a 144hz monitor. The smart pistol literally locks on instantaneously…

      • Brandon DeBoer

        The fact that it happened in the first place shows that the update wasn’t quality tested whatsoever. Respawn had a great opportunity with this game to make a good impression and set a reputation as a quality developer, and they are trying their damnedest to shit on that wherever possible.

        • AL

          Have to disagree with you. For a smaller studio, they have done an amazing job with keeping up on fixes and content. COD has 3 large studios and still cant even figure out their damn net code. Working in QA I know that you test for everything you can in the time allotted starting with the most commonly used tech of your userbase. The fact that they acknowledge the problem and actively are working towards a solution is proof that they are working their tushies off to show that they will work to fix any issues that arise wanting to make sure the experience is the best one possible.

          Yes coming from an age where games seemed to be tested more thoroughly prior to release I understand the argument that it should be right the first time. I just also know the triangle of cost, time, and quality / you can only have two. In dev you are frequently touching the time and cost points so quality is difficult to maintain. But hey that rabbit hole goes much deeper so I guess I will say take it easy big guy. They are obviously working very hard to ensure the game is functioning properly for all users. We all know games are going to have issues upon release, there hasnt been a patch free game in years. Be happy Respawn is displaying their dedication to being a studio that resolves issues instead of letting them fester.

          • Brandon DeBoer

            The point is that this is such a glaringly obvious and utterly game breaking glitch that if they did any quality control whatsoever it would have been caught. There’s also the fact that the PC version of the game launched with a fistful of annoying bugs that have still yet to be addressed, such as users experiencing forced mouse acceleration, no SLI support, horrible PC optimization for some users (my 780ti still tanks on Demeter and Colony unless I turned particles off). Controller users on PC also still get aim assist, which admittedly might not be a bug but is a really stupid decision on the devs part. Don’t forget the 35gb uncompressed audio files, which also isn’t a bug but is definitely fucking retarded.

            You also have the god awful matchmaking, which everyone complained about in beta and still wasn’t addressed until months after launch. And their “fixed” matchmaking only resulted in longer matching times and the teams still being hilariously imbalanced. The only thing it accomplished was if you lose against the same team more than twice it separates the lobby. That’s what took them two months to come up with.

            The cherry is that outside of bugs and poorly designed systems, the game balance is basically busted and the devs refuse to listen to the community. The only guns worth using are the Carbine and Shotgun, C.A.R if you’re feeling saucy. For titans it’s the 40mm cannon (even with the nerf it has better damage and range than any other gun) and electric smoke, using anything else is just handicapping yourself. Satchel charges have also been the only viable grenade since launch. They deploy faster than grenades and have a larger blast radius, plus they have the utility to trap objectives and chunk a third of an Atlas titan’s health even if deployed on the ground.

            I have taken shits that were better quality tested than this game. I think a lot of gamers will agree that this will be one of the most disappointing games of the generation.

            • AL

              And what games pray tell do you play that are perfect out of the box that don’t require any updates over their life cycle. Name any other AAA title that has released in the past 2-3 years and they have had major patches on one platform or another.

              I can understand being upset about not being able to play a game you want for any reason. Hell I play games on the PC and have run into problems just getting games to install correctly thank you DRM.

              If this was an isolated studio that was horrible at supporting their game I would totally get you but it’s not, take a look a the 7 mos of additional dev DICE has put into BF4 just to get the damn thin to work.

            • Brandon DeBoer

              Just because the state of the industry is shitty right now doesn’t excuse the fact that they’re making ridiculous mistakes. They’ve also managed to fuck up a lot more things than any other developer I can think of.

              BF3 – Game types were functional, game balance was decent. Some issues with netcode, but not unplayable or game breaking. No game breaking patches.

              BF4 – Rush got shafted by poor map design, game balance is pretty good with the exception of the ACE carbines and DMRs. Netcode has issues depending on the server and other users. Playable, but frustrating half the time. No game breaking patches, although the netcode could ruin the game depending on your location.

              MW3 – Minor netcode errors. Gun balance was quite good, enough that running around with a pistol was viable. Only major design flaw was dead man’s hand (seriously, fuck that shit). No game breaking patches.

              BLOPS 2 – Worse netcode than MW3, not as bad as BF4. Gun balance was out of whack because maps mostly favored SMGs over anything else. Ranked play was a joke because of terrible matchmaking, nothing new for CoD. No game breaking patches.

              You get the idea; all of those “other AAA titles released in the past 2-3 years” had a couple of flaws. Most of them were minor, nit picking stuff although some were pretty bad. NONE of those games can compare to the shit Titanfall has gone through.

              Titanfall – Gun balance is absolutely atrocious, with only two kits really viable in the entire game. Netcode is functional, but ping causes players to rubber band and teleport making it nearly impossible to fight anyone with more than 100ms. Game types are extremely limited, particularly since they just moved two of them, essentially leaving us with Hardpoint and TDM, plus the campaign which is just Hardpoint and TDM. Matchmaking is utterly broken, taking some players (self included) over 15 minutes to find a game. Optimization is terrible, despite it being a source game that looks like a slightly prettier CoD turd. Countless other hindrances to PC play with no sli support, mouse acceleration forced on, aim assist on controllers, etc.

              The patch that completely broke the game was just the cherry on a shit-sundae.

              Again, it’s not fair to defend them just because “hurr durr titanfall, they invented jetpacks so they’re cool guys”. Compared to other shooters in the industry the game is just broken. I’ve played Steam Early Access games with more polish. Technically, the Dayz SA has more polish because I can play it without sitting in a matchmaking lobby for 15 minutes to play a single 8 minute game that consists of only shotguns and carbines because everything else sucks ballsack.

            • AL

              And I am done with the conversation, you are giving developers like DICE a free pass. Anyone that describes BF4 as playable obviously is looking through rose colored glasses.

              At least you acknowledge that the current state of game dev is Garbo and in tht we agree. But other than that you are stating extremely biased opinion.

            • Brandon DeBoer

              The crash issues with BF4 were worked out within a week of release, and the netcode errors since are A). present in every shooter to some extent, including your precious Titanfall and B). largely contingent on which server you’re playing on and where you’re located. They even went so far as to replace the server HARDWARE (which is a much larger undertaking than I think you can comprehend) to make the experience as familiar as possible no matter what server you’re on. To be honest, I’m not even a core Battlefield player. It’s a nifty distraction when all I want to do is blow shit up. But I respect that the developers immediately acknowledged their issues and set up a plan to fix it. Respawn has only acknowledged an issue with the most recent patch because it’s so ridiculously obvious. They won’t admit that the gun balance is fucked. They won’t admit that the reason CTF and PH were removed is because their fanbase is dying and they need to force people into fewer playlists to keep up appearances. They won’t even admit that the matchmaking “revolution” they designed was complete garbage. Even as they’re screwing over the community by reducing variety in a game that already sorely lacks it, they’re hyping “new playlists in the works”. Every playlist that the game launched with was so completely generic I’m honestly terrified for what they’re going to try to force on us next in place of CTF, which was perfect minus the balance issues (flag running inside titans) which THEY INTRODUCED THEMSELVES, then fixed eventually, then just nuked for no reason at all.

              A biased opinion speaks in generalities, an argument speaks in facts. You see how I backed up everything I claimed with a very specific example and you chose to to just say “meh, they’re all bad for like, reasons… and stuff…”

              Your fanboy drivel is doing nothing to help force Respawn into fixing their shit. I want as much as anyone for the game to be good, but the fact is that it isn’t. It’s not even mediocre. It’s borderline unplayable trash.

            • AL

              I think you need to revisit facts vs opinions. Every “fact” that you backed up with a specific example still lacks metrics to make it a fact. I told you I work in QA and web dev. I understand development cycles and how business drivers can affect your development priorities.

              I dont have a gollum-like view towards titanfall, but i appreciate a small studio that is willing to stand by their product and support it to the best of their abilities.

              I was merely trying to get you to stand down the rage towards the game when it seems obvious that (aside from the legitimate technical issues) you are upset about things you perceive to be broken about the game.

              Similarly, I stay away from the BF series for things that I perceive to be lazy and counter-intuitive such as the archaic server browser system and the lack of team communication/play. I wont be interested in BF until I can load up a 32 player team with all of my friends and we can strategize and coordinate attacks. Thats not the game DICE built apparently, their vision is to have isolated squads that are directed by a commander to some end. Its why I dont play it. I could very well be completely wrong in my perception of this vision, but at the end of the day 1)its not my game 2)it doesnt really matter. I am not going to lose sleep over it.

              You seem to have gone off the deep end awhile ago, at least thats my perception. I hope that you can take a deep breath and relax. No one is out to get you, especially game developers that want people to buy and enjoy their games so that they can remain employed doing something they love.

          • Brandon DeBoer

            New update, they’re removing Pilot Hunter and CTF because people are complaining about the long matchmaking times and the best solution is obviously to narrow the playlists.

            Keep defending them, eventually they’ll shit on you fanboys hard enough even you will leave them.

    • Grif

      Hahah wow, glad I stopped playing that game.

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  • Ox
    • I don’t know if it’s laziness or just bias that they were omitted…

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  • Daniel P

    Not for xbox 360 or what?

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