New Titanfall Mythbusters Reveals Sad Robots and Server Crashing Satchel Charges

A new Titanfall-related entry in DefendTheHouse‘s popular Mythbusters series shows you what happens when you shoot at a happy MRVN robot, and the strange effects that C4-ing an escaped evac ship has on Titanfall’s game servers.

Confirmed and busted myths in this video also include ejecting safely out of a falling Titan, faster movement speed while disguised as a Spectre, and damaging a Titan inside its Dome Shield with Electric Smoke.

Check it out above, but definitely stay tuned to the end to catch some of the interesting results from DefendTheHouse’s findings.

You can watch the first episode of Titanfall Mythbusters here.

  • KillzoneVII

    Hopefully they patch the satchel glitch, a lot of people will probably start doing that after they see the video.

    • Grif

      Yep, and man that is an annoying glitch.

      • I don’t understand how Satchel Charges bypassed the ships shields when they can’t directly bypass a Titan(unless you rodeo)

        • Grif

          Ya ikr, you’d think satchel charges would be more affective against Titans. But there must be some line of code that’s messed up to allow this to happen.

  • Tank Buster

    just wow, satchel server crash confirmed!