New Twisted Metal Patch Finally On Its Way

Yes, that’s right, the new Twisted Metal patch that we’ve all have been patiently waiting for is finally releasing soon, according to David Jaffe, former co-founder of Eat Sleep Play.

Patch News

In a recent YouTube comment reply, Jaffe responded to users who were requesting to know when the title is expected to be fixed. He replied,

“Patch is hitting soon- August 3rd I believe- not sure if it will fix the things you’d like but here’s hoping, sir!”

Now, for those who have been following Jaffe, you’ll know this isn’t 100% definite, but at least we have a date this time rather than the normal “it’s going through testing a bug came up” response that he has been giving for the past few weeks over his Twitter feed. Once again, this patch will bring in new fixes to some bugs, balancing, and further stability improvements to users connection.

New Endings

Yes, this part is of the single player campaign. But hey, what the heck? It’s been a while since we posted anything Twisted Metal related. Here are two brand new campaign ending videos for Sweet Tooth. The videos aren’t 100% completed as shown with the green screens and the narrative voice overs.

  • jayman1

    Resistance series should be turned into a movie.Jason Stathom is perfect to play Nathan Hale.

    • jimmylara

      IDK what this has to do with this lol
      though these are good endings here, very good

    • QwietStorm

      Well that’s not off topic at all..

    • DarthDiggler

      I think potted plants are dumb. Where can I find a good doorknob? 😛

  • What was the problems in twisted metal that needs patching?

    • jimmylara

      A lot of people are still having connection issues like they did Day 1 (the majority)

    • DarthDiggler

      Real shitty netcode. Hopefully the changed the party system to work like 90% of other PS3 games out there.

      Lots of features are just unintuitive.

      • Oh okay. Thanks for the info.

        You too @jimmylara:disqus

  • jimbo

    People still play this lol

    • DarthDiggler

      I am going to break it back out. Twisted Metal is totally different than other games, if you need a change of pace from a shooter or an RPG, TM isn’t a bad choice by any means. The game is very challenging the control scheme is a bit of a throw back, but there are options to customize. The levels on this title are very good, some of them are big with large pieces of the levels moving up and down for some very interesting game play.

  • DarthDiggler

    Will the game finally work right? 8 months later? Jaffe is a major disappointment as a developer post God of War IMHO.

  • Hot-Wire

    I stopped playing this because of 2 things. I suck and can’t unlock Warthog. Online is so wonky and can’t get a single game going.

  • Outlawz

    No alternate way to unlock Warthog? 🙁

  • Adrian

    will the trophy problem be fixed by the patch? especially “any car will do”?
    got more than 200 kills…no trophy!!!