Next Black Ops 2 PC Update In The Works, Ghosts Weapon Camo “Maybe” Coming to PC

Recent statements from a Treyarch PC developer indicate that an update for the PC version of Black Ops 2 is currently in the works, and that the Ghosts weapon camo will be making its way to mouse and keyboard users “maybe.”

@PCDev recently wrote on Twitter that another PC update for Black Ops 2 is currently “in the works,” though no release time frame was given.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 7.26.23 PM

Of course, he also reminds us that the Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC drops May 16 for PC users.

Also, fans inquiring about the recently unveiled Call of Duty: Ghosts weapon camo that was making its way over to Black Ops 2 as a pre-order bonus were told that it might be making it’s way over to the PC “maybe.” As of now, it is only available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 7.26.59 PM

Lastly, he notes that though the recent free to play weekend that took place on Steam has concluded, you can still purchase the title 33% off as part of the Steam Weekend Deal until 10 AM PST Monday morning.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 7.39.41 PM

Make sure to keep your eyes on MP1st for the latest Black Ops 2 PC patch notes. We’ll have them up as soon as they become available.

  • JJ

    Oh boy! Some crappy camo for pre-ordering a potentially crap game. Quick question; how many players are online playing BLOPS 2 at this very moment on PC.

    • JJ sucks ass

      Idk why dont you go check. And yes crappy this crappy that stfu. Your a pest. And your response ” I can say whatever i want, do not hate on me” blah blah blah You people are annoying and need to stop.

      • MegaMan3k

        You’re hostile.

      • You’re*

      • BananaHammock

        You little prick.

    • anon

      around 20,000

      • MasonMei

        Good for you, at the time I play it’s just around 3000 or so.

    • betosobreira

      I must agree with you that is a crappy camo. I’d prefer Graffiti and Viper. Both in my opinion are the best.

      • thebulky1cometh

        Tell me you didn’t spend money on camos…please!

        • betosobreira

          hahaha I’m sorry to dissapoint you but I bought Viper and Grafitti, and I’m glad because they are cool. 80 MS Points if I’m not wrong… it’s not that expensive! And they give me exclusive reticles for Reflex Sight, ACOG and others.

          • thebulky1cometh

            Don’t get me wrong- some of the camos do look pretty cool. I just don’t like the greedy Activision people milking more money from the COD community.

            • betosobreira

              No problem! If it pleases me, I do not mind spending some MS points. And I agree with the greedy Activision that’s why I just bought the first DLC, because it has the peacekeeper, other DLCs only if they are very, very interesting.

  • SubXero

    David, you said “Of course, he also reminds us that the Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC drops April 16 for PC users.” I believe you meant May since April was last month an all 🙂


    I still don’t get why Microsoft wasted millions of dollars so that the Xbox can get dlc 30 days before everyone else. I can see if they paid for it to be exclusive to that console but just to be early/first isn’t something I would have paid for…

    • MegaMan3k

      It’s not about the content exclusivity so to speak, it’s about the media coverage.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Xbox has the biggest install base and the most customers for COD.


        EXACTLY! There was no need to pay for early content since most of the Call of Duty players are already on Xbox.

        • But I know of a lot of people who literally only played Cod, and switched platforms because 360 got DLC early

  • That guy you might know

    Seriously, just because Microsoft paid them just for a 30 day exclusive deal for DLC doesn’t give them the right to treat everyone else like they don’t exist.

    Its just camo and PC “might” get it. Why? Because nobody is tossing them money? I’m not even a PC player and I seriously find this a load of crap, and I don’t think they should take this.

    Sadly those sellouts are gonna keep taking money just to treat everyone else like backwater piggy banks.

    • james smith

      The camp is nothing to do with MS. It’s a pretty order bonus from retailers for ps3/360.

      • That guy you might know

        I’m just saying as in overall.

        We all know how this is gonna go down with this game, they show the gameplay, people give in to the hype, buy it, see the issues that are in the game, then they either trade it in or go back to the previous game, most likely both.

        Why should PC and PS3 players buy a game that doesn’t perform as well as the Xbox version. Sure it may be popular and entertaining but seriously, its bullshit that this is going on. Maybe if Craptivision or Egay weren’t such crappy companies they would have better games.

        Like, instead of lying about engines only upgrading the lighting or rushing games and releasing half-completed just for the holiday season. How about putting an effort into making them, so that people actually will want to get another one.

  • im sure every BO2 PC gamer is saying “FUCK YOU” right now.

    • Goldensgods

      Lol because we don’t get a stupid camo? As if bro, I personally like the guns default camo anyway.

      • just a joke mate besides PC COD players always seem to get the worst support :/

    • MasonMei

      Nope here, I’m just really confused. It’s beyong mere curse.. Anyways my Fuck-yous for the game are quite used up.

  • The Ghost Camo is badass,

    • MasonMei

      Only if it’s given to ALL Black Ops II players on ALL platforms. Can’t make the sense out of it why on earth they won’t add the humble camo to a humble platform like PC, to promote the new title at the same time.
      Anyways, it’s Ghosts Camo, not Ghost.

      • Because they want you to pay for your Nike hat.

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    Leave it to COD players to complain about whether or not they can buy an advertisement for the next COD. Seriously people, get a grip.

    • W3GOKU

      Right on bro, but most of those people don’t know any better =(

    • thebulky1cometh

      I’m totally opposed to the pay camos/ the ghost camo, BUT I think you’re missing the underlying point. Activision is giving PC people the shaft here.

      Maybe!? Does anyone else feel like Activision/Treyarch are just making up shit as they go?

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        No, I got that. It’s been true for years.

    • I complain about COD for one reason – Activision is failing to meet the bar they set for themselves in COD and World at War. It really is that simple, on the PC especially. The quality went down drastically when IWNet and MW2 was launched and the majority of IW subsequently left Activision. I could argue the same on consoles really thanks to the direction net code has taken over the years combined with engine changes and additional “features.”
      Many people I’ve spoke to say that it doesn’t matter if COD fails because there will always be more games. I argue that there will never be any games as satisfying as COD4 or World at War on PC if the player base continues to think this way. I complain for the sake of the quality of THIS franchise, because it can’t get much worse, but it was once fantastic.

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        Totally! I’ve said this before but BO2 was the first COD since WAW that really seemed to nail the gameplay down. But because it’s unplayable… you know.

        The reason COD4 and WAW are so lauded isn’t nostalgia, it’s because they’re basically bullshit free. They are the COD experience at its simplest and finest. Until Activision understands that, COD is fucked.

    • What they are complaining about is irrelevant. PC gamers can be COD fans too, they aren’t some weird alien race to be completely ignored.

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        Uh, yeah they are.

        For realz though, no shit. My point had nothing to do with PC gamers. My point was blind consumerism is driving the COD franchise into the ground.

  • DanDustEmOff

    Who cares its just a camo. I also don’t see the point of playing this on the pc the community stopped playing this game after WaW and there are too many games that are better for me to even consider spending money on the pc version, on the console its the best game out even with the poor connection issues.

  • pee pee vagina

    Insert cod still has lag and I hate it but does not want to play much better shooters here.

  • mackan

    dont hate on Treyarch it is Activision fault what it has become

  • chris_muller

    Didn’t cod start out on the PC?

    • chris_muller

      I never have any lag or connection problems on PC. + I asked PC dev that question because my bro got it on ps3 and it looked cool. I pretty sure we will get it because we did get the elite camo with elite founders stuff.