Next Call of Duty Announced for 2013, Activision Expects Sales To Be Down From Black Ops 2

Activision announces yet another Call of Duty release for Q4 2013, but what might surprise you about this rather unsurprising reveal is that the company expects that it will not perform as well as the previously released Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

During a recent investor call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg stated, “For Call of Duty, consistent with our past practices, we are planning for the mainline release in Q4 to be down versus 2012.”

Black Ops 2, despite earning half a million dollars within its first 24 hours of release and one billion dollars within 15 days, ended up at a 15% decrease in sales, not quite matching up to standards set by previous titles.

Hover, what is attributed to “Call of Duty 10’s” predicted decrease in revenue is the “challenged global economy” and “the ongoing console transition,” according to Hirshberg. Factors such as these make predictions for 2013 much more cloudy.

He added, “For 2013 on the Activision Publishing side, there is increased volatility this year due to the ongoing console transition, which makes predicting the future more challenging than in normal years in the cycle.”

Regarding the next Call of Duty release, or “Call of Duty 10,” no confirmation was made detailing who would be developing it or whether or not it would be another entry in the Modern Warfare series. We can safely assume, however, that developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games along with Raven Software may be involved, as was the case with Modern Warfare 3.

Along with this year’s Call of Duty, Activision is also planning on the release of Call of Duty: Online, a free-to-play Call of Duty title currently in beta testing in China, as well as Bungie’s new IP, “Destiny,” both of which are not accounted for in Activision’s 2013 earnings expectations.

Thanks, Polygon.

  • MrClean

    Dedicated servers or the game isn’t even worth my time at this point.
    It is inexcusable for a series that has this many players and makes this much money to not perfect connections, no questions asked.

    • Simmsich

      There are 700,000 players on the xbox and ps3 servers. It would cost them millions and millions to make dedicated servers for them.

      • Jordan Matt

        Battlefield 3 had over 1 million (at least) on the xbox, pc, and ps3 servers. Yet, the game was successful

      • Sensou-Ookami

        You say that as if they don’t make millions and millions of bank. Over all they would gain more bank if they did make dedicated servers, more appeal to BF3 crowds, etc.

        • Sensou-Ookami

          They are falling behind and will more so when BF4 comes into play.

          • COD isn’t falling behind. It’s simply falling. COD isn’t dipping in sales at all because of BF. It’s dipping because the newer COD games aren’t as good as the old ones. A COD fanboy would never find enough similarities in BF to start playing that instead, so COD can only lose so much in sales to BF. It’s not happening.

      • JustinD

        Yeah that doesn’t sound like to much to ask for when one game makes a billion

      • betosobreira

        For BF series, I understand that online mode is available only for BF2BC and BF3 and they have dedicated servers. For CoD, we have MW1, MW2, WAW, BO, MW3 and BO2 available for online gaming in all platforms. How would that be possible to have dedicated servers for all those games and all those platforms??

        • DanDustEmOff

          You don’t you keep them running the newest title only and then switch it to p2p when the new game is released

      • asgaro

        So what? You clearly don’t know how much money they have…

        Also, to the Xbox 360 gamers: I thought you paid for Xbox Live so you get a better multiplayer experience? In my books this means you would get dedicated servers. Seems right now you are all getting ripped off.

      • DanDustEmOff

        When the game makes billions a few million to improve the quality of their game for the consumer is nothing it would give them the sales boost that is needed

    • Jordan Matt

      Not gonna happen, fans like myself have been demanding dedicated servers since Black ops came out.

      • Since black ops? Try since Cod 4 buddy. Activision doesn’t care and they aren’t going to think about changing to Dedicated until people go pretty much as far as boycotting COD, but we all know COD is loved too much for that to happen. They even tried having people skip ONE day of playing COD to fix a problem and people couldn’t do it. So like I said before…. don’t count on it EVER happening.

    • MrCleanUrFullOfit

      I have BF3 and it lags. And before you say it’s my connection, let me explain what I have…50 meg down and 10 meg up. I can ping anywhere in the US in less than 40ms. I have ZERO packet loss with less than 2ms of jitter. So please stop implying that dedicated servers will fix everything. Take your high and mighty incorrect opinion somewhere that actually believes your lies.

      • Lel

        He wasn’t even talking about bf3 for starters. He could be talking about the concept of dedicated servers as a whole. Why presume that what comes after the word “dedicated servers” is “bf3”. Lol seems like a poor excuse to practice cod fanboyism if you ask me.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Dedicated servers will put players on an even connection and theres no host advantage

      • Dedicated servers do fix almost everything though? lol

      • Jason

        No, it does fix everything lol, Your probably playing in a server not in your Region noob 😉

      • anywhere in the US* you might be in severs outside of the US, they do have them in Europe as well as Asia. Not saying you’re in them, but I have way less speeds then you but I get a long just fine in servers in and out of the US with what my ps3 can get out of the 50 meg up I can get out of my computer.

      • damn u have high speed internet i only have 4 down and 1 up LOL

  • Yeah, MW3 and BO2 had great sales because everyone and their dog has an xbox or PS3 by now. The end of this year there will be new consoles but not very many people will have one yet. It’ll take a couple of years to get back into the swing of things.

  • Battlefield 4 will be the hammer, nail, and coffin ………..

    • Maybe a nail. The descent from the top is slow and not an overnight ordeal. That’s not to say that I believe CoD will fall from the top, but if they do…

      • JustinD

        Battlefield 4 will be amazing while cod 10 will be a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy.

        • There aren’t enough similarities between BF and COD to compare the two.

          • Nobody seems to get this point. Just arguing for the sake of arguing.

          • so true… i did want to troll a little, was mad it was not BF news..

          • The argument is old and makes no sense. Bottom llne is the same shooter fans that bought BF3 own most all the COD’s so comparing the two is never going to end.

        • Every series of games is a copy of a copy of copy. It all depends on how developers branch out or slightly change the original template

        • You sound like 10-year old no offense.

    • no not even close it will just sell well. Battlefields gameplay isn’t exactly ‘smooth’ while its nice to dream it will kill out COD Battlefield has a learning curve that COD players usually aren’t willing to ‘learn it’. COD will still sell millions year after year until they FINALLY screw up big time and make a COD that is so bad everyone will hate it and try to find a new series.

      • UnknownUser28

        its not really that hard though.

        • to new players it is and BF3 didn’t help anything with no tutorial on vehicles so you pretty much had to figure it out on your own.

          • well it tells you the controls to use the vehicles on screen when you get inside the vehicle though…

      • BO2 dropped the ball with the hit reg this year. I’d say they already screwed up big. If the mechanics aren’t right, then the game really doesn’t get off the ground.

        • not enough actually it may never die D: MW3 was TERRIBLE and still sold millions…

        • COD

          Black Ops 2’s not so good sales weren’t actually the game’s fault. Think about it. People had a bad taste in their mouth due to MW3. Black ops 2 is a really good game if you give it time. It just sold less due to people being pissed at MW3.

          • Right. So then fuck mw3 fuck iw & shg

        • Idk why but MW3 was the worst Call of Duty ever, Bo2 did lift it a bit but after bo2 bye call of duty.

    • Latch

      LOLOL! Funny kids. All 10 of you….Get a life.

    • Latch

      Wait, I’m sure you thubmed yourself up. So…yeah…..the 9 of you.

      • latch360

        thumbed and birdeded

    • Latch

      I promise you something other than Battlefield will shut COD down. I believe the only thing right now that can shut itself down is COD itself. People have been saying(hoping for whatever reason) that it would. It won’t anytime soon.

    • betosobreira

      OMG yet another BF fan in a CoD post….

      • I guess we just have to shut down these youngsters and their fanboy machines, now don’t we?

        • Jason

          I doubt most people who comment on here are not that young lol, probably most around my age 25 and up

          • Yeah, the high school age kids are too busy YOLO’ing it up, or whatever it is they do these days, to come read gaming articles with the mid-twenties crowd.

          • You don’t trust nothing because you’re 25, lol.

        • Age has nothing to do with having PC vs Console. In fact the older gamers myself included (32) have been in consoles since the start. Atari 2600 was my first. And to us console, controller in hand is the only way we game. PC won’t ever take over console. And the fact the DIce makes games mainly for PC and expects to crush COD…. Well thats like Ford making F150’s for soccer Moms

      • cuntbuster

        u r a stupid cunt .

        • betosobreira

          Like you mom, sir.

    • Lol come on man, Suppression field 3 didn’t do anything to COD. The market has always been about console and Dice makes games for Pc. Lag input was in Bfbc2 and BF3 Idk if dice knows how to fix it. If they get it to run at 60fps and no lag input then it can compete if not it wont touch cod.

      • UnknownUser28

        Won’t change the fact that cod is shit though.

      • That’s just one thing they would have to improve. Another to compete would do what CoD has done and that’s NOT change to physics and make it more simple and fast paced. Now does BF look like it would go into the arcade shooter genre? No way. It’s good they do their own thing or else the industry would be boring with titles doing the same shit

    • Hardline COD players really don’t see the draw of Battlefield, so I doubt BF4 will kill COD. If anything, players will just lose interest in military FPS games altogether. The trend is pointing towards more casual games that are not based on skill or challenge. People are putting those types of games down right now because they don’t want to have to put the effort into trying.

      • This is true. People are moving to games on the tablets on the smartphones which you have to pay only a few dollars or it’s free altogether. I mean how long did people play Funrun before they got bored?

    • masada157

      I’m sure people said the exact same thing about BF3.

    • kida

      lol just like how Back to vietnam was going to kill BO? or how battlefield 3 was going to kill MW3? battlefield is good but its gonna take a lot to bring down CoD. Something on the level of Halo…

      • COD

        Just like Halo 4 was going to bring Black Ops 2 down? I don’t mean to argue but don’t forget Halo just sells one platform making it next to impossible for it to beat COD

  • When will the sheeple quit buying the same shit year after year they churn out? Instead of demanding at least a little innovation in the next title?

    • ledmikew

      Innovation hasn’t really been the problem. Shockingly it’s actually the basics that are the issue with this series.

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Why do they continue to hurry out CoDs like this, I’m still getting to know Black Ops 2. Are their seriously people screaming from the roof tops for a new CoD already?? Give it 4-5 years Activision, make different games until then, sheeeesh, you act as though your company will fall through without CoD purchases.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      And of course you expect it not to turn out as well as Blops 2 cause you are RUSHING these things. Make something else, are you seriously “required” to make a new CoD this year?? What a waste of your time and money overall, especially if you are telling us it will be a “more” crappy CoD.

    • Retro

      They do it because people go running out and buy the games as soon as they are released. New CoD game = money, lots and lots of money for Activision.

  • Milo

    I personally think they need to slow it down a bit. Have a Call Of Duty come out every 2-3 years. That’ll keep it fresh and maybe help solve some of the problems. I personally love Black Ops 2 right now and I will not be buying “COD 10” for a good while after it comes out. I am going to need a good solid review a few months in to trust another modern warfare game!

    • Amazed comment reader

      You have lost your faith in the Modern Warfare series but you LOVE Black Ops 2? You sir just lost all credibility.

      • Treyarch owns IW. They innovate at their games, IW just copy and paste. Guess you’re the one who’s lost the credibility or “value”.

  • T-51B

    It better have some serious developments. ..

  • Munk

    That tank looks exactly like the Abrams in BF3.

    • It’s based off the Abrams from real life…

  • PertAndPopular

    Yeah because they make horrible games now.

  • PertAndPopular

    If this game is anything remotely like MW3 and Black ops 2…save your money and let this series die. Companies should not be rewarded for taking advantage of the retards in the community.

    • Please, never compare bo2&mw3 at the time. It’s like comparing pepsi w/ coke. MW3 was a ripoff of mw2 while bo2 tried something different.

  • yeah I said It..

    I just love how Battlefield players swarm to a CoD article to spam their hate for cod one by one when the truth is both games are annoying at times…anywho I liked MW2,BO,and BO2. Mw3 was trash both story and mp wise so why make a 4th? The story should be over imo.

    • Retro

      Go to a BF article and take a look at all the CoD players spaming their hate. Fanboys of any kind suck and are annoying.

      • fanboys will be fanboys

    • TBH they probably won’t name it MW4 simply because they title sounds too much like COD 4: MW. I could definitely see them losing sales du to a bunch of kids mom’s/dad’s not knowing the difference so I think it’d be smart to steer clear of that title.

  • HD

    Ive said it alot of times and ill say it again. We are sick of the same boring game. You have never created a game which stands out apart from MW2, before those Devs were sacked.People are getting bored of a game which doesnt change apart from the setting.IMO they should start a new, better more detailed franchise.

  • respawn entertainment Will be the CoD killer.

  • Whats new

    Like this is shocking news. I get on here and see new COD and say wow another one never. Put new news on here not shit we already know is gonna happen.

  • JustinD

    Activision, ever hear of quitting while your ahead?

    • You do that in gambling, not in business. If you’re making money hand over fist, you keep with the same formula until it starts to fail then you overhaul the whole process then repeat.

    • If CoD had a different publisher, it’d be a different franchise.

  • They have every reason to expect lower sales, I for one am not buying the 2013 COD.

  • thebulky1cometh

    So COD will be down in sales because of “challenged global economy” and “the ongoing console transition,” huh? Why not spit out the truth: sales will be down because the next COD will still lag and frankly, people are starting to grow sick of it. This was down 15%…if the next is down 30% maybe just maybe they’ll invest in the technology necessary to improve lag comp. beyond the current state, which is basically a crapshoot. I know, one can never fully remove lag in online gaming, but i have to believe it can be at least improved for the cod games.

  • lrishjake

    What about the ongoing COD cycle? That is the problem.

    Releasing games every year, before they are genuinely ready for release, and lacking any real innovation or change.. that is the problem.

  • Delta8A

    Medal of Honor was the tits once…. Where is it now….

  • WarHero

    Won’t be buying 2013 CoD due to several reasons:
    IW is now dead it’s just made up of different studios some which never made an FPS before, therefore lack of support
    MW3 was an utter failure of capturing the Hardcore elements with many BS things like the ridiculous death streaks and the broken killstreaks causing many frustrations etc.
    Skipping this year’s CoD and won’t be convinced to spend $60.

  • Lord Byakurai

    Please dont let Infinity Ward make this one, I JUST got my faith in CoD back.

  • Get your heads out of your asses people. Call of Duty will outsell BATTLEFIELD once more. There’s not a SINGLE doubt about that and don’t know why you guys think BF4 will kill it. Tell me, did BF3 “kill” MW3? And I don’t mean your personal opinion, I mean in players online, sales, etc. Doesn’t mean CoD beats it in quality but Activision found it to be a near perfect formula and that’s why the “updated CoDs” each year. If they were to improve everything from scratch they would risk selling less. They will sell less but still get to that billion dollar mark as always, in short time.

  • BF players come to hate on Cod…why? If you don’t like the game then don’t hate on it because you are not the fucking one paying for it..I honestly dont like BF simply for the reason that is not fast-paced,huge maps, and a lot of running to find a fucking enemy but that doesnt mean I go to BF articles to hate, sometimes I just read them…

  • MWsRAGE_5

    Both games fucking suck, cod does harder. Dust 514 for the win bitches, Dust takes real skill to play. While you kunts wait for cod 32, dust will still be Dust 514 by 2024 because CCP doesnt fuck around and keep updating the game and expanding it along with the eve universe. you people just dont know whats a good game thats all. LOL pathetic

  • Unhappy gamer

    With the issues I experience with CoD BO2 I am very doubtfull that I will get the new one.

  • Black Ops 2 finally the last CoD I bought and loved. Now, Rest in Peace Call of Duty, you had great times.

  • Vinny

    You know, although most of us hate what the developers are doing with call of duty, If they have no confidence on their next game, It’s not worth buying.

  • DIckshinery

    Sure the sales go down…everyone wants Greatest Mp ever and graphics! but i like graphics and SP game!!because graphics feet well on Game!! Love Cod <3

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  • mautijebem

    COD all the way
    BF is shit game

  • al

    i hope some asshole making cod mw4 sees this, bring the online mechanics of mw2 back black ops 2 is shit and crap and every other cuss word u can think of


    “challenged global economy” ?
    I don’t think that is the real reason why COD is not going to sell this year because a few years back the economy was way worst than right now and they still managed to sell and make a lot of money. I believe the real reason is “the console transition” because who wants to buy one for the 360 and then when the new console releases buy it again? plus not every single person that owns a 360 is going to be part of that transition right when the console hits the stores.