Next Call of Duty Reveal Incoming May 1

News of Activision’s next Call of Duty title is beginning to trickle out as leaked promotional material appears on the internet.

Just recently, we caught a glimpse of “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” the alleged Call of Duty title currently in development at Infinity Ward studios. Promotional posters listing the game were spotted on the websites of various video game retailers, including Target and Tesco.

Today, IGN received an image of a display blueprint indicating that physical posters should arrive at retailers by May 1, at which point these posters will go up, officially unveiling the next Call of Duty title, whatever it may be called.

Interestingly, the May 1 reveal also corresponds with the first leaked details of “Call of Duty: Ghosts” we received back in March.

Check out the blueprint below:


We wholly expect a teaser trailer to hit official channels on the same day, as well as pre-orders to begin, so keep your sights locked right here on MP1st where you’ll be able to catch all the latest Call of Duty info!

  • Gasp!?!?! A new Call of Duty being revealed in May!?!?! Wow?!!? This is a total shocker!

    • WarBro

      Call Of Duty: Goats

  • Johnny Neat

    They better not continue dropping the ball in this one. It has to address bullshit from the past and offer more this time because it looks like BF4 is going to run house.

    • Vikerii

      They’d have to dig a crater to drop the ball any further. As far as whatever ‘new’ features this game will have, they will just be “lipstick on a pig” until a new engine is deployed.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Disagee the engine is gold its what makes cod what it is sure its old but its had a lot of work done, the graphics are not the best but its smooth and fast the controls are the best of any fps I have played on a console and you get a steady 60fps. Sure I would like servers, bullet drop and environmental damage but not at the expense of any of the previously mentioned features that cod does well

        • Dtoxz

          you must have gotten the xbox version lol

          • I played on PS3 for the first time about a week ago and it was like watching stop motion animation. I feel sorry for PS3 owners who play this game. Better luck next time.

            • PS3 isn’t that laggy on COD!! I played it a couple of times on PS3 but will admit PS3 got a shitty port and I really hope that changes with Next Gen consoles

            • Don’t worry, I’m not downing the PS3.

            • I know that. I’m just pointing out that it isn’t too bad on PS3 even tho it is a pretty shitty port from activision

    • DanDustEmOff

      Maybe from what I’ve seen of bf4 game play it looks a lot like bf3 not that its a bad thing but cod gets so much grief from BF fans its ironic that they are basically rehashing bf3

    • That’s what was said when BF3 came out, as well. Battlefield will never outsell CoD as long as the feel of the game stays as slow as it is. We live in an instant gratification society full of ADHD kids/teenagers/young adults who want everything to happen NOW, not in a few minutes, NOW.

      • you obviously never gave BF3 a chance because the overall fun and chaos is much more then I have experienced in COD but I do believe COD is much more noob friendly and easier to adapt to and this is one of the reason more people enjoy it then BF3

        • Where did I say that BF3 being slow was a bad thing? Could you point that out for me? I didn’t? Oh okay, thanks.

          Don’t accuse of being “the biggest CoD lover” when you perceive any comment that isn’t hailing BF3 as the end all be all of gaming as an insult and you must defend BF3’s honor.

          • yet you diss every BF3 comment lol I like COD but lost most of my taste for it is gone after the same recycled game came out year after year and I’m really hoping it changes for there next upcoming titles

            • I’ve never dissed BF3, only the fans who like to troll.

            • but COD players troll BF3 forums all the time so its really best to just ignore them instead of giving them the satisfaction

            • Not nearly as much as BF trolls and when they do, they’re crucified, unlike BF trolls, who get applauded. That’s the satisfaction in it, not my response.

  • Wait, is this going to be next gen or not??
    That’s what I want to know!

    • if the leaked info is true then it is for current gen which wont be a big deal since if they don’t change there ways and build a new engine al we will se is slightly improved graphics for next gen

      • Well this is why I’m wondering:
        Though as you say, if the leaks are true then I won’t be so interested any more.
        Unless they pull something awesome out of the bag… We’ll see..
        They’re not going to build a new engine for the dying days of current gen, don’t be silly =P

        • mechcell

          Don’t be silly, they’re going to build a new engine for next gen version. For current gen they’re will use old engine and name it COD: Ghosts Lite.

          • That’s literally what I said…………………

          • Taka

            This game has already been in development for well over a year, you’re saying they’re going to build an engine for the next gen version NOW? Not to mention an engine couldn’t have been developed BEFORE this game was being developed because none of the developers have had the tech that long.

            Next year’s game started development shortly after Black Ops 2 came out.

            Call of Duty 2015 may have a new engine, but neither this game nor next year’s will.

        • That new engine doesn’t look that good, Crysis 3 can get better stills then that

          • Crysis 3 sucks

            Yeah but Crysis 3 sucked ass. Is there anybody really playing that multiplayer chances are not many. I beat the single player and it was worse than the second one. Crysis is dead ever since the first one.

  • JustinD

    Copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste don’t fix lag copy paste copy paste copy paste

    • DanDustEmOff

      Iw made huge improvements to the lag comp in mw3, still tho no servers no buy for me enough is enough

      • Iw did not fix the lag in mw3. They made it worse. The game shows the most lag. Black ops 2 still has improved on the lag a bit. Not a lot but a bit.

        • DanDustEmOff

          No mate one patch made it worse for bit the later patches made the game play loads better than blops 2 which has the same horrible lag comp and matchmaking that was in blops 1. Treyarch have made no effort to improve the connectivity in this game which is a huge fu to the entire community.

          • Ok compare it like this then. Mw2 had the best connections from all cod games. Mw3 compared to mw2 seems terrible. Now compare Blops1 to blops2. I get 4 bars in blops 2. In mw3 I would get 2 or 3 bar connections.

            • DanDustEmOff

              The bars mean nothing really its your ping to the host that is important and the way the matchmaking groups players. I can play ctf on mw3 that has less than 300 people playing and the game plays well, when I play ffa on bl op ps 2 that has 10000 player’s in the game type it plays bad usually because it decides to put in a player from the other side of the world in the game and then to make that player host. Itslike they gave the job of making the net code to a bunch of five year old kids with llimited abilities

    • Trolls, such as yourself, have become more “copy and paste” with your comments than IW/Treyarch are with CoD. Come up with something new besides copy/paste, lag, sheep, or kiddy jokes.

      • adfdfas

        Seriously. I see you on every article raging at COD haters. Get a life.

        • Lol not raging, just annoyed by trolls.

        • Irony is ironic

          So if a bf fanboy trolls cod, it doesn’t matter. But if a fan of cod calls out the bf fanboy on his trolling, the cod fan suddenly has no life?

          Bf3 fanboys: exercising double standards since October 2011

          • dasffa

            Who said I was a BF fanboy? I don’t even like BF.

      • You just listed 4 legit concerns with the game. How many do there need to be before people can complain about the games they pay hard-earned money for?

        • thebulky1cometh

          This guy gets it!

        • Lag is the only legitimate concern of the four. The “copy/paste” provides a consistent product that people have grown accustomed to, but the current lag situation is messing with that part of the equation. A game can only change so much before it starts alienating its original fan base. That being said, I hate the direction Treyarch has taken with their map design and I hope it changes for the better with the next CoD. If you have a problem with kids playing video games, you should probably stop playing video games altogether, because that’s what kids do these days.

        • MegaMan3k

          How are “sheep” and “kids” a problem with the game?

          Don’t judge a game for its community. Every community surrounding games is an errant crap fest of idiots. It’s not COD’s fault that “gaming” has one of the worst, most offensive, least intelligent cultures on the planet.

      • you have to be the biggest COD lover in MP1st lol

        Activision CEO Among Highest Paid in U.S.

        Yet there too damn cheap to get dedicated servers + the lag got worse COD after COD. I haven’t played any other COD’s since BO1 so I’m not sure how bad it really is but all I have heard was it has gotten worse with each new release

        • MegaMan3k

          Oh please, don’t even.

          It’d be a terrible business decision to put dedicated servers for COD on consoles.

          Most players wouldn’t know a difference. And the cost would carry an enormous risk.

          • games with smaller fan base have dedicated servers and tons of people have been asking for dedicated servers for a long ass time

        • You’re still not getting the point. I’m just against trolls. I don’t give two shits if you dislike CoD or ATVI, discuss it all you want when IT’S RELEVANT TO THE ARTICLE. Every CoD article is not some pedestal for former and current players or people who have never even played it, to whine about the problems the game has or to just outright talk shit. If the title of the article is “CoD Lag Issues” then fire away.

          The lag issues seem to be a Treyarch problem because IW fixed most of the lag of MW3 through patches. That’s just my experience and experiences vary so I may be alone in this POV.

  • Black Ops 2 is my last COD game. MW3 was such a mess; it required three companies to finish it. Who’s going to help IW with this one? I’m sure as hell not dying to find out.

    • Then why take the time to read and comment on the article? Are you feeling neglected today and need some positive feedback from strangers on the Internet?

      • It’s just a comment. Not every person who criticizes a game wants attention. I read it because I wanted to know the state of this game. It doesn’t mean I’m going to buy it.

      • Enough

        Why is it EVERY opinion or comment made by ANYONE but you is either wrong, invalid, unsuitable, out of touch, factually incorrect, grammatically incorrect or at odds with your spiritual mojo? Seriously? You come across as such a hater when, most of the time, people just want to chat and share their opinions. Bog off, bully.

        • I only tend to disagree with people who comment simply to troll. I understand constructive criticism, but commenting simply to troll is useless. Plus, I work shift work, so I have plenty of time to be a pain in ass when I’m working nights haha.

        • That’s cute

          Yeah, you wouldn’t be saying that if someone started trolling bf articles and talked about how cod is better than bf. Grow up,

    • cool story

      That’s nice.

    • Often times I comment here because I believe the state of the game is directly tied to the state of its community. I can gauge the state of the community by reading responses to my posts or responses to other’s opinions.

      • The Internet is not a good gauge for people as a whole.

  • actually kind of excited for this one honestly. go ahead and hate me for it. DUN GIVE A FUQQQQQ

  • I’m way more excited for the GTA V trailers on Tuesday

  • MrSunshine

    And the crowd goes ‘Meh’.

    • james D

      This is exactly the reaction of the press during the BF 4 reval.

  • Mr Opinion

    No one with a huge penis gives a shit about this.

  • Mr Opinion

    The title is Call of Duty Sheep. Preorder now to get Nukefarm for free.

  • Kyle Jackson

    There’s only one game I’m buying this year and this ain’t it. October 31st can’t come quick enough.

  • gea

    Cod has reached a point where its no longer a day 1 purchase. Ill decide after the fact, and after more details if it sounds like a game I would enjoy. Both MW3 and BO2 burned me, they were terrible, and I dont want to waste money again.

  • anonymous x hacker

    I work at gamestop the game is worked by sledgehammer activision it is produced by infinity ward. So cod fan base is dying but to save the cod franchise it would be smart to put it on the next gen consoles. They still might do that because bf4 is also coming out yet its still up to the developer.

  • Ok, FIRST OFF, DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE! People talk about connection bars, ping, lag compensation and no nearly nothing about it! Just what they read in some article. Do you people even know how a game is run at 60fps? Moving on, Activion is the one publishing CoD and giving the money to make it. So if they decide to make one every year and not let them put more work into them, it becomes what we all know as CoD now. So much issues yet other games have worse matchmaking. Also consider your OWN internet the problem! I never had any connection issues constantly on PS3 since CoD3. I’ve had those issues EVERYONE had before a patch or when servers went down but not lagging every match on every CoD. Either your internet is shit or you over exagerate. I live in Spain and have had 5-6Mb and only receive 300kbps-500kbps (bandwidth) so don’t say I’m an exception. Most of my friends also have played fine. The problem is when there’s issues either from their side or your side and you go ragging on forums, comments, etc but if it plays good you don’t say shit SO naturally you see many angry people yet no happy ones like me. All the people I knew/know that have problems is their router’s fault, someone else using their bandwidth or no ports open on their modem. Also poor internet from their provider. On top of Wi-Fi, my god. If you hate CoD then sell the game and buy any other FPS game or just change genre altogether. Hell Action/Adventure is still action and fun like Shooters so go play that. OF COURSE I do recognize CoD has had and has issues here and there and we need to let them know or else it never gets changed but damn whinny bitches about THEIR internet problems pisses me off. People that don’t even know how to reset a router!

  • Just stop. Seriously.

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  • Richard

    As a fan of the series, I know Call of Duty can be repetitive. Unless we get some sort of new features other than new guns or a new class system, we need to give Call of Duty a hiatus so it can put together something so amazing, we won’t see it coming.

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