Next Modern Warfare 3 Elite DLC Releases on March 13th for Xbox 360 – Black Box Image Teased

Robert Bowling, Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist, announced that Xbox 360 paid Elite subscribers should expect the next three DLC drops on March 13th.

Robert Bowling explained, “Elite Premium Members on Xbox Live will get a chance to download and play the latest 3 drops Black Box, Negotiator, & Black Ice on March 13th.”

He also teased the first image of the fourth DLC map to come to Modern Warfare 3, Black Box.

Xbox 360 Non paid Elite subscribers will be able to purchase the first DLC collection on March 20th.

  •  hmmmm no i think ill stick with MW2 it looks better then MW3

  • theeav3ng3r

    This looks a lot like the crash site for the Russian President’s plane from the campaign. However, if the US President’s plane got shot down, why was it not explained in the campaign?
    It looks like IW are trying to make money again without thinking about anything. Some things never change…

    • maybe its not connected  to the story?

    •  Who said the map has to relate to the campaign?

  • woaw, again a great map for campers! me like

  • Anonymous

    Does this map remind anyone else of one of the last missions of MW2? The one when Price is walking through an airplane graveyard firing at both sides (US & foreign).

  • has anyone noticed this 
    ‘expect the next three DLC drops on March 14th.’
    ‘Robert Bowling explained, “Elite Premium Members on Xbox Live will get a chance to download and play the latest 3 drops Black Box, Negotiator, & Black Ice on March 13th.’

    2 dates, i’m going off the quote. so 13th?

    • Robert Bowling ‏ @fourzerotwo
      Elite Premium Members on Xbox Live will get a chance to download & play the latest 3 drops Black Box, Negotiator, & Black Ice on March 13th.c&p from his twitter, its definately the 13th

      • I’m really sorry about that Thom. It’s been now fixed. It’s coming out on March 13th.

        • no worries, i got a bit confused, just did a little digging just in case others got the same confusion, 

  • Anonymous

     I must admit that I am impressed with the constant stream of new maps for multi-player. Looks like Elite was a good purchase for me even though I never touch the actual app. I just wanted the maps before the majority of players and the money that you save just makes sense.

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  • outlawz

    all these maps sucks.. just bring back all mw2 maps 

    • Luke_addict

      I want some retro maps from mw2. I like new maps too but wanna see some of my old favorites.

  • Did anyone notice the similiarities between highrise and Overwatch? They’re just re hashing old maps and chargin us for them :/

  • Anonymous

    Here, I’ll explain what you can expect from this new map: bad sight lines due to uneven ground/unnecessary cover spots, an inability to run freely because of unnecessary boxes/other crap that serve no purpose other than allowing you to get temporarily “stuck” on them, and of course, a central “camp spot” where 75% of players will simply sit on with blind eye/assassin.  Sound about right? 

    Is it November yet?

  • JKilla

    Camping is just a pathetic excuse of a gamer with no skill.Those are the main reason MW3 sucks and the spawn logic once they deal with campers and fix the spawn logic this game will be great that and all the losers who hack i mean seriously those are the kind of people who should be lined up against a wall and shot in the back of the head for sucking at life. They ruin the experience for all games not just this game. But thats what i dont get they pretty much eliminated hacking in MW2 so how come MW3 is infested you would think they would have fixed the problem but maybe its just me thats why my motto is Cheating=U Suck At Life

    • Camper

      I’m 45 years old and as hard as I try, I can not compete in a heads up match with you young guys.  So I camp about 1/2 the time and my K/D is still .44….and you want me to stop camping?  I don’t think so.  Pus, I enjoy people raging against me for camping…
      haha!  So for all you people that hate campers – you can keep hating, but it won’t change anything.  I suggest you instead change your attitute.

      • Guest

        Amen, we need more campers.  Im getting tired of people running around 30 miles an hour killing someone half way across the map with a shotgun. I wish some of the maps you could use a more realistic creeping cautiously forward type of gameplay like you could in earlier cod games. In mw3 move fast or don’t move at all. I’m 50 y.o. with a 1.24 k/d and have to camp when im lagging alot or when ranking up crappy guns.  I can hold my own against the kids when running around with a pp90m1 or an acr but once I got them gold i stopped using them.  I started using the snipers once they came out with liberation and now have three gold snipers and a gold m14. To get your k/d up try camping on free for all with an acr with silencer and hearbeat sensor with blind eye and assasin perks and if you decide to run around a little use the pp90m1 with rapid fire and silencer

    • anon

      So I guess your buying my next game then ? NO !!!….. well don’t tell me how to play the game I paid for.

  • Fuckyou

    looks like estate

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