Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Hardened and Prestige Edition Details

Get a load of these monstrous editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which you’ll be able to get your hands on this November 13th.

Along with the regular edition of Black Ops 2, gamers will also have the choice of purchasing the slick-looking Hardened Edition, or opt to call in their very own care package with the Prestige Edition. A price tag for either has yet to be revealed by Activision, but we’ll make sure to update as soon as we find out.

For now, check out what these two editions come packed with below.

Update 3

Treyarch senior designer David Vonderhaar responds to lack of ELITE Premium subscriptions included in the Black Ops 2 special editions, hopefully easing worried customers.

I understand the feedback. It won’t make sense to you until we start talking about Elite. I’ve asked when that will be.

Update 2

Official Pricing as seen on GameStop.

  • Call of Duty: Hardened Edition – $79.99 USD
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Care Package – $179.99 USD

Update 1

Treyarch and Activision present this minute long video showing off the Care Package (Prestige) Edition.

Treyarch writes, “Available exclusively in the Care Package, the remote-controlled MQ-27 Dragonfire Drone is a fully-functional quadrotor. Soar over your friends like the drones in-game, as you command the technology of 2025 right in the palm of your hands.

The Care Package comes in a reward crate packaging modeled faithfully after its likeness in Multiplayer. Combined with the bonuses found within, it is an absolute must-have for any hardcore Call of Duty fan.

As in previous years, these collector’s editions will be available in limited quantities only and are sure to sell out quickly. Pre-order your copy now!

Hardened Edition

  • Bonus In-Game Content: Nuketown Zombies & Nuketown 2025
  • Exclusive Xbox Live CLAW Avatar Prop & Zombies Avatar Costume
  • Limited Edition Challenge Coins
  • Official Soundtrack by Jack Wall With Theme by Trent Reznor
  • Collectible Steelbook
  • Also Includes: Exclusive Weapon Camo & Exclusive Player Card Backgrounds

Care Package Prestige Edition

  • Bonus In-Game Content: Nuketown Zombies & Nuketown 2025
  • Exclusive PlayStation 3 System Multiplayer Theme & Zombie Theme
  • MD-27 Dragonfire Drone with Remote Control
  • Limited Edition Challenge Coins
  • Official Soundtrack by Jack Wall With Theme by Trent Reznor
  • Collectible Steelbook
  • Also Included: Exclusive Weapon Camo & Exclusive Player Card Backgrounds

An ELITE (2.0) subscription doesn’t seem to be included in any of these editions. However, details of ELITE’s integration into Black Ops 2 has been scarce thus far. We’ll need to await further info regarding what Activision has in store for ELITE users.

What do you think of these two Black ops 2 Editions? Will you be picking either on up this November 13th?

  • Wait so according to this info, I have to get the Prestige Edition to get the PS3 themes? Seems a little backwards

    • I think you’d get the PS3 themes if you bought a PS3 copy. of either edition. I’m pretty sure they separated them to show that there’s unique content for each system.

  • That quadrotor is pretty cool but I really don’t think I’d ever use it at all.

  • BMstevey

    The Prestige edition looks beast hope its less than $200

  • Dan

    Definitely getting the prestige edition

  • jahladagaming

    Hardened for me but only if DLC via Elite is included, otherwise no point.

  • If they add Elite to the Hardened Edition they can have my money, if they don’t they can have my poop and €50,- for the game alone.

    • we don’t even know if elite is coming back the way it was. yet

  • ANIM4L8U

    Not grabbing these unless it comes with ELITE. That stuff is cool, but its not worth it unless you are getting the map packs as well. Its the only reason I got the hardened edition of MW3.

  • Ken

    Getting 1 of each for me and my girlfriend!

    • Mmkay

      i Dident know Barbie liked call of duty

  • ScrewURoundEYE

    No Elite (2.0) sub included?? I’ll take the game and that’s it, hell with the toys and meaningless “extras”. I got NukeTown 2025 when I pre-ordered.

    • 2.0 ist just a “better” version oft current Elite. Ifo you got it already, you must renew your contract.

      • ScrewURoundEYE

        I don’t care what they call it. I got
        Elite premium as a part of buying the hardened edition of MW3, I don’t have to
        re-new anything. If the Elite 2.0 sub includes the DLCs and they include the
        Elite sub with these upgraded editions, that’s worth the money, otherwise these
        upgraded editions are garbo offers to me.

        • JK Monroe

          @ScrewURoundEYE You have Elite Premium but it’s for MW3. If you want Elite Premium for BLOPS 2 content you will have to pay for another subscription.

          • tango

            partly true, elite premium membership is annual so you have to renew it for another year to get all dlcs for bop 2


        You may be right. Most of us already have Elite so all we need is the upgrade patch.

        • you still have to pay 50 more dollars.

    • you wont get zombie nuketown, though, thats why im getting hardened

      • yeah what if it’s like €20,- more than the normal game? €20,- for such a small zombie map?

      • Cal Neuvost

        They said that?

      • ScrewURoundEYE

        I could care less about zombies, never
        got into it. Don’t see the point or fun in repetitive killing of ai controlled
        characters. Exactly why campaign gets boring after one go around.

        • well, most people including me enjoy hoarde mode games. even small things like upgrading guns is fun, and trying to beat your friends to get to the high levels. nuketown +Zombies = zombies.

          • ScrewURoundEYE

            Extra $20 to play one map in any mode = wasted $$.

            • Extra 2$ to play zombies on nuketown = money spent well.

            • well if there gunna do what they did last year and give u the dlc which includes 2025 and nuke town zombie for free then it woud be likesaving 11£ and the extra 4£ would be the camos soundtrack steel book coins and that so i think its worth it

    • Metal game Case is amazing. I have the Metal case for MW2, BO, MW3, Oblivion, Assassins Creed III, and uncharted. They look so much nicer!

      • ScrewURoundEYE

        It’s not worth an extra $40 for a metal casing that will protect my game just as good as the plastic one after I’m done playing it through it’s life cycle.

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  • jahladagaming

    Those challenge coins and the soundtrack are going straight on eBay

    • Mmkay

      I heard the coins could be more than they appear

      • Wyatt

        They have DLC codes engraved on the top.

    • me

      the coins have the dlc content codes on them

  • Austyn

    I think the hardened edition is good enough for me, I bought the BO prestige edition and the stupid RC-XD broke 1st day

    • This one is alot more expensive, maybe it will be better, or maybe it will be shit. Anyway it’s more for the “collective” purpose, rather then using it

  • Gonna go finish paying if my local GameStop had then for pre-order

  • LolMaster

    Can you buy them somewhere, already?

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  • Jsdx94

    Are these editions going to be available in spain or europe?

    • BigHole

      In UK it looks as though the prestige / care package edition may be a Game exclusive.. (“Only at Game” according to Game’s website, and not listed at any other online outlets yet) 🙁 and at £160 its a lot more than $180!

  • Chad Rash

    Hardened for me

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  • rick

    where can i buy it???

  • cheeseburger eddy

    Wait so if I have xbox then getting the care package one is a little bust bc of the ps3 exclusive things right? Or will it have xbox items later on

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  • newagewolf

    to all dumb ass’s if you get hardened for ps3 you get themes 360 get avatar stuff

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  • Bradley Griffiths

    Agree with most that if these don’t come with elite then I’m out because the other stuff doesn’t interest me. Also if its only in the prestige edition and its more than the cost of the game and elite combined I will buy the 2 separate.

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    If they don’t come with Elite subscriptions they can take that care package and blow it up with a RC-XD for all I care.

    • IQustionYou

      Why are all of you talking about what it is worth when the price hasn’t been revealed yet?

      • Green panda

        Has to

  • 79.99 harden edition…179.99 prestige edition when it goes live…us dollars$

  • I just want an Elite edition:
    – The game
    – Elite subscription
    – Nuketown 2025
    – Nuketown zombies
    I would pay €100,- for this

    • usdyts


    • zombies killer

      but there out of stock every where

      • aztig_titiko

        toys r us have them

        • Try amazon or ebay or tesco.
          They never run out, except instore.
          (Talking about online)

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  • Ipanchovilla

    Just called GameStop .. It’s 180 dollars !
    Hot mine

  • HBK

    I wonder how many zombie exlusive DLCs there will be (like Rezzurection)?

    • Hopefully they will lump more maps together this time. All the smaller DLCs do is divide the players into more groups of people that don’t have this DLC or that DLC.

      • Safetrance

        Agreed, gives players less chances to find a match which takes long or almost never, while Kino and Five maps are easy to connect to lobbies just in seconds… lame.

  • I’d buy the care package, but it’s not available for PC. We always get screwed.

  • StealthShot24
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  • What on earth is a challenge coin and why would anyone want one?

  • manB3ARpig

    Who here is upset to hear that all future DLC for Black Ops 2 will NOT be included in either Hardened or Prestige editions?
    Upvote for yes
    Downvote for no

    • bfgamer

      why? with the exception of elite premium last year, are future DLCs always bundled in hardened or prestige? the answer is no.

    • To be honest if they are not including the elite with the Prestige than it really is not worth buying it.

      • How is it not worth it? You get a remote controlled futuristic aircraft… Yer just a hater cause you ain’t got the $$$$ to shell out

        • your mum18

          no your jus a sad fuck who plays xbox all day and is probably fat as fuck haha

          • Your a retard, you can barely spell and on top of that, you’re the saddo insulting people on the computer. Anyway it’s your choice if you like it but i’m getting hardened edition, as it inculdes nuketown zombies!
            As well, you chose your mum as a name. Sad little child.

      • niccholas favel

        true true

    • MasonMei

      Man whichever game ever included a DLC season pass in a special edition…. Not gonna downvote ya, I’m just sayin it. You guys have been caviling… I know Activision is money-taking and sinister, but what you have been asking is way too much.

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  • JK Monroe

    What a terrible edition! The
    MD-27 Dragonfire Drone with Remote Control is nothing but a cheap toy that’s worth $30 max. It’s 2012 and you can’t even control it with your Android phone or tablet?

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    How do you change your preordered blops 2 to prestiege edotion? Please help

    • you go to gamestop and tell them to change it dumb ass

  • JoseB88

    I’m just gonna get the Hardened Edition. $180 is too I’m planning on getting an Xbox and HALO 4 special edition.

  • WhoAskedYou

    Will the hardened edition come out on amazon?

  • CODGAm3R

    No elite premium or founder card, man no one aint going to buy it woithout elie

  • op2

    do you get zombie nuketown if you preorder and already get nuketown 2025?

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  • Justin80

    If they want my money they better put elite.

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  • ChuckDries

    someone told me there was going to be a separate collectors edition for PC players. Is this true? Becuase I really want this but I’m a PC player, and occasionally I play on my PS3 but I really want to get this for PC.

  • well hardened edition is only 15 qwid more for all this extra stuff ur getting
    Bonus In-Game Content: Nuketown Zombies & Nuketown 2025Exclusive Xbox Live CLAW Avatar Prop & Zombies Avatar Costume/ ps3 themesLimited Edition Challenge CoinsOfficial Soundtrack by Jack Wall With Theme by Trent ReznorCollectible SteelbookAlso Includes: Exclusive Weapon Camo & Exclusive Player Card Backgrounds elite if it were to be included would make the hardened edition 80 qwid instead of 60 but for only 15 qwid more ur getting a shit ton of stuff so im probably gunna get it

  • I’m not happy with the “care package edition” price. At $180 don’t you think that’s a little over priced? I will get Hardnened, and by Christmas, after the hype for the MD-27 Dragonfire drone has gone down I will buy it on eBay when it’s like 70-80 dollars. I mean who doesn’t want Nuketown zombies??????!!!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!? And the double sided steel book. The list keeps going on, great bonus’s by 3arc!

  • Kevin

    when u buy either the care package or the hardened edition does the actual game come with it or do i have to buy both seperatly?

    • guy

      The game comes with it

    • Rishi

      Well Recon drone And The care package and the whole pack comes too.

  • chris millz

    Take away cd of soundtrack and put on elite 2.0

  • T-man

    Elite subscription ftw

  • I don’t want either .. I just want the game and the zombie add on ..

  • Wait whats happening about this Elite 2.0 stuff

  • concretebandit

    well u should get the maps if your elite if not thats a bunch of bs

  • I can’t wait to play with my drone. Prestiege edition baby!!!!!!!

  • BTW griping bout the future DLC is irrelevent…. They haven’t made future DLC if you want it all just get ELITE it’s worth it trust me.

  • Pissedoffasshole


    • Tiffany

      You can switch your preorder to any of them. I did. 🙂

  • UKF Maverick

    The toys and the soundtrack don’t interest me. I buy it for the game and to save me money in the long run, which is why I bought Hardened Edition MW3.

    Seperately they should have cost me £100 (Game – £50 + Elite Subscription – £50). The only reason I bought Hardened Edition was to get both for £79.99. The only reason I would pay for Elite is the prepayment for all the DLC. Elite is quite simply not worth it without it. The Elite application promised alot but delivered very little (and most of that, only worked when it wanted to!).

    One very good question is if you renew your Elite Subscription upon release of Black Ops 2, would you not get all the DLC included in the Hardened Edition anyway? Surely the whole point of your Elite subscription is so that your pre-paying for all the Black Ops 2 DLC in your yearly fee.

  • 217 ninja

    Elite 2.0 will just be an up date and yes if you used your elite the time of release then you will have to re up but say you got elite half way through then it will allow you access to content until subscription is up its an annual thing like live but we army pissed because we pay for live and can’t use online without it you get what you pay for you get competitions and more detailed infor on elite so stop freaking out the inclusion of elite in mw3 was to get people to try it and I don’t blame them.for not including it in any edition.

  • KillJoy0012

    wait i already pre-odered just the game. soo… does that goto the hardened addition? since im thinking about getting the hardened addition?

  • kyanie

    hey how much will this cost for ps3 cause in amazon it only says 175 for xbox but not for ps3

  • Alexis_7

    Cool harden edition

  • Alexis_7

    Waza who’s gonna get prestige edition

  • xXRaPeZzXx

    who thinks nuketown zombies will be sick

  • xXRaPeZzXx

    wonder what extra camo is

  • Jesus Christ

    Hardened edition is worth it, care package edition isn’t

  • iSEEbo2..ALLtheTime

    so say if i pre ordered bo2 hardened edition…when will i be able to pick it up cuz i heard that we couldn’t pick it up during the midnight release???

  • Zink

    Who here is buying the Prestige Edition?
    Upvote for yes
    Downvote for no

  • danny207<-PS3

    I preorde my black ops 2 for 60 euro I have only black ops 2 shirt and cap and the nuketown 2025 NOT the big special edit

  • hay does anyone know if the dragonfire toy will have a camera on it or it is just the control

  • xXFaNcYxGamingXx

    I wish there was a Nuketown edition:
    -The game
    -Nuketown 2025
    -Nuketown zombies
    -The exclusive weapon camo/playercard
    For $75

  • xHATEDx

    if you pre order the regular game does it include the hardened


  • Stewie

    Does anyone know when/where I can pre order the care package edition? I live near Worcester, MA and no one is allowing it to be pre ordered yet.

  • yeee

    Suck it! Im just pre ordering the regular game.

  • Brendon

    so if i pre order the hardened edition i will get 2.0 elite?

  • s man

    if i buy hardened adition will i get nucktown 2025 with it too

  • Rickman23

    I want the hardened edition will I have to pay 80 for the hardened edition and still pay 60 for the disc

  • Tymist

    Can I still buy the Hardened Edition. After it comes out?

  • Green panda

    Who here cares about the stupid aircraft it’s going to break in a few days anyway and it just drives the price up on the package

  • PBguy1337

    Can i still pre order the hardened edition

  • do you get the game with the harden edition

  • World record zombie holder

    Elite be comes free now

  • brcooper on xbox

    Obviously people want free stuff dude. The fact is now elite is totally free. At least this way you can choose to buy one map pack and not another, if you want to save money, insead of splurging on elite all at once. Either way its pretty much the same. Thumbs up if its not a big deal.

  • gio

    can you get hardened edition after it releases


    Aye yo people, im gonna get Black ops 2, a new urban camouflage ps3 controller and a new ps3 bluetooth headset. I cant wait for Black ops 2 to come out.

  • Ibleedfeeds


    • Ibleedfeeds


  • Black ops 2 hardened edition is not even in stock which kinda stucks

  • scary691 ur a fuckn bitch just buy it black ops 2 is bad ass im buying the care packeg u fuckn loser

  • Conner

    When you order the regular version Do you get nuketown zombies?

  • Carter kacp

    I’m so pissed!!!!!!!!! I was reading about call of duty black ops 2 and I pre ordered it. I thought I get nuketown 2025 and nuketown zombies for free, but NO I have to pay $80.00 F ing bucks so I might not get it!!!!!,!

  • i already pre ordered the game but i want to get the hardened edition instead, does anyone know how i could get it.

  • hot rod

    what can you do with the challenge coins because there is a code on one of them and i dont know what they do

  • hot rod

    anyone care to answer my qustion

  • Tate

    Um I got an over-the-counter copy (59.99) and it includes the codes for nuketown 2025 and its zombie map.


    OMFG!!! I really want the hardened edition, but i cant find it at any stores/Online stores!!!! please help!

  • mikeyD

    how do I get the nuketown maps if I preordered? I can’t find a code for it anywhere

  • bbbbbbbbbbb

    can you buy after game is realesed

  • giant

    Do the zombie map bonuses and that still work without xbox live

  • ghjh

    This is COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • person99

    how do you know that the ppl who ordered the harden edition wont get any more dlc map packs?

  • Fearnbuster

    I am very dissapointed to hear that the Black Ops 2 Hardened edition will not come with future DLC. The Hardened edition costs $80 and the only exclusive thing that it comes with (and the only thing I care about: all the other stuff seems pretty worthless to me) is Nuketown 2025/Nuketown 2025 Zombies!
    Why can’t Treyarch simply include a Elite Premium subscription with the Hardenend edition and especially the Care Package edition? Infinity Award did with MW3…

  • Costa s right and your not

    Yeah that’s no right you c,an still get the dlcs

  • patro98

    can you buy just nuketown zombie map ? 🙂

  • patro98

    can you buy just nuketown zombie map? 🙂

  • Hockeynut168

    so does anyone know if I can just go to gamestop and upgrade my regular Black Ops II to the hardened version?

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