Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Reveal Trailer is Live

After an intense couple of weeks of hints and teases, we finally get our first glimpse at real, in-game footage from Treyarch’s next Call of Duty title, Black Ops 2.

You may remember, it all began with FPSRussia’s video showcasing a rumored killstreak, the Prototype Quadrotor, which was later confirmed to make an appearance in Black Ops 2. Earlier today, we got our hands on some leaked screens confirming a futuristic setting as well as the official box cover which you can check out here. Additionally, fan-favorite campaign character, Sgt. Frank Woods, was confirmed to be returning in this year’s sequel.

As for multiplayer details, all we have so far are two sets of unconfirmed, leaked information. You can review the first set here, and the most recent set here. While we wait for official details, we suggest you feast your eyes on the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will release November 13th, 2012. Visit the official website to pre-order your copy.

What do you guys think of what we’ve seen so far? How do you feel about the futuristic setting of Black Ops 2?

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  • Megalan14

    It looks terrible…

    • sentry81

      I concur, i think Skynet is aware now.

    •  I thought it was a joke until I looked for the same trailer on more credible websites.

  • Renton

    horses ftw!

  • Djsparx

    to me looks like the awesome parts of cod mixed with the awesome parts of Battlefield with just a tint of ghost recon. 

  • O_O

    • XxEleCtrOStaRxX

      Not worth the time it took to create the game

  • Cmdrstewy

    Cant wait to see how this plays out

  • ok people…..let the hating commence

  • Actually think this future setting is kind of fresh. COD has been STALE to say the least

  • tellmeadeshina

    Set in 2025 – says so during the Treyarch logo.

  • HaGGeN


  • KillerSparrowThing

    I don’t know whether to like what I see, or vomit all over the place…

  • horses? WTF future shooter?

    • Cyborg6971

       When your threat is A.I. that is controlled by the enemy or becomes self aware. You have to go low tech or no tech, to combat it. It’s a syfy rule.

  • Gangstaaaron7

    EH? It didnt show zombies COD’s campains r mostly gimmicks anymore the biggest money is in MP and gameing companies know that. So for me, idc. No zombies in the trailer then idc. Just the fact future weapons vs zombies lol sounds fun

  • 🙁 no zombie gameplay

  • WTF happened to mason???? why am i soo excited for this now? it looks like a syndicate  copycat!

    • tellmeadeshina

      the screen on the guy’s arm reads ‘D MASON’, potential son.

    • Spiritghidorah

      lol syndicate is a Perfect Dark copycat.

  • tellmeadeshina
  • confirmed weapons i saw are the XM8, m249, ak74 or 101,some made up pistol,and a shotgun that looks like a heavily modified M1014

    • I definitely noticed the pistol.  Maybe they’re creating some pistols to be primary weapons.

  • tellmeadeshina

    Can anyone read the QR code on the gun at 1:10?

    • Scribbles

      Tried, never worked.

  • bryant

    what are you all talking about? i understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but isnt this what all of you COD players were asking for. Everyone was saying that they were tired of the same old rehashed stuff. This seems to be the most ambitious COD title since COD 4. Im personally excited to see where this goes 

    • agreed.

    • Korflock

      Hell no.
      I asked for a non-lagging balanced game.

      • Nick Costello

         and so you’ve played blops2 to confirm this isn’t in the game?

        • Korflock

          the point i was getting at was i never asked for a space warfare/ future warfare. the modern warfare theme is my favorite, but i’d like more along the lines of gulf war, iraq war, afghanistan war games. not fucking robot bullshit.

          • TTRedRaider27

            Well they should be ashamed of themselves for not doing what YOU asked for. I don’t think they cater to individual’s desires in the way you demand. Please fuck off and move on.

          • Korflock

            @TTRedRaider27:disqus I’m pretty sure my comments reflect the VAST majority of the CoD community.You may now go milk your father’s flaccid cock.

    • Tludt888

       This. I mean, what are the alternatives to modern settings? Space shooters or WWII.

      Dubstep generation’s desires hard at work. Futurez.

      I think it doesn’t look half bad, but I don’t really get what’s so wrong with a modern setting and a solid gameplay dynamic.

  • thatlookscool

    We need dedicated servers. EA and Activision make just as much money, and so far only one has pulled it off. It’s time for the excuses to stop, and sacrifices to be made to win over long term players, not just the next set of 10 year olds. 

  • tellmeadeshina

    Graphics are terrible, looks like they stuck with their Black Ops 1 engine, very disappointed. Even the MW2 engine would have been a great improvement.

    It looks like it is not even close to being complete. It looks textureless. So much stuff seems plain.

    • KillerSparrowThing

      Keep in mind the game isn’t being released until november. I don’t expect improvement from now until then, but it’s still got some time.

    • AllOfYouAreNerds -_- Sigh

      its not about graphic… if you want a game with graphics, its called LIFE and check out 1:36… you can see a little gameplay riding a horse and it looks good

  • tellmeadeshina

    ‘Charlene’ is etched into the quad rotor, 29 seconds in, as named in FPS’s video.

  • what year is this set in? 2142?…

  • IcyGuy

    That was a good trailer.  The game looks like it will the unholy child of CoD, Deus Ex, and BF 2142, with a dash of Command & Conquer.  Once again, I’ll be at GameStop when the doors open…or Best Buy, if the local GameStop burns through its pre-order allotment of limited editions in three days AGAIN.

    I’m looking forward to the frame-by-frame analysis almost as much as I was looking forward to the trailer, heh.  YouTube, IGN, GameTrailers, the tinfoil hatters, etc. should have a field day with such things as…

    -The dates and numbers surrounding the Treyarch and BO2 logos (7/23/1986, 10/23/1987, 6/12/2025, 6/19/2025)

    -All the different vehicles (Phantom Ray, X-47, F-35, IDDQD, etc.)

    -The weapons (XM8 in the LMG configuration at 1:11?)

    -Squad commands on the HUD at 0:37

    -The F-35-ish HUD at 1:04 (“CTOL” suggests the possibility of changing the flight mode)

    -The possibile return of Arcade Mode (“X-47 Pegasus Kill 55” at 1:46)


    And I’m not surprised that there wasn’t anything about Zombies, seeing as the BO trailer didn’t have anything about it.

    • Jaskdavis

      Well BF3 also has the F-35B with VTOL mode (Hover, the REAL name for it) but the only difference I can see between the Two is…… I CAN FLY THEM IN BATTLEFIELD 3!!! Sorry I had to 😛

  • The trailer smells like trash to me.  I’m a fan of MW2 and Black Ops, but MW3 was real garbage.  Now, I never judge a book by it’s cover, but this trailer is proof that attempting to release another sequel every five freaking minutes inadvertently spills into the quality of a game.

  • D Ca 12
  • ButteredBread

    Watching that trailer I now believe it’s official.  Call of Duty is Dead!  It looks horrible!!

    •  it does look like shit but i think arch nows that i think they are going for gameplay this time over graphics

      • Yo Mama

        You guys are Fukking delusional…… I Play Battlefield 3 and kinda dont like the series but this looks great

        •  it looks a lil bad not saying the worst graphics ever but they look pretty muddy

          • Yo Mama

            lets just wait till the game comes out…and every Cod game looks muddy… thats why i said erlier that i dont like the series

  • WasabeJuice

    MP1st, I am waiting for your frame by frame disection of the trailer.
    Good job and keep it going – you guys are always the first to break the news for all MP games.

  • Jonchr2

    it looks like they actually used gameplay footage. not cinematics. i am looking forward to this, as i think BO was awesome! never liked any of the MW games… and if your here to bitch about how bad CoD is and that you are gonna play BF. its no point! I play Bf3 everyday, almost 300hours of gametime. So let people be excited for the games they like. 

               COD: Black Ops 2

    • Jaskdavis

      You spelled it wrong 😛

  • Likeasombohdee

    I’m still waiting for 2143…

  • Korflock

    Way too futuristic for the time zone they set. 
    It won’t be till the late 2000s till we start thinking about walking combat vehicles. New black ops engine looks like crap.
    Think about it this way:
    We’re still using the same technology in Afghanistan that we used back in 2001. 11 year difference.
    13 year difference from now, there’s THOUSANDS of unmanned drones, jets, and walking vehicles?
    MW3 was set in 2016-2017. 
    Treyarch pretty much said, “F*** the little realism we have left! Just put space ships in it!”

    • KillerSparrowThing

      They used a stealth helicopter in the mission that resulted in Bin Ladens death. No one knew  about it until a photo leaked.

      Walking machines have been in R&D for a long time, some to a great degree of success.

      Light can be used to store and tansfer data.

      We already have large amounts of drones. The US Congress aims for 30,00 with in a decade. We already have somewhere around 7,000k. If our news is to be believed, one was captured after being hacked.

      We’re living the future, technology is moving at such a pace now that it hard to keep up with. Youtube and google put the world at your finger tips. BLOPS2 presents a totally plausible situation.

      • I agree. Moore’s law states every 2 years, processing power will double. In 2025, the technology will be exponentially advanced than it is now. Those drones, walking vehicles, and even a mere stealth helicopter are probably just the basics of what that decade holds in store for future warfare. Black Ops II is perfectly plausible. Treyarch really shouldn’t have much trouble implementing future mechanics. Also, I personally thought Black Ops’ engine was amazing compared to Modern Warfares’ one. Gun sounds were unique, environment and shading were also very nice. For me, all Modern Warfare is

  • Edv141

    Shit is gonna be awful… I thought with all the money they made Treyarch would give us something good… Wow, these vehicles and weapons look corny as hell. It looks exactly like Black Ops

  • got a great Multiplayer Screenshot from Black Ops 2 Trailer.. 

    • seLecTiveBro

      Ive got all the CoD and this one honestly doesnt look any better than the first one but too soon to make any real serious comments. the trailer makes the graphics look pretty bad but treyarch must think that they are good by staying with the old engine, by doing this they may loose a lot of money so big deal, but on the other hand im not going to buy it straight away and i advise you to do the same wait for other comments by other people who have brought it..

  • Gannon

    I am just so not excited for futuristic crap. It turns from reality, to just stuff people make up. Bleh.

  • TTRedRaider27

    The trailer before the real trailer was way cooler. It talked about the future of tech and the consequences of it. 

  • ooh they really have pushed the envelope with this one lol

  • Lol35

    look at the gloves at 0:37 it looks horrible

  • Muffins R Cool

    Hm, I dont know what to think about this new game, it’s definatly a huge Risk on treyarc’s behalf, whether or not this new direction is good or bad is yet to be seen, I think it would be best if we treated BO2 as almost a standalone game, and not so much a part of the CoD franchise as its SO different. I won’t be pre ordering is game, as it has the potential to be terrible, but I’ll see what other people think about it first.
    Also, wtf were they thinking when they added horses to the trailer? I don’t mind them in game, but this makes them seem like a big deal..

  • Ssww3

    They are trying to step out of their comfort zone, unfortunately by the look of the trailer they fell flat on their ass

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  • Jangeli99

    only part i enjoyed was at the end when i saw a look to be m1014 p.s I LOVE THAT GUN!

  • Zombfrek

    From what i know and head they are keepin zombies (lets hope they keep the same players, i would be pissed if they got rid of my russian). Gameplay will be different from the first where your desicions play out in the future, and you get to choose your players i each mission (or something of that sorts) and hopefully, they mix it up a little with zombies