“Online Collectibles” Coming to Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer in Upcoming DLC

Guerrilla Games is adding new gameplay elements to Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s multiplayer in an upcoming expansion detailed a few weeks ago, the Insurgent Pack.

“In the upcoming Expansion Pack we’re introducing a new pastime for you during your online matches: Online Collectibles,” wrote the studio in a recent Facebook post.

“When playing in a Warzone, keep your eyes peeled for the randomly appearing crate in the picture and shoot it to collect it. Not only will you receive points – you’ll also get a chance to unlock new Player Card Icons!”

By the sounds of the remainder of the post, the crates will pop up in a specific type of game mode. The studio said they will also be detailing some of the locations where these crates tend to pop up in a future post.

Stay tuned for updates.

  • dieger

    Let it begin!

  • Ryupyroa

    Isn’t that how Team Fortress 2 does hats or.. something? That’s pretty hype.

    • jj16802

      Not really, the crates you heard of in TF2 go to your inventory automatically and you have to buy a key to unlock it. It’s how Valve makes money now after the game went free 2 play.

      • Ryupyroa

        Oh, ok. Good to know that now. Thanks.

        • jj16802

          No problem!