PlanetSide 2 Launch Trailer and Gameplay On Ultra Settings

Out of beta in and into the wild goes SOE’s free-to-play, massive multiplayer online FPS Planetside 2.

To celebrate, SOE launches a brand new trailer showing off what PlanetSide 2 is all about: Wide-scale, sci-fi warfare between thousands of players.

We’ve also included some HUD-less in-game footage of PlanetSide 2 in all it’s “ultra” graphical glory. Make sure to watch in 1080p.

You can play PlanetSide 2 right now by visiting the official website.

Launch Trailer

Ultra Graphics, No HUD

Via, PCGamer

  • Hol_Up

    The WHOLE time I didn’t know it was free. Glad to know that it is, but I still won’t even be able to run the game 🙁

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    Wow, the game actually looks really good on ultra, the particle effects look really good. Too bad I can barely manage to play it on low/medium. The game’s good fun too.

  • sgt_mofo

    ** Warning: If you don’t have after market cooling installed on your system, the computer components may overheat, melt, or potentially explode. You have been warned. **

  • some of the terrain looks ugly other than that pretty good looks like an awesome section 8.

  • %100 we will be seeing this game exclusively on PS4, as a f2p game…