Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Is Free This Weekend, Play The Terminal Bonus Map Too

Having wrapped up the first session of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer beta last weekend on PlayStation 4, Activision and Infinity Ward have announced that they’ll be bringing it back around this weekend for free.

It was originally assumed that pre-ordering the game was necessary to get guaranteed access to the beta, but it looks like doors are wide open for gamers on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting this Friday, October 21, at 10AM PST.

As a bonus, the Terminal bonus map, a remake of the Modern Warfare 2 original, will also be included in the map rotation. The studio released a new trailer showing off the map, which will otherwise only be available for those that pre-order the game. Check it out above!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will release for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 4.

  • born2expire

    ohhhhhhh how privileged we are to get a beta for free

  • Michael D

    Most likely they did not have enough preorders to stress test the servers. Opening the closed beta maybe their way of solving that problem. Only a guess on my part but I’m pretty sure if you did not preorder call of duty you’re busy enjoying battlefield 1.

    • Just a guy

      Or just not pre-ordering COD because it hasn’t been good in 7 years.

      • roland0811

        U mean 9 years right? Lol

  • oofy

    It could also be Activision trying to keep CoD fans satiated so they don’t give into curiosity and try out Bf1.